Main Characters

Jonathan Washington/The Undertaker-The Mysterious Omnipotent Force That Has Been Creating A Blaze Of Destruction Through The World Wrestling Federation His Finishing Manuever Is Called The Tombstone Piledriver He Is From Death Valley California He Cuts His Throat Signaling His Finisher His Signature Move Is Old School Which He Walks On The Ropes And Chops His Opponent's Arm Causing Them To Fall To The Ground He Has Various Attires And Outfits Ranging From His 1990 Debut Attire To His Current 2013 Attire His Faithful Managers Are Poison And Now Jessica (Jonathan's New Girlfriend After He Saved Her)

Poison-She Believes That She Should Have The Right To Manage The Best Fighters When She First Laid Her Eyes On Undertaker (Jonathan) She Instantly Knew That He Can Be An Intimidating Presence She Wore Her Police Cap White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And White Stomach Dark Grey Shorts With Her Handcuffs On The Side Black Shoes She Had Long Pink Hair Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises And Hot Red Lips And Black Eyelashes That Version Instantly Became In Love With Jonathan She Was In 3D Whereas Jonathan Is Normal Digitalized She Has Been His Manager Since 1990 (Her Debut And Jonathan's Debut)

Jessica-Cody's Girlfriend She Was Captured By The Mad City Gear Gang In Order For Haggar To Cooperate With Them When Cody And Guy Get Killed "The Phenom" Undertaker (Jonathan) Took It Upon Himself To Save Her

The Mad Gear Gang-An Group Of Female Thugs Who's Main Goal Is To Capture Jessica And Make Haggar Cooperate With Them But They Made An Big Mistake When Jonathan Chased Them Around It's Leader Is Roxy

Street Fighter Characters (All Characters)

C. Viper


Juri-This Weird Girl Is An Huge Fan Of The Undertaker She Has His Posters


Vanessa (First Official Appearance)


Also Starring (Poison's Sisters/Daughters/Relatives)

Roxy-She Is Poison's Identical Twin Sister They Both Wear The Same Clothes And Look A Like As Well

Rose-She Is Poison's Younger Sister





Scene 1: The Meeting Takes Place

  • Meanwhile In The Ring*

Jonathan: *Clotheslines Sagat*

  • He Falls To The Ground*

Jonathan: *Walks On The Ropes With Sagat's Hand Jumps And Chops It* *Cuts His Throat*

Segat: *Groggy Walking*

Jonathan: *Flips Segat Upside Down And Delivers His Tombstone Piledriver* *Kneels Down As He Raises His Hand Up In The Sky*

  • The Sky Turns Dark*

Jonathan: *Walks Away*

  • Meanwhile*

Poison: Okay

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