This is a list of episodes of Flame Icejin: The New Frontier.

Season One

Main article: Season One

Also known as the Orichalcos arc, this season focuses on the gathering of and the first battles of the Torrentuff Animals.

Planned episode count: 26

Season Two

Main article: Season Two

Subtitled "Return of the Sith Lord" (シス卿の復帰, Shisu Kyō no Fukki), this season not only focuses on the TTA taking on the ghost of Darth Sideous and a descendant of his clone, Chance Palpatine, it also features the three lost powers and their bearers.

Planned episode count: 26

Season Three

Main article: Season Three

Subtitled "Quest for the Corona Aurora" (コロナ・オーロラの探求, Korona Ōrora no Tankyū), the main focus of the season is the TTA receiving help from future individuals, finding five jewels for a mysterious and powerful crown before Frieza's ancestor, Chilled, and his evil minions do.

This season is like Season One of Code Lyoko meets Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive.

Planned episode count: 26

Season Four

Main article: Season Four

Subtitled "The Geass Boy and the Negaverse" (ギアス少年とダークキングダム, Giasu Shōnen to Dāku Kingudamu, or "The Geass Boy and the Dark Kingdom"), Stu, Brian and Vinny (the latter two have just been turned into real dogs by the power of the crown), along with Hisui and Link, stay in the timeline because Link's time watch is on the fritz, and, along with the Torrentuff Animals, receive help from a young prince named Lelouch vi Britannia, who is still only ten years old, and has a mysterious ability called Geass. Together, the team must fight off Beryl, Queen of the Negaverse, and her evil minions.

Planned episode count: 26

Season Five

Main article: Season Five

Subtitled "The Quest for Harmony" (ハーモニーの探求, Hāmonī no Tankyū), in this thirteen-episode season, our heroes try to find the six Elements of Harmony and their bearers so they can prevent the coming of eternal night and the reign of Nightmare Moon.

Planned episode count: 13

Season Six

Main article: Season Six

Subtitled "Burnout" (シーズン・バーンアウト, Shīzun Bānauto, or "Season Burnout"), this thirty-three episode conclusion focuses on a team-up between the Torrentuff Animals of all time, all to stop the most evil ruler of all, and Brian's attempted murderer, Evil Stewie (who is an evil clone of Stu Griffin). Along the way, Stu, Brian and Vinny receive help from two masked nights, Zero and Lancelot (who are actually a seventeen-year-old Lelouch vi Britannia and his Japanese friend Suzaku Kururugi), and travel aboard the phone-booth-resembling TARDIS, borrowed from The Doctor himself, Doctor Who.

Planned episode count: 33

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