Ed and Eddy learned that Princess Jasmine is alone without her mother, the Sultana, so the boys decided to resurrect the Sultana and she and Jasmine will be reunited. Ed and Eddy asked the White Fairy to resurrect the Sultana and the White Fairy accepted, so she sprinkled some fairy dust and resurrected the Sultana to life. Jasmine was so happy that her mother was alive "Mother!" Jasmine cried. "Jasmine, sweetheart!" the Sultana said, hugging her daughter in tears of joy. Jasmine and the Sultana were happy to be reunited. Ed and Eddy were very proud of themselves. "Come on, Ed. Let's go tell Sarah and Jimmy some good news." "Okay!" Ed agreed as they were about to tell Sarah and Jimmy the good news, but when Double D found out about this, he was absolutely furious. As punishment for resurrecting Jasmine's mother and for reuniting Jasmine and the Sultana together, Double D told Ed and Eddy that they have to peel the onions in the kitchen.

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