Furuihaguruma is a giant Tyrannosaur Rex-like Reaverbot made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master that appears in the Megaman Legends and Kingdom Hearts II crossover, Furuiato no Shounetsujigoku that Megaman and Axel encounter in the Saul Kada ruins below Kimotoma City.

It was defeated after the creation of Megaman's new weapon, the Ifrit Cannon that completely destroyed Furuihaguruma by melting it away.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Has no gender
  • Ethnicity/Nationality: None
  • Sexual Orientation: None
  • Handedness: Both
  • Skin: Metallic
  • Blood Type: Oil


  • Furuihaguruma's name means Ancient (Furui) Gear (Haguruma).

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