This is my own story is don't make rude comments.

Gem Battle 1: Appearance of a Diamond Novex

The pilot episode begins with a boy of 15 named Rusty who is a mechanist being chased by a Alexandroid. He then stumbled a green diamond and notices it glowed later at the town of Routess on that is became Diamond Novex,a  dragon-like creature that is known as a Gem Battler and delivered a Shine Nova Punch attack against the Alexandroid. They became partners then.

Gem Battle 2: A Moon Magic Girl

Rusty and Daimond Novex were fixing up a portal device to travel to distant lands, but coming out of the portal is a girl of 14 named Luna. She told Rusty that the world is in terrible danger and must leave. But then not noticing the real trouble, they battled robots from a different dimension alongside Luna and Moonbark. After a harsh battle, they left first time at dawn with adventure awaits.

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