Galaxy Airlines (ギャラクシーエアラインズ、世界一周旅行!, Gyarakushīearainzu, sekai isshū ryokō!, Galaxy Airlines, Trips Around the World!) is an Japanese/American/British animated series/anime based off the USA airline Galaxy Airlines and the history of it.


The show, set in the 1980's, involves around the adventures of a flight crew working for Galaxy Airlines, flying Convair 990 Coronado and Lockheed L-188 Electra aircraft around the world and USA.


Lucy MacDonald (ルーシーマクドナルド, Rūshīmakudonarudo, voiced by Susan Roman) is a female flight attendant working for Galaxy Airlines, born in Scotland, she is a American citizen.

Bilouloú Tzons (Μπιλουλού Τζονς, ティミージョン, Timījon, Timmy Johns, voiced by Queen guitarist Brian May) the greek-born pilot, a former Delta Airlines pilot, he re-signed when Galaxy Airlines was started.

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