Evila space channel 5 by glicerinazul-d5ntdum

Evila As She Appears Was The Main Antagonist Of The Space Channel 5 (Series) She Was A Evil Female Robot Reporter Armed With An Dark Purple Gun And Has Dark Purple Jet Boosters And Dark Purple Headphones On Her Head She Is Completely Metallic As She Wears Black Leather Gloves She Now Goes By The Name Of Rachael Adams As She Leads Her New Group Of Powerful Female Robots Known As The Royal Female Robot Allegiance She Has Teal Hair She Wore An Teal Tanktop Showing Her Metallic Stomach She Worn An Teal Skirt Showing Her Metallic Butt And She Wore Teal High Boots She Has Dark Grey Eyes With Black Irises

Early Years As An Villain

During Her Youth Evila Had Became An Ruthless Dictator Over Her Robot Reporter Army Whose Goal Was To Assassinate Ulala And Corrupt The Entire Universe And Become Queen Of The Universes And Seize Control

Major Upgrades/Changes

Rachael Adams Who Awoke On The Ground Discovered That She Had Been Completely Destroyed Rachael Then Decides To Board Jonathan's Carrier/Battleship Where Jonathan Was Stunned That Rachael Was Destroyed Rachael Smiled And Reminds Jonathan That She Needed To Be Fixed Jonathan Obliged Her Request Soon After Rachael Became An Peaceful And Powerful Dictator And Commander Of Her Female Robot Army She Used Her Good Will And Personality To Serve Them Well She Became Powerful Too Her Female Robot Army Consisted Of (Metal Amy Rose, Mecha Amy Rose, Titan Amy Rose, Metal Jessica Rose, Mecha Jessica Rose, Titan Jessica Rose, Metal Alicia Rose, Mecha Alicia Rose, Titan Alicia Rose, Metal Jennifer Rose, Mecha Jennifer Rose And Titan Jennifer Rose) With More Support And Backing Rachael Can Finally Live Out Her Childhood Dream Of Being The Leader Of Her Peaceful Yet Powerful Female Robot Army Rachael Has Become Extremely Friendly Towards Both Jonathan And His Beloved Wife Amy Rose Metal Ashley Rose, Mecha Ashley Rose And Titan Ashley Rose Appeared Offering Their Services To Her Rachael Smiled And Immediately Took Them In

Role In The Xorda Invasion

Rachael Had An Crucial And Important Role In The Xorda Invasion As She Was The One Responsible For Planning And Strategizing Xorda's Demise As Two Of Her Soldiers Titan Jessica And Jennifer Rose Placed An Bomb On The Xorda Spaceship And Escaped It Blew Up Killing The Xorda

Reforming The Army Into An Powerful Group

Once On The Carrier Rachael Gathered Her Best And Loyal Members Of Her Army In Return Turned Jonathan Into Metal Sugar The Hedgehog Along Came Mecha Sugar The Hedgehog And Titan Sugar The Hedgehog Amy Rose And Titan Amy Rose Merged Into One Making Amy Titan Amy Rose Soon Rachael Coined The Name The Royal Female Robot Alligence As Rachael Had Become It's Official Leader Rachael Then Decides To Decorate The Carrier Then Began Her First Tenure As Leader

Taking Down The Suppression Squad

Ironically Shortly After Rachael Adams Appointed Herself The Leader Of The Army The Suppression Squad Had Just Invaded Freedom HQ (Base Of The Freedom Fighters) Luckily For Rachael Who Smiled Happily Knowing That She Had All Resources Upgrades, Updates And Highly Advanced Technology Available To Her And So When The Carrier Landed In Mobius She Then Proceeded To Lead Her Powerful Army Against The Suppression Squad In Which They Successfully Drove Them Out


Rachael Adams: The Royal Female Robot Alliance

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