Flamedramon X

Evolution Stage Champion
Attribute Vaccine
Type Dragon Man
Family Dragon's Roar, Metal Empire, Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers,
List of Digimon

Flamedramon X is a Champion (Adult in the Japanese version) Digimon that has been modified by the X-Antibody in a Upcoming Digimon & Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master.


This digimon is a X Digivolved form of Flamedramon when Flamedramon took in the X Antibody from the dying body of SkullMammothmon X during the battle against Lucemon Chaos Mode in the Dark Ruins on File Island while he was trying to protect his partner, Davis Motomiya.

Attack Techniques

Name Description
Flare Rocket It blasts a barrage of fireballs from its fist at its foes.
Inferno It unleashs a wildfire aura from its body that burns away any foes surrounding it.


Evolves From

  • Flamedramon + X-Antibody

Evolves To

  • Black hoderzmon


  • Davis Motomiya

Name Origin

  • Flame. Dra is short for dragon. X because he was modified by the X Antibody.

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