Main Cast

Sarah Michelle Gellar As Kokoro The Hedgehog/Lisa The Hedgehog-The Mysterious Hedgehog Immediately Befriends Sonic He Turns Into Lisa The Hedgehog

Female Metal Sonic 5.0-She Has Dark Blue Spikes With White Quills She Has Orange Eyes With Black Irises She Wears An Yellow Tubetop Which Shows Her Dark Blue Stomach An Black Belt With White Circles On It Dark Blue Jeans Which Show Her Dark Blue Tail It Has The Letter M On It She Wears Red/White Sneakers She Has Grey Hands She Is Dark Blue Furred She Is Fully Upgraded And Updated Making Her More Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible

Lisa The Hedgehog's Creations (Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible Fully Upgraded And Updated)

Metal Amy Rose (2.0,3.0, 4.0 And 5.0, 6.0,7.0,8.0,9.0 And All Powerful 10.0)

Angelina Jolie As Rosy The Rascal-Rosy Wears An Different Outfit She Wears Her Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Humongous Boobs And Pink Stomach Wears An Black Skirt, Black Jacket With Flames On It Pink/Black High Heels, White Gloves Her Pink Hair Is Longer And Black Hairband Covers It Rosy Is Very Useful In Battle Because Of Her Weaponry Skills She Is Taller Than Before At 6"5 She Gained Muscle Mass Making Her Physically Stronger One Noticeable Feature With Rosy Is That She Has Hot Red Lips And Makeup On Her She And Nicole Have Issues # 2 And Onwards To Themselves Which Feature Only Them Naomi, Kirsten The Hedgehog Talitha And Jessica Prower And An New Character Shima The Hedgehog She Appears In All Seasons And Episodes She Plays An Important Part In The Series

Carmen Electra As Maria Robotnik/Maria The Hedgehog/Rosy The Rascal Jr/Shade The Echidna/Julie-Su The Echidna/Lara-Su The Echidna (Jani-Ca)-Rosy Jr Looks Like Rosy And Wears The Same Outfit As Her And Has The Same Makeup And Long Pink Hair As Rosy

Gabby The Hedgehog-She Resembles Strongly To Rosy The Rascal In Looks, Outfit, Makeup, Hair And Appearance And Personality

Scene 1: Awakening And Updates

  • In Lisa The Hedgehog's Lab*

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: *Awaken* Huh Where Am I?

Lisa The Hedgehog: You Crashed Landed In Chaos Angel Valley Zone In My Lab Which Is Where You Are

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: What Are Those *Points Over There*

Lisa The Hedgehog: Oh Those Are My Metal Amy Rose Creations I Made To Accomodate Us

Metal Amy Rose: Yeah

  • The Metal Amy Rose (2.0,3.0,4.0 And 5.0) Stand In A Straight Order*

Metal Amy Rose 2.0: Greetings And Salutations We Are The Metal Amy Rose Robots

Metal Amy Rose 10.0: Hey!!! *Smiles* What About Us We're Here Too

Metal Amy Rose 6.0: Why Is It That We're Here And

  • BOOM*

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: Take Cover!!!!

  • They Duck*

Lisa The Hedgehog: Oh My God What's Going On Here

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: Hmm My Sensors Are Picking Up An Strong Signal From The Suppression Squad's Base It Looks Like They Have Invaded Freedom HQ

Rosy The Rascal: The Nerve Of Them We Should Work Together

Rosy The Rascal Jr: I Concur

Metal Amy Rose 5.0: Perfect Our Group Is Powerful Than I Expected

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: *Smiles* Let's March Out!!!!

  • They Rush Off*

Metal Amy Rose 8.0: I See Something Up Ahead

Metal Amy Rose 7.0: Look Out!!!!

  • BOOM They Fall Backwards*

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: Alright Who's Responsible For This *Gasps*

Gabby The Hedgehog: Psst Down Here *Smiles* I Found The Perfect Base For Us All My Personal Underground Base

Female Metal Sonic 5.0: Oh Thanks!!!

  • In Gabby's Underground Base*

Gabby The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Got Things Under Control I Had Just Recently Purchased Major Updates To My Underground Base Now We Just Need To Prepare For Storming Of The Suppression Squad's Base

Metal Amy Rose: Yeah

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