This is a transcript of Ghosts in the Basement of Eva and Cece's Chop Suey. The content below is written in traditional form rather than script form.

The outside view of Goldman's Pharmacy is shown.
"Thanks for helping me on such short notice," said Mort, the owner of the pharmacy to a familiar blue hedgehog.
"No problem, Mr. G!" replied the rodent.
His two friends, a fox and a red echidna, were doing the respective tasks of arranging things on the top shelf (using his flight power) and moving the shelves (using his strength).
Meanwhile, a cat and a Guinea pig were waking up the block the pharmacy was at.

"Aren't we going to be a bit late, Eva?" said the cat.

"I don't think well be that late, Cece. Maybe by just a few minutes," Eva answered.
They approach the pharmacy.
Mort was now at a computer. "Hey, I got a reply from the dating website! Oh, gosh. Ever since Muriel's passing, I wasn't completely sure if I wanted to do this,"
"Don't worry about it," Sonic assured Mort "She probably wouldn't mind, and would have probably have done the same thing in your place!"
"Alright..." Mort said, a bit nervously.

Eva and Cece enter the pharmacy.

"Hello, anyone here?" Asks Eva as she walks in with Cece.

Back in the computer room, Mort reads the reply.

"Oh dear, she wants to meet up with me at the restaurant across the street."
"Hmm..." Tails said, then started typing on the keyboard for Mort, "I would love to, meet me at 7,"
"And I'll bring two friends of mine who are also a couple and make it a double date," added Sonic. The others looked at him for a bit.
"Hey, it's worth a shot," he told them.
"But what two friends are you talking about?" Mort asks.
"Topaz and Tanaka, one's a government agent and the other is a butler, I know them through another friend," he answers.
"Oh goodness, gracious..." Mort began to say.
"Everything's gonna be ok, I know it," Tails says to assure him.
"I hope so," said Mort.

Eva and Cece find them in the computer room.

"Hi, Mr. Goldman," said Cece.
"Are we too late to help with the inventory?" asked Eva.
"Well, I'm not going to be here for very long today," Mort told them "I've got a date tonight."
"You do?" asks Cece.
"Yes, and I'm going to meet her at the restaurant across the street."
He then sounds worried "Oh no. I didn't think this quite through. If I leave, I might have to close early. Unless, I put someone else in charge. Let's see..."
He scans across the room, trying to decide who to put in charge.
We see Sonic looking bored, Knuckles has Tails in a headlock and is giving him a noogie, Cece walks towards a lamp and tries to turn it on, but the lampshade falls on her, and finally we see Eva signing some waivers.
"How bout you?" Mort said to Eva.
"Her?!" says everyone else.
"Yes," says Mort "make sure to call me in case of an emergency at this number," he shows Eva a card. "Do you have a phone on you?"
"Yeah," said Eva "I've got one right here," she says as she takes her cell phone out of her pocket, then puts it back.
"Alright, then it's all set! I'll be back! If maybe tomorrow," Mort says, just as he's walking out the door, "and whatever you do, stay our of the basement!"
They all say "bye" to Mort, while Tails says "Good luck!"
A few minutes pass after Mort leaves. Everyone is sitting and standing around looking bored.

Eva tries to talk to everyone.

"So, how was your day?" she leans in and asks Tails, who just slightly pushes her away.
"So, how about that weather?" Eva asks, more nervously.
"Partially stupid with a chance of lame," says Sonic.

Eva sighs.

Out of the blue,Knuckles says "Let's go in the basement!"
"But Mort says we're not allowed to go in there," said Cece.
That seemed to have stopped him in his tracks.
"Besides, I heard from the website "Haunted Quahog" that this pharmacy's basement is possibly a haunted location."
Then the echinda had an idea. An awful idea. The echidna got a wonderful, awful idea!
A grin slowly stretches across his face as he hatched a plan.
"Eva, Eva," he said to the guinea pig. "We all know that you make a good leader,"
"I do?" asked Eva, slightly uneasy.
"Yeah, because everyone else leads by tact and strategy, and you lead from in here," he says as he points to her chest.
"My endocrine gland?" Eva asks, confusedly.
"What is your endocrine gland telling you right now?" asks her before he says in a whisper "Explore the basement!"
"Yes! Yes we will!" Eva shouts at her belly, while Knuckles gives a smug smirk.
Tails looks horrified, while Sonic looks like he couldn't care less.
The door of the basement creaks open while we get a view from inside the dark room.
"You know, this has got to be one of the best ideas you came up with," Knuckles says to Eva. "Before we go in," he continued, "how about a group hug?" He then grabs both Eva and Tails in a hug, but steals Eva's cellphone in the process.
"Count me out!" says Sonic.
"Suit yourself," Knuckles says, still with Eva and Tails in his arms.
"Hey, what about me?" asked Cece.
"No time!" he said as he pushes Eva and Tails away from him, "now let's get moving!"
They all walk down the stairs into the basement.
"Like cattle to the slaughter..." Knuckles says menacingly under his breath, giving a mischievious chuckle with a sinister smile on his face.

Cut to Mort art the restaurant. "Oh, my. I hope I'm not stood up, nothing would crush me more than-"

He felt a tap on his shoulder. "Gah! The register's closed after 8pm!"
It was a woman with wavy, strawberry blonde hair.
"Are you Mort Goldman?"
"Yes, that's me."
"It's me, Rachel."


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