Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd combined their scepters together to make Peckster grow to giant size! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers summoned the Dino Megazord, the Thunder Megazord, the Ninja Megazord, and the Shogun Megazord! The four Megazords battled the Peckster! It was a very long battle! During the battle, Zack said "Come on, guys! We can't give up! We're the Power Rangers!" Zack then said "It's time we used our heads!" Then he said "Cranial laser!" The Dino Megazord fired its cranial laser at the Peckster and knocked him to the ground. Jason said "Good job, Zack!" Then Jason said "All right, guys! It's time to finish him off!" The White Falconzord emerged and combined with the Ninja Megazord and formed the Ninja Mega Falconzord! The Thunder Megazord pulled out its Thunder Saber! Jason said "It's time to call upon the Power Sword!" The Power Sword came down from the sky and landed in the Dino Megazord's right hand! The Shogun Megazord pulled out its Fire Saber! The Shogun Megazord used its Fire Saber, the Ninja Megazord used its Double Punch Divebomb, the Thunder Megazord used its Thunder Saber, and finally the Dino Megazord used its Power Sword! Together the four Megazords destroyed the Peckster! The Power Rangers had won!

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