Ed and Eddy learned that going to school was not a good idea, so the boys decided to play hooky from school and swim in the swimming pool. Ed and Eddy played hooky from school and swam in the swimming pool. After that, they got themselves dry and relaxes in an underground hollow tree. And after their nap, they woke up to see that no one was watching them. When school ended, Ed and Eddy returned home to play in the backyard and played make-believe games. When Double D found out that Ed and Eddy played hooky from school, he was absolutely furious. As punishment for playing hooky from school, Double D told Ed and Eddy that bad boys, like them, who play hooky from school must take castor oil. Ed and Eddy saw the caster oil and said "Caster oil! Run away!" Double D chases after Ed and Eddy all around the backyard.

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