Jennifer Calaway (March 24, 1990) Is The Daughter Of The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) She Has Gone Though Numerous Gimmick Changes Throughout Her Lifetime She Is Notably Known For Being Female Undertaker (Who Wore An Black Sleeveless Shirt Which Showed Her Stomach Black Leather Pants Grey High Socks And Grey Shoes She Also Wore Grey Washing Gloves As Well) She Had An Loyal Commitment To The WWF

1. Early Life

Jennifer Kaitlyn Calaway Was Born March 24, 1990 In Houston Texas She Is The Younger Sister Of Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) She Was Listed At 6 Feet 10 Inches Tall And Weighed 328 Pounds Making Her The Female Version Of The Undertaker

2. Professional Wrestling Career

2.1 Early Career (1984-1989)

Jennifer Debuted With World Class Championship Wrestling As She Immediately Proved Her Worth Winning 5 Championships (1984,1985,1986,1987 And 1988)

2.2 World Championship Wrestling (1989-1990)

Jennifer Got Her Nickname "The Mistress Of Pain" Because She Was Big, Tall And Physically Strong Showing That She Can Deliver Punishments To Her Opponents

2.3 World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment

2.3.1 Debut And Various Feuds (1990-94)

Jennifer Now At 14 Years Old Made Her Much Anticipated Debut At The WWF Survivor Series In 1990 As Female Undertaker Which Would Later Be Dropped In Favor Of Jennifer Calaway While Jennifer Performed Her Female Undertaker Gimmick Jennifer Wore Her Black Sleeveless Shirt Showing Her Stomach Black Leather Pants High Grey Socks And Black Shoes She Wore Grey Washing Gloves And Wore An Black Trenchcoat And She Sported An Stetson Cowboy Hat Which Was Black Fun Fact: Jennifer Has The Distinct Honor Of Being 21-0 At Wrestlemania Her Favorite Event

2.3.2 Return And Various Storylines (1994-97)

Shortly After Returning Jennifer Sported The Same Look As In 1990 But This Time She Wore Purple Gloves And Now Had Tattoos On Her Arms She Immediately Put Yokozuna In The Casket At Survivor Series (1994) But She Opted To Wear An Mask In 1995 To Protect Her Eyesocket

2.3.3 Hell In A Cell And Sisters Of Destruction (1997-98)

During Her Match Against Shawn Michaels At Bad Blood (1997) Jennifer's Happy And Faithful Sister Jessica Jacobs (Female Kane) Happily Assisted Her Sister In Beating Shawn Michaels Which Saw An Friendship Between Them And They Formed The Sisters Of The Destruction But After They Disbanded In 1998 They Still Were Friends And Had An Strong Powerful Bond Between Them They Remained In Contact With Each Other Until They Encountered Each Other At Wrestlemania 14 (1998) When They Were Fighting For The Tag Team Titles They Reunite Once Again And This Time It Was Permanant They Laughed And Smiled And Had An Big Sense Of Humor

2.3.4 Ministry Of Darkness (1999)

Unlike Undertaker's Ministry Of Darkness This Version Was More Of An Protection Stable With Jennifer As It's Leader And The Simpson Girls And Lovejoy Sisters As Her Followers And Secondary Enforcers

2.3.5 American Badass And Big Evil (2000-2003)

Jennifer Returned In 2000 As The American Badass Wearing Her Black Long Sleeved Tanktop Showing Her Stomach Black Jeans And Black Shoes She Had Black Elbow Pads On Both Of Her Arms She Had Tattoos On Her Arms She Wore Black Fingerless Taped Gloves Ironically This Would Be What Jennifer Returned As In 2004 Her 2000 Theme Was American Badass By Kid Rock And Her 2001 Theme Was Rollin By Limp Bizkit She Now Used The Last Ride As Her Finisher And Her Tombstone Piledriver As Her Secondary Finisher She Would Also Use Her 2001 Theme In 2004 She Befriended Her Sister Kayla Calaway Who Was Entering Her First Year Of WWF Service Also As The American Badass Kayla Also Wore An Black Long Sleeved Tanktop Which Showed Her Stomach Black Jeans And Black Shoes She Also Had Black Elbow Pads On Both Of Her Arms She Had Tattoos On Her Arms And She Too Wore Black Fingerless Taped Gloves They Became The American Badasses An Stable Formed By The Two Kayla Often Rode On Jennifer's Bike As Her Passenger They Were Undertaker's Daughters During Undertaker's Absence They Took His Place

2.3.6 Return Of The American Badass (2004-Present)

Both Jennifer And Kayla Returned In 2004 As The American Badass Wrecking Havoc As Faces And Destroyed The Heels As They Attacked Them

2.3.7 World Heavyweight Champion (2007-2010, 2011-Present)

She Won Her 40th Heavyweight Championship By Beating Edge In 2010 She Lost It To Edge However She Did Get It Back After She Exercised Her Rematch Clause In Her Contract Edge Wasn't So Lucky The Second Time As She Beaten Edge For Her 41st Heavyweight Championship

2.3.8 Defending The Streak (2011-Present)

Jennifer Was An Impressive 19-0 At Wrestlemania And In 2012 Made It 20-0 And Then In 2013 Made It 21-0 She Is The Only Female To Do So

3. Personal Life

She And Kayla Calaway Are The Daughters Of Undertaker But They Live In Their Own Household With Them Paying The Bills

Other Media

Jennifer Calaway Made Her Feature Film Debut In The 1992 Film The Terminatra: Judgement Day As The Titicular Character Terminatra (Lauren Roberts)



Year Title                                                      Role
1992 The Terminatra: Judgement Day          Lauren Roberts

Jennifer: The Cyborg Warrior               Herself


Year Title                                      Role                Notes
1999 Sonic Underground               Jennifer           She Was A Hedgehog
1999 Poltergeist: The Legacy       Soul Chaser   Episodes: Evil Female Demon
1999 Downtown                            Herself           Episode: Jennifer's Here




Celebrity Deathmatch          Herself          Episode: Same As Undertaker

America's Most Wanted      Herself           1 Episode

Off The Record                 Herself            100 Episodes

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment
  • Chokeslam: 1990-Present: Usually Used As Her Signature Move
  • Hell's Gate/Devil's Triangle (Modified Gogoplata) 2008-Present
  • Last Ride (Elevated Powerbomb) 2000-2004: Used As Her Signature Move Thereafter
  • Tombstone Piledriver (Kneeling Reverse Piledriver) Most Often Followed By An Rest In Peace Pin 1990-Present
  • Triangle Choke: 2002-2003: Used As Her Regular Move Until 2006


  • Early Career
  • Calaway Clutch/Iron Claw (One-Handed Clawhold): Used Rarely As Her Signature Move In The WWE
  • Flatliner Fist (Heart Punch)
  • Heatseeking Missile (Ropewalk Diving Elbow Drop)


  • Signature Moves
  • Back Body Drop
  • Ballistic Punching Combination Often Finished With A Throat Thrust
  • Bearhug Hold Transitioned Into An Vertical Running Thrust Spinebuster Into The Ring Post
  • Belly-To-Back Suplex
  • Big Boot
  • Chokehold 1990-1995: Used Rarely Thereafter
  • Cravate Hangman
  • Elbow Drop
  • Fallaway Slam
  • Fujiwara Armbar
  • Headbutt
  • Knee Lift To The Opponent's Midsection
  • Multiple Clothesline Variations
  • Corner
  • Leaping Flying
  • Rebound
  • Short-Arm
  • Old School (Arm Twist Ropewalk Chop)-Adopted From Her Trainer Layla Simpson
  • Over The Top Rope Suicide Dive
  • Reverse STO
  • Running DDT
  • Running Leg Drop Sometimes To An Apron-Hung Opponent
  • Sidewalk Slam
  • Snake Eyes Followed By A Running Big Boot
  • Takin' Care Of Business/TCB (Standing Dragon Sleeper)
  • Vertical Suplex Sometimes From The Top Rope
  • Wrist Lock Hold Transitioned To An Elevated Arm Wrench Or Followed By Multiple Shoulder Blocks


  • General Skandor Akbar
  • Ted DiBiase
  • Paul Bearer WWF/E Percy Pringle III/WCCW
  • Brother Love
  • Paul E. Dangerously
  • Downtown Bruno
  • Theodore Long
  • Dutch Martell
  • Kayla Calaway


  •  "The Female Phenom"
  • " The Deadwoman"
  • "The Queen Of Darkness"
  • "The Last Female Outlaw"
  • " The American Bad Ass"
  • "The Red Female Devil"
  • "Big Evil"
  • "Big Red"
  • "The Conscious Of The WWE"
  • "The Demoness Of Death Valley"

Entrance Themes

  •   New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • "Miracle Man" By Ozzy Osbourne
  • National Wrestling Alliance
  • "China White" By Scorpions
  • World Championship Wrestling
  • USWA
  • "Sands Of Time By USWA"


  • World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment
  • "Funeral Dirge" By Jim Johnston (April 1st, 1990-November 19, 1990)
  • "Funeral March By Jim Johnston (November 19 1991-January 22 1994)
  • "The Grim Reaper" By Jim Johnston (August 29 1994-November 13 1995)
  • "Graveyard Symphony" By Jim Johnston (November 19 1995-July 20 1998-January 11 1999-March 22 1999)
  • "Dark Side" By Jim Johnston (July 26, 1998-December 13, 1998)
  • "Ministry" By Jim Johnston (March 28,1999-September 23,1999)
  • "American Badass" By Kid Rock (May 21,2000-December 4, 2000)
  • "Rollin" (Air Raid Vehicle) By Limp Bizkit (December 10,2000-May 6,2002, March 30, 2003)
  • "Dead Man" By Jim Johnston (May 19,2002-September 19,2002)
  • "You're Gonna Pay" By Jim Johnston (September 22,2002-November 16, 2003)
  • "Rollin (Air Raid Vehicle) By Limp Bizkit (December 10,2004-Present)

Championships And Accomplishments

WWF/E Champion (46): 1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009, 2010,2011,2012 And 2013

WWF Hardcore Champion (1)

World Tag Team Championship (6 Times)-With Layla Simpson (1), Kathleen Calaway (2), Melody Andrews (1) And Wendy Calaway (1)

WrestleMania Streak

Wrestlemania VII (1991): Jimmy Snuka (1-0)

Wrestlemania VIII (1992): Jake Roberts (2-0)

Wrestlemania IX (1993): Giant Gonzalez (3-0) (Won Via Disqualification)

Wrestlemania XI (1995): King Kong Bundy (4-0)

Wrestlemania XII (1996): Diesel (5-0)

Wrestlemania 13 (1997):Sycho Sid (6-0) Note: Jennifer Wore Her 1991-94 Attire For The Match

Wrestlemania XIV (1998): Kane (7-0) Note: Kane Had The Misfortune Of Facing Her Two Times

Wrestlemania XV (1999): Big Boss Man (8-0)

Wrestlemania X-Seven (2001): Triple H (9-0)

Wrestlemania X8 (2002): Ric Flair (10-0)

Wrestlemania XIX (2003): A-Train And Big Show (11-0) (Handicap Match)

Wrestlemania XX (2004): Kane (12-0)

Wrestlemania 21 (2005): Randy Orton (13-0)

Wrestlemania 22 (2006): Mark Henry (14-0)

Wrestlemania 23 (2007): Batista (15-0)

Wrestlemania 24 (2008): Edge (16-0)

Wrestlemania 25 (2009): Shawn Michaels (17-0)

Wrestlemania 26 (2010): Shawn Michaels (18-0)

Wrestlemania 27 (2011): Triple H (19-0)

Wrestlemania 28 (2012): Triple H (20-0)

Wrestlemania 29 (2013): CM Punk (21-0)


Jennifer Calaway: The Calaway Story

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