Power Rangers' Command Centre

"What was so urgent that we had to stop fighting Scorpina?" Jason demanded to know as soon as he teleported into the Command Centre.

"Rangers, while I have been unable to bring back Zordon so far, he did leave something for you in case the situation became dire enough." Alpha replied.

"What is it?" Zach asked. "Is it something that can take care of Scorpina?"

"Indeed it is," Alpha replied. "It is a new weapon called the Power Cannon."

"Sounds powerful," Tommy joked.

"It is indeed," Alpha Five continued missing out on the joke completely. "The Power Cannon should help you hold off Scorpina and Goldar until I can find Zordon and we can figure out how to bring back your Zords."

"Alright, sounds great," Jason said. "Now we've gotta find Scorpina and take care of her once and for all."

"Oh I don't think so!" came Scorpina's voice.

The Rangers looked up to see Scorpina holding the roof of the Command Centre in her clawed hand as she towered over them in her giant form. Beside her was Goldar to was also in his giant form.

"Oh no!" Trini yelled. "We've got to get out of here!"

Both giant monsters brought their weapons crashing down into the Command Centre. The Rangers dove out of the way, but Alpha Five wasn't so lucky. Scorpina's sword hit the robot dead on and it exploded in a shower of sparks. Scorpina and Goldar continued to smash away at the Command Centre tearing down the walls.

"Come on let's teleport out of here while we still can!" Jason ordered.

The Rangers activated their teleporters and got as far away as possible. This left Scorpina and Goldar to trash the Command Centre, destroying everything until there was nothing left.

"Ha, ha, ha," Scorpina cackled. "That takes care of Zordon. Without him those Power Rangers are as good as dead."

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