Ed and Eddy will not attempt to remind Jane and Michael Banks to feed the birds for the Bird Woman. Nor will they get them to throw away their money. If the mischievous boys do, then they will get in trouble by Double D.

Ed and Eddy were watching Mary Poppins on the magic TV which was created by the White Fairy. George Banks took his children, Jane and Michael Banks to see the bank where he works there. Jane and Michael wanted to feed the birds very badly. "Please may we feed the birds?" Jane asked. "Whatever for?" George said. "I have tuppence for my money box." Michael said. "Just this once, please?" But before George could reply, Ed and Eddy jumped into the magic TV and reminded Jane and Michael to feed the birds for the Bird Woman. "Of course you can feed the birds." Ed smiled. "We don't mind. Have fun." Eddy said to the kids with a smile on his face. "Oh, thank you so much!" Jane said as she and Michael ran to the Bird Woman and gave the tuppence to her and fed the birds. Ed and Eddy were very proud of themselves. "Come on, Ed. Let's go tell Sarah and Jimmy some good news." "Okay!" Ed agreed. After jumping back to the living room of Eddy's house and went outside, and as they were about to tell Sarah and Jimmy the good news, but when Double D found out about this, he was absolutely furious. As punishment for reminding Jane and Michael to feed the birds and for throwing away their money, Double D told Ed and Eddy that they have to peel the onions in the kitchen.

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