Main Characters

Rain The Hedgehog-She Has Wavy Long Light Green Hair With A Dark Silver Quill She Has Pink Eyelids She Has Dark Grey Eyes With Black Pupils She Has An Silver Earring On Her Left Ear She Has Pink/Black Goggles On Her Head She Wears An Light Purple Ski Top Which Shows Her Green Stomach White Light Yellow Chest Fur Light Purple/Black Belt Black Pants With Flames On Them Light Purple/Black Boots Black Wrist Band On Her Left Arm Light Purple/Black Open Out Gloves And She Wears An Biker Vest Which Is Black

Revi The Hedgehog-She Wears An Light Blue Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach She Has A Star On Her Neck Black Jeans With White Lines Two Stars On It And Aqua Blue/Black Shoes She Is Dark Red Furred Hair/Spikes Is Backwards She Has 5 Dark Red Spikes In Front Of Her Head She Has Black Armbands On Her Arms She Wears Headphones

Jonathan The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform Designed By Gerald Robotnik Along With Rain And Ravi The Hedgehog All Three Of Them Are Designed To Protect Earth From Villains

All Sonic Characters/Villains (Including Eggman Who Is Owned By Sega) All Fleetway/Archie Characters Are Owned By Fleetway And Archie Respectively

Super Form Debuts

Hyper Jonathan The Hedgehog-Appears In The Very First Issue (Archie Character)

Super Amy Rose (Fleetway)-Appears In The Same Issue As Hyper Jonathan The Hedgehog

Fleetway Hyper Jonathan The Hedgehog-He Appears In The First Issue

Archie Vs. Fleetway Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story 1: Jonathan The Hedgehog: World's Collide

  • The Death Egg Is Crashing Down Onto Mobius*
  • In Knothole Village*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Speeding Through Knothole Village* Ah An Great Day For Running

  • The Death Egg Explodes Causing The Worlds To Collide*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Looks Up* Wait Who's That Green Character

Fleetway Super Amy Rose: Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha *Speeds By Jonathan Terrorizing The Citizens Of Knothole Village*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Chases After Her On His Turbo Powered Jet Skates* Get Back Here

  • Jonathan Chases Her Down And Runs Into Fleetway Jonathan*

Fleetway Jonathan The Hedgehog: Aren't You The Archie Version Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah But You're The Fleetway Version Of Me

Fleetway Jonathan The Hedgehog: You Know What's Funny Is That Fleetway Hyper Jonathan The Hedgehog Has The Same Appearance As Hyper Jonathan The Hedgehog

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Oh Yeah

Fleetway Jonathan The Hedgehog: Well I'm Off To Find This Character Supposedly Named "Fleetway Super Amy Rose" *Speeds Off*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Fleetway Version Of Me Actually Has A Lot Of Compassion

Revi The Hedgehog: What's Going On Here?

Rain The Hedgehog: Yeah I Heard It Collided With Our World

Fleetway Revi The Hedgehog: How Did We End Up Here In Archie?

Fleetway Rain The Hedgehog: I Think That Accident Caused This

Revi The Hedgehog: Hey Look It's The Fleetway Version Of Me And You

Rain The Hedgehog: Yeah I Know

Fleetway Revi The Hedgehog: I Honestly Don't Remember Seeing You Two Here

Fleetway Rain The Hedgehog: I Actually Remember Seeing Them Here

Revi The Hedgehog: I Wonder How This Brought About

Story 2-Jonathan The Hedgehog: Robotnik/Eggman's Takeover Of Mobius Foiled

  • Jonathan Is Speeding Through Knothole Village*

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Running* Dammit I Must Get There Fast *Stumbles Upon Fleetway Sally Acorn* What The?

Fleetway Sally Acorn: Jonathan Listen Our World And Your World's Villains Had Teamed Up To Try To Take Over Mobius

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I

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