In the year 2108, the Galaxy Strike Force', also known as the GSF or G-Strike has become the first line of defense for Earth. Unfortunately for the GSF, a terrorist organization called Stiletto has set its sights on Earth and begun construction on a massive superweapon.

Meanwhile, a mysterious young man named Dimitri has signed up to join the GSF. Some are suspicious he may have some ties to Stiletto.


  • Dimitri Rogers: The main character of the fanfiction. Very little is known about him to the rest of his squadron, but Miho really likes him.
  • Tsuyoshi Kamanori: The commander of Dimitri's squadron. Of all the good characters, he dislikes Dimitri the most. Dimitri has described him as a "hard-arse".
  • Miho Kamanori: Tsuyoshi's younger sister. She is a computer expert and promises to fix any injury a soldier or machine might suffer.

Mobile Suits

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