Episode Episode Title Plot
1 The Boy Clone and the Story of the Lost Powers

(少年クローンと失わ権力の物語, Shōnen Kurōn to Ushinawa-ken Chikara no Monogatari)

2 The Alchemist and the Fullmetal Power

(The Alchemist and the Power of Steel)

(錬金術師と鋼の力, Renkinjutsushi to Hagane no Chikara)

3 The Imaginary Werewolf and the Solidwood Power

(The Imaginary Wolfman and the Power of Wood)

(虚数狼男と木の力, Kyosū Ōkamiokoto to Ki no Chikara)

4 The Crystal and the Coyote. Yoyo's Hidden Power Awakens!

(結晶とコヨーテ。ヨーヨーの隠れ力が目覚める!, Kesshō to Koyōte. Yōyō no Kakure Chikara ga Mezameru!)

5 Thirteen Warriors United

(13十三戦士統一, Jyū-san Senshi Tōitsu)

6 Reaper! The Teenager who Combusts Flesh.

(死神!肉を燃焼十代。, Shinigami! Niku wo Nenshō Jū-dai.)

7 Silence. The Last of Tyler.

(沈黙。タイラーの最後。, Chinmoku. Tairā no Saigo.)

8 Farewell, Planet Earth. To the Faraway Galaxy!

(さようなら、地球。遠くの銀河へ!, Sayōnara, Chikyū. Tōku no Ginga E!)

26 The End of the Sith and the Homecoming

(シスの最後と帰省, Shisu no Saigo to Kisei)

With the spellbook destroyed, and the ghost of Palpatine forever trapped in the world of the deceased, there is no way for Chance to bring his ancestor back. Mace Windu arrests Chance for treason and attempted murder. Now with all at peace in the galaxy, it is time for our heroes to return home.

In two months' time, the stone tablet has been returned to Egypt because the exhibit is over. However, there is still much for the Pharaoh to learn about his past. Yugi gives up Kokoro and passes it to the orb of power until the time is right for a worthy individual to use it. With that, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Téa and Melody enjoy the rest of their time in Townsville for the foreign exchange program. Meanwhile, Timon, Pumbaa and Tatiana want to focus on schoolwork, so they give up Tsuchi, Kaze and Mizu and pass them to the orb of power as well. With only nine members now, the Torrentuff Animals are a little vulnerable now. But Frieza, under the human guise of Fred Olizac, says that no matter what, their journeys will continue, and they will be ready for whatever happens next.

Elsewhere in Townsville, near the forest, a teenager and his two dogs are gathering information, and sending it to two mysterious figures through the teenager's laptop computer, saying that they have arrived in the past, and that the treasure hunt is about to begin...

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