Freeza s new ginyu girls by fooray-d4s76b9

They Are Frieza's Best Warriors At His Disposal Their Names And Colors Are As Follows They Are Jonathan's Protectors

Jessica Vonn-Torquois Blue

Kirsten Michelle-Pink

Amy Smith-Light Purple

Wendy Elizabeth-Tan

Kaitlyn Moore-Torquois Blue

Dragon Ball Universe

Frieza Summoned The Ginyu Girls At His Command They Faced Jonathan Who Was 6"10 328 Ib They Attack Him Directly But To No Avail As Jonathan Proved Too Strong And Suddenly Jonathan Goes SSJ4 Which He Had Long Yellow Spiked Hair And Green Eyes Jonathan Unleashed His Kamemameha On Them Sending Them Back They Immediately Walked Towards Jonathan And Bowed Their Heads In Gratitude And Asked To Be On His Side Jonathan Smiled And Said Sure They Gravitated Towards Jonathan And Joined Him

Dragon Ball Z Universe

The Ginyu Girls Sense Security In Jonathan And They Betrayed Frieza's Trust And Sided With Jonathan Over Time The Ginyu Girls And Jonathan's Power Levels Were Over 90000000000 An Fifth Ginyu Girl Named Kaitlyn Moore Who Was Torquois Blue Joins Them Her Power Level Increased To 900000 The Trio They Were Strong Enough To Destroy Majin Buu Vegeta However Had A Score To Settle With Jonathan But Ended Up Being Trounced By The Ginyu Girls

Sonic Universe

They Were Teleported To Knothole Village An Peaceful Place


Dragon Ball/DBZ/Sonic Universe: Spanning The Universes

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