Melissa Manchester (VO): Will you meet friends

Nixcorr26 presents

Where your odyssey ends?

Little Fievel: Adventures in Slumberland

Will they have spots

Or polka dots?

Or purple noses?

Ooh, whatever you do

Please, let me dream along with you

Produced by Nixcorr26

Directed by Nikkdisneylover8390 and Nixcorr26

Screenplay by CoolZDane and TheCityMaker

Story by Nikkdisneylover8390, Nixcorr26, and CoolZDane

What kind of dream will you dream Little Fievel?

Story Consultants: CoolZDane, TheCityMaker, TheFoxPrince11, Nikkdisneylover8390, and Nixcorr26

What kind of dream will be yours tonight?

Music by Thomas Chase and Steve Rucker

Songs by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

Where will you go

Do you know, Little Fievel?

Title Songs by Melissa Manchester

Background music by London Symphony Orchestra.

What will you do on your mystic, midnight flight?

Animation Directors: Nikkdisneylover8390, Nixcorr26, and TheFoxPrince11

Are you gonna sail on an ocean of rainbows?

Or will you glide on a butterfly?

Co-Producers: CoolZDane, TheCityMaker, and TheFoxPrince11

Associate Producer: Nikkdisneylover8390

And when you land

Will it go as you plan, Little Fievel?

Or will the dream you're dreamin' go awry?

Director of Post-Production: Nikkdisneylover8390

Sound Maker: Kunio Ando

Sound Effects Editor: Shizuo Kurahashi

Oh, Little Fievel

You take the prize

All you do is close your eyes and fantasize

Kaleidoscopical, stereoptical dreams come to you

Principal Voices:

Frankie Jonas as Fievel Mousekewitz

Noah Cyrus as Olivia Flaversham

Frank Welker as Crick-Ee

Corey Burton as Timothy Q. Mouse

John Cleese as Basil

Frank Welker as Crick-Ee

Victor Brandt as Papa Mousekewitz

Tim Curry as Professor Ratigan

What mesmeraculous magic you do

Dee Bradley Baker as Jim Crow

Mel Winkler as Preacher Crow

Jaleel White as Straw Hat Crow

Kevin Michael Richardson as Fat Crow

Wendee Lee as Glasses Crow

What dazzling delights will you sight, Little Fievel?

With the additional voice talents of:

Russi Taylor as Miss Bianca

Bob Newheart as Bernard

Samuel Vincent as Bellman

Mary Gibbs as Cholena

Tino Insana as Jeremy

What whimsical world will be yours to view?

I'd give a lot

All I've got just to go where you go

Oh, Little Fievel, I wanna be there too

Wish I could go to Slumberland

With you

Based on the movie "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland" and the creative mind of Nixcorr26

Our setting takes place in a big city called New York City. At night, inside a house in a boy's room, we see a 5-year-old mouse with brown and peach fur, a reddish-pink nose, blue eyes, curvy pink ears, small whiskers, and a small white bucktooth, wearing a blue trademark hat and purple footy pajamas. This is Fievel Mousekewitz, the main character of this story.

He was sleeping peacefully on his bed under the covers, like he just plopped onto the mattress and under the blanket and sheets. His room was decorated with models of trains, planes and blimps.

As he slept, his bed suddenly levitated into the air, and the bed flew out the window with the Russian boy mouse unaware of what was happening to his. The bed was flying slowly around the town, and an owl Pokémon, Hoothoot, hooted, causing Fievel to wake and gasp as he finally realized where he was.

"It can't be." Fievel said, as he rubbed his eyes, "Can it?"

He looked down at his flying reflection in a big puddle of rainwater. "It is!" he exclaimed, "I'm really flying!"

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