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style="text-align: center;" colspan="2" Eevee-lutions
The title card -


Created by
Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori




Norihiko Sudo


No. of episodes
10 (20 segments)


Run time
30 min. (15 min. each episode)




English Network
Total Phineas Bee and Cartoonodeon


First aired
November 6, 2010


Last aired


Eevee-lutions (イーブイの進化フォーム Ībui no shinka fōmu) is a TV show about the 7 evolved forms of Eevee: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon. They have just evolved from Eevee and are working together to become the strongest Pokemon ever!



Vaporeon (シャワーズ Vaporeon) - The oldest and the Water-type. He always is the first one to go in a battle.
Glaceon (グレイシア Gureishia) - The 2nd oldest and the Ice-type. She has a crush on Finneon and always goes 3rd in a battle.
Umbreon (ブラッキー Burakkī) - The youngest and the Dark-type. He always goes last in a battle, because he's the youngest.
Jolteon (サンダース Jolteon) - The 3rd oldest and the Electric-type. He always goes 2nd in a battle.
Espeon (エーフィ Ēfi) - The 2nd youngest and the Psychic-type. She calls Glaceon "Glay glay" and Vaporeon "Vay vay" and always goes 5th in a battle.
Flareon (ブースター Flareon) - The middle-aged Pokemon and the Fire-type. He always goes 4th in a battle, and burns the defending Pokemon every time that battle begins.
Leafeon (リーフィア Rīfia) - The 3rd youngest and the Grass-type. He always goes 6th in a battle, and unlike other Leafeon, he knows the move Sludge Bomb.


Finneon (ケイコウオ Keikouo) - Glaceon's crush and a Water-type.
Bellossom (キレイハナ Kireihana) - Jolteon's rival and a Grass-type.
Haunter (ゴースト Ghost) - Leafeon's best friend and a Ghost-type.
Beedrill (スピアー Spear) - An antagonist and a Bug-type.
Pichu (ピチュー Pichu) - A young Pokemon who resides in a Day-Care and an Electric-type.
Sylveon (ニンフィア Nymphia) - A Fairy-type and the mother of all of the main characters.
Espurr (ニャスパー Nyasper) - A Psychic-type who befriends Umbreon and Espeon after leading them out of a forest.


  1. How It All Began/Become Strong
  2. Interest-sting/The Belivel Arrives
  3. A Care in the Day/Just Me and My Childish Sister
  4.  ?/?
  5.  ?/?
  6.  ?/?
  7.  ?/?
  8.  ?/?
  9.  ?/?
  10.  ?/?

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