Dragon Ball Reborn

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

By Steve Cazares Jr.


More than a thousand years ago on planet Saiya, six Super Saiyans banded together in order to stop the Legendary Super Saiyan’s murderous rampage across the universe, but even with their combined strength, they were still no match for him, until they had given their power to one of their own, and thus, the Original Super Saiyan God was born, and after a fierce battle, he defeated the Legendary Super Saiyan, but at the cost of his own life. Now in the present, Steven, the son of Gogeta and the next Super Saiyan God, the legend among legends of the warrior race, the Saiyans, the mightiest beings in the universe, will face Bills, the God of Destruction, a fearsome being far more powerful than even the ancient monster, Majin Buu, himself…

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Approximately five years have passed since the titanic battle with Majin Buu that had determined the fate of the entire universe…

From the Sacred Realm of the Supreme Kais, they and the other Kais telepathically discuss, in the afterlife, about the early awakening of “Bills” and the future of Goku and the others, before Elder Kai mentions, as he anxiously spoke to his fellow Kais about how the Gods who give birth to life-forms and worlds, such as themselves, but opposite of them are Gods who destroy life-forms and worlds, more specifically, the Gods of Destruction. As well as explaining that Bills’ strength is in an entirely different league of its own, he then further elaborates that Bills is the ultimate God of Destruction of many worlds, but he is very fickle and also prone to start rampages, as not even the greatest prodigies of the Saiyan race, the universe’s previous savior, Goku, the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, and the (possibly true) Legendary Super Saiyan, Steven (as the latter was already born with the ability to become a Super Saiyan much like the Legendary Super Saiyans, Chris and Broly, but instead of growing up to be a destructive super-warrior like them, Steven was born with a calm and pure of heart just like his father, Goku, though, he retains much of the cold-bloodedness of Vegeta as well, due to their fusion, Gogeta, being Steven’s true father), together can stop him, with only his Attendant and Martial Arts Master, Whis, being the only one who could, if Bills ever went too far. And they now wonder how many planets will be sacrificed now, since one of the most powerful of the Gods of Destruction, Bills, is awakening from his ancient slumber.

While on Earth, Bulma had thrown herself a huge birthday party at Capsule Corporation headquarters and nearly everyone has come from all around in order to partake in the celebration, though, unfortunately on the very same day the God of Destruction, Bills, would awaken and attack the Earth. However, at the very start of her birthday party, Bulma gets pretty annoyed when Krillin wonders how old Bulma is now, but she angrily refuses to tell him. While Krillin’s wife, No. 18, is instead curious about the rumored bingo tournament, as she wants to learn more about it, before wondering if the participants will win planes and other big prizes, but Master Roshi wonders if they will win some sexy DVDs instead. Bulma then takes the stage and announces the start of the bingo tournament, while also being assisted by some lovely ladies that Master Roshi and Oolong are all ogling over. The prizes include a real-life castle, luxurious planes, and other fancy things, but the top prize is the set of all seven Dragon Balls (which are rarely used by our heroes in this universe, as they have managed to prevent any force of evil from taking any lives of the innocent, ever since Chris was defeated by Draven more than a millennia ago, with the victims that had lost their lives and homes being returned and restored by, Porunga, the Namekian Eternal Dragon). Meanwhile, everyone else continues to enjoy the other festivities of the party, such as Outer Moka, Piccolo, Pan, Videl, Future Gohan, and Steven all singing an entertaining karaoke song together, the Saiyans eating vast quantities of delicious gourmet food and their children happily dancing together, with even Dende joining in by break dancing, much to the complete shock of both Vegeta and his father, the king, as they continue looking on in utter disbelief, while Dende had continued showing off his newly-learned break dancing skills in front of them. Then, Future Gohan and Videl decide to get in on the fun too, and the young couple quickly change into their Great Saiyaman costumes, and Future Gohan gives out his standard Great Saiyaman introduction, just before his wife, Videl, drops out of the sky and joins in, and as the two begin to finish their unique introduction towards everyone, their younger brother, as well as Super Gogeta and Chi-Chi’s son, Son Steven, with his friend and future sister in-law, Outer Moka, and best friend, Pan (in their own Great Saiyaman costumes, courtesy of Steven’s reluctant godfather, Piccolo’s Magic Materialization ability), suddenly, arrive to help the soon to be parents complete their demonstration of their crime-fighting poses, as a family. And when they had finished, the rest of their family and friends applauded the superheroes’ surprising spectacle.

Meanwhile far off in the outer reaches of space at Bills’ palace, the God of Destruction’s alarm bombs are going off, but yet he still continues to sleep. His attendant, the mysterious Whis, walks slowly up a crystal staircase to the large room where Bills is “napping” and informs him that the “alarm bombs” have been going off. So he insists that Bills wake up now, as he cannot sleep-in another 15 years like he did before, before threatening to perform an “awakening song” if Bills does not get up now. Terrified, because Whis is terrible at singing, Bills gets up right away and slides down from his bed atop a floating rock. Though, he is still cranky because he only got to sleep for 39 years this time, which is barely an afternoon nap, but Whis points out that Bills was the one that set this as the time of his next awakening, and asks him why he even wanted to get up this early anyway. Bills, while cleaning his fur, says that he was concerned about something of this particular era…

As he eats a grand breakfast, the picky Bills asks Whis if Frieza had destroyed planet Vegeta while he was asleep. Whis confirms that he has not, as a Saiyan named Son Goku, who is also otherwise known by many by his birth name as Kakarot, had defeated the tyrant, before he could do so, Bills is shocked to hear this, that anybody else could have defeated Frieza, let alone a Saiyan, Whis then uses his scepter like a projector in order to display the past battle between Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza on Namek, with Goku easily emerging victorious, before Bills reveals he could have simply destroyed the planet Vegeta, himself, but it was too far away, and as such, he did not want to bother. On the other hand, Bills did not like Frieza that much either, since he was very evil and so full of himself, and had decided on destroying him next, until hearing of his apparent demise. As Bills did not really care much about the people on that planet, most specifically King Vegeta, as the humble king had refused to give the God of Destruction both a warm welcome and a feast, when Bills and Whis visited the planet, more than 40 years ago. Whis also informs Bills that Frieza’s race, the Frost Demons, was completely wiped out by both the Saiyans and the Namekians during his slumber, after the former’s race had all tried to invade Namek in order to obtain the Namekian’s fabled Dragon Balls. And while the majority of the Saiyans are still living on their original home world of, Planet Saiya, quite a few of them are living on other distant planets, such as Earth, Vegeta, and Namek, alongside the other races native to the three planets (with the possible exception of the Majin race, started by its original member, Mr. Buu, himself).Whis then explains that the Saiyans have also all acquired the ability to transform into “Super Saiyans”, for over a thousand years now. That phrase rings a bell with Bills, as he intentionally destroys one of the many eggs he was eating, but he cannot remember where. It then comes to him that he dreamed of fighting something awfully similar while sleeping: Super Saiyan God! He is convinced this must have been a prophetic dream, as he notes that the Super Saiyan God he was fighting in his dreams bore a striking resemblance to one who had slain Frieza, but was much younger and shorter in stature. Unimpressed, Whis points out that Bills’ “prophetic dreams” have all been terribly unreliable in the past, as barely any of them, hardly ever came true, with the only one that did was the one about the horrendous “jockstrap” incident Frieza and his men had faced long ago, which gave Bills goose bumps, as the latter also mentions it had given him nightmares ever since…

To settle the matter Bills consults the Oracle Fish, asking her if 39 years earlier she had predicted that in 39 years’ time Bills will be confronted by a fearsome foe, and she agrees. Before also telling Bills the identity of his opponent the Super Saiyan God, Steven, is the most powerful Saiyan to have ever lived, with him being more than qualified in inheriting the title of the strongest Saiyan warrior, as he is the God of the Saiyans. Having heard this, Bills has no doubt that this “Steven” must be quite the fighter. And while Bills is getting awfully worked up, Whis, now not so very skeptical, tells Bills that Steven is truly powerful, despite the child not even being a God yet, and that Steven’s power will easily surpass that of all the other Saiyans currently alive and even those from beyond the past millennia, despite Steven only being roughly 2 years old. Shocked, Bills asks the Oracle Fish to explain how Steven had become so powerful, before she told both Bills and Whis, that the reason why Steven is so formidable is because of several reasons, including him being a son of one of the most powerful Super Saiyans of legend, Gogeta, having absolutely none of the weaknesses of both the Saiyan and Human blood that is coursing through his veins (which include not being able to fall to illness and dying of old age as well), prompting him to be able to mature twice as fast than for normal Earthlings and Saiyans, and most importantly, a descendant of the legendary being, Draven, himself. Before Whis had politely asked the Oracle Fish who was this ‘’Super Saiyan God’’, as not even Whis, himself, had ever heard of him until just today. She then explained that the Super Saiyan God is a God artificially created by the Saiyans, who is reborn every time the Saiyan race is in endanger of extinction.

The very first of his kind to have ever awakened the power of a Super Saiyan (with Chris being the second) and an ancient ancestor of both Prince Vegeta and Goku’s bloodlines, named Draven, this savior was accidentally created by the 6 righteous Super Saiyans from long ago, Draven, his wife, May (who would also manage to temporarily achieve the Super Saiyan God transformation in order to defeat an entire army of more than several hundred thousand Malicious Genmajins, called Hirudegarn, in both their natural and transformed states on the planet of Konats, with the help of nearly every member of her family, sometime after her husband’s death) and their siblings, Spike, Alicia, Andrew, and Emily, in order to oppose Chris, the Wicked Legendary Super Saiyan, whose power and skill was overwhelmingly superior. But with his tremendous power, this savior wiped out the Legendary Super Saiyan, but died from his wounds after finishing the job, and so planet Saiya and the rest of the universe had once again entered a prolonged period of peace and prosperity, as their savior was erased in legend that was passed down throughout the ages by both his descendants and the residents of the Other World, themselves, before the Oracle Fish had further explained that when five pure-hearted Saiyans descended from Steven infuse their light into another pure-hearted Saiyan, a new Super Saiyan God will be born. Having told them the method for producing another Super Saiyan God, she also says that Steven is the actual being reborn with very little knowledge of his past life, but has not yet awoken this power. And also hypothesizes to her owner, Bills, and Whis that the Super Saiyan God may have been quite the lover as well, much more so than even his own descendants, as after the Super Saiyan God had married May, the number of his family members had increased exponentially during just his adolescence, due to the Original Super Saiyan God and later Steven also being the God of Love, but when provoked, becomes the God of Battle as well. With Steven also possessing an absolutely limitless potential to improve as well as already being gifted with numerous God-like abilities, upon his birth, and while being the son of the Fused Saiyan Hero, Gogeta, a being created through the Fusion Dance between Goku and Vegeta, along with Steven’s mother and Goku’s wife, Chi Chi, being quite the fighter, mother, and cook, herself, thus, this makes Steven far more powerful than even both his father, Gogeta, and his legendary predecessor and previous incarnation, Draven, on all levels, by a wide margin. Before the Oracle Fish then says that Steven could truly pose a real challenge for Bills and even Whis, himself, if angered enough, as Steven’s true power comes from his emotions, due to him being the God of both Love and Battle. And when the Oracle Fish had finished, Bills now thinks that even if this “fearsome foe” is an overstatement, this Super Saiyan God thing ought to at least be interesting, they then decide to set out in search of Super Saiyan God by tracking down his direct descendant and reincarnation, Steven. Whis says Steven is currently on Earth, which is “Planet 4032-877″ in the Eighth Universe, and the two set off for Earth.

Back in the afterlife at King Kai’s planet, a very frantic King Kai quickly (through telepathy) warns a surprised Goku and the others at Bulma’s party, that something is coming their way. Oolong panics; is it an Alien?! No, King Kai says, it is much worse than that. The God of Destruction, Bills, is heading right for them. Goku is confused, since even he cannot sense anybody approaching them, but King Kai explains that the aura of a God is beyond Goku’s comprehension, and Vegeta mentions that he had heard about that name before, but he isn’t worried about it. Until King Kai tells a shocked Vegeta and everyone else that Bills is not to be underestimated in the least, as the God of Destruction has destroyed billions of worlds, entire galaxies, and even had defeated the Legendary Super Saiyans of old with the greatest of ease, before also warning them not to annoy Bills, as he is extremely capricious, but it is too late; Bills and Whis have already arrived, with Steven having been the only one to had sense their approach and one of the very first to respond by immediately transforming into his Super Saiyan form, and in the hopes of taking care of this new foe for all of the innocent lives he had already taken and also before anyone else was even harmed by Bills, an unrestrained Steven lets loose a full-on assault against the God of Destruction, Bills, right before, the latter had even set foot on the planet, itself. And despite not awakening his true power yet, Steven is still strong enough, as he is now, to send Bills over a mile away from everyone straight through the ground, with only a single Earth-shaking blow, right before, Steven continues his relentless assault upon Bills, which causes the latter to spit out blood every time one of Steven’s blows connects to him, right until, Bills is uppercutted by Steven which sends the God of Destruction sailing skywards, and Steven flies right in front of Bills and seemingly finishes him off with a gigantic and fully-charged Burst Kamehameha at point-blank range! But after the smoke clears, Bills reveals, himself, to not have been killed by Steven’s attack, though, he was actually injured from Steven’s assault, and the God of Destruction even praises the surprised Saiyan in both having good fighting sense and actually being able to hurt him no matter how little of what damage he had received, before the two return back into the ground. With Steven asking his new friends, Pan and Outer Moka, to stay behind him, which they did (right after, the two saw the concerned expression on his face, with Inner Moka telepathically telling her other self and Pan to not move from behind Steven as well, as their uninvited guests are even stronger than everyone else on Earth, including Steven, himself), while all of the other Z-Fighters and their supporters were also ready to combat their uninvited guests, as their nervous loved ones hid behind them as well.

Before King Vegeta instantly recognizes the God of Destruction, as the latter frighteningly looks at him, in absolute disgust, right before, Bills turns his attention towards Steven, after the latter remarks to everyone that Bills’ evil and Godly Ki feels awfully similar to Alucard’s very own, but the God of Destruction is by far much more powerful and evil than the deadly Shinso Vampire, which really now had frightened almost everyone present that knew of the monster, Steven had mentioned, before an impressed Bills asks Whis who was this “Alucard″ the young boy had spoken of?, Whis once again uses his scepter like a projector in order to display the recent battle that took place within the Rosario + Vampire universe’s version of planet Earth between Steven and Alucard while Inner and Outer Moka, their mother, Akasha Bloodriver, and older sister, Akua Shuzen, watch on in awe within the background during the short bout (that took up no more than a few seconds) between their savior, Steven and attacker, Alucard, while at the same time explaining to Bills that despite both fighters being from two completely different universes, Steven was still able to sense and enter the 6th universe, through the use of his father’s Instant Transmission technique, which had allowed him to arrive just in time to save Akasha Bloodriver and her children from being attacked by Alucard’s Hell Scream (a Yokai-enhanced mouth energy wave-shaped sphere that is powerful enough to annihilate an entire planet the size of Jupiter in a single uncharged blast), by effortlessly blocking and nullifying the attack with just his right hand while at the same time receiving absolutely no damage at all from it as well. And having sensed Steven’s incredible power, Alucard ferociously powers up to his very limit, as his Demonic Aura encloses him, in order to even stand a ghost of a chance against the young Saiyan, right before, the Shinso is suddenly, attacked with an extremely powerful and bone-crushing barrage of rapid punches to Alucard’s entire body by Steven’s Lightning Breaker. The Saiyan hybrid then flies past the stunned Alucard and turns around to knee Alucard twice in the back of his head before back flip kicking Alucard away.

Next, Steven lands on the ground and raises his hand to charge a rainbow-colored energy sphere, launching it into the gravely-injured Alucard, right after, the Shinso Vampire had at first stepped back in fear upon witnessing Steven creating the attack until he had finally regained his composure and charges at Steven, as the Spirit Rasengan, Steven had thrown earlier to him began disintegrating the Shinso at the same time as well. But to the complete shock of Alucard, Akasha, Akua, Moka, and Inner Moka, Steven is absolutely unfazed by a planet-shattering punch at full force to the face by Alucard, which had only succeeded in Alucard losing the use of his entire left arm, as it had completely shattered into a million pieces instantly after coming in contact with Steven’s skin, and right after, Alucard is finally obliterated entirely until not even his very essence remained, as he screamed in agony over the loss of both his arm and being scorched alive internally by Steven’s Spirit Rasengan before vanishing from existence forever. Before Whis also tells Bills that Alucard was a pure evil and very powerful Shinso Vampire who was in the same league as the Royal Frost Demons in power, with a power level of 130,000,000 in his base form and after being defeated for the first time by Akasha Bloodriver, Alucard transforms into his final and true form, Alucard Necros, who had a power level of 167,000,000, but even at his absolute full power, Alucard was absolutely no match for Steven’s power level of 170,000,000, and as Alucard before it had met its end by Steven who had in-turn saved the lives of everyone currently living here within the entire multiverse, as Alucard possessed both regeneration and absorption abilities that are far beyond even Kid Buu’s very own (though Steven had finished off Alucard before the latter could even demonstrate them on the battlefield), especially the other much more friendly members of Alucard’s race, such as the Bloodriver and Shuzen families (whom had befriended the Son and Briefs families ever since).

And only a few hours later after meeting and making friends with Moka and her family, Steven and Inner Moka had sensed someone was in trouble and through the use of Instant Transmission, they had unknowingly entered an arcade game, themselves, that was created only a few years ago by the Saiyan Princess, Bulma, who is Prince Vegeta’s wife, with the arcade game being called, Dragon Ball Heroes, in which players are actually sent into the game, itself, right after, they inserted their Hero License (in actuality, their Personal Data Cards for game play), in order to battle past (and original) heroes and villains from the universe they were originally from, as avatars of their own creation and design. Though, with Steven and Inner Moka arriving through an advanced form of teleportation, the two did not change in both appearance and personality, right before, Steven saves Pan from being killed from a group effort by Frieza (in the tyrant’s final form), Super Perfect Cell, Kid Buu, and Broly, in the latter’s Legendary Super Saiyan form, as when he and Inner Moka had arrived, Steven had managed to transport Pan safely away in the nick of time from Frieza and his comrade’s Combined Finger Beam Barrage, while the greatest creation of both the Mad Scientists, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myu, the Ultimate Android, Super Android 17, watches the battle above them. And, right after, arriving within the game, Pan, Moka, Inner Moka, and Super 17, all witness Steven going up against Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, and Broly all at the same time, with Steven simply transforming into a Super Saiyan (for the first time in his life), and slaughtering his enemies without a shred of mercy. And to explain it in much more detail, Steven becomes a Super Saiyan, right before, his opponents reach him, and after catching one of Frieza’s punches, Steven literally rips Frieza’s entire arm off, and kills him with a single blow that reduces Frieza into nothing but purple and white colored dust (in a similar fashion to Steven’s eldest brother, Gohan’s Quiet Rage). Next, Steven hits Kid Buu in the chest with an elbow-jab which kills the Destructive Majin instantly, as he also disintegrates upon being struck by Steven, before the Saiyan kicks the shocked Cell horizontally in half, right before, the Bio-Android disintegrates as well from the blow he had received from Steven. With Steven taking care of Broly by simply snapping the Legendary Super Saiyan’s neck with a single punch and completely obliterating the already dead Broly with the, Spirit Cannon, a narrow but extremely powerful energy wave shot from the hand towards the enemy in order to completely engulf and vaporize them with overwhelming force. Right before, another Saiyan named Beat, arrives during the battle between Super Saiyan Kid Steven and Super 17, with Steven saving him from being killed by the Android via catching Super 17’s punch that was aimed towards Beat, and countering with one of his own to Super 17, himself, with it sending the Super Android hurtling through space before crash-landing on Mars. Injured during the battle against Steven, Super 17 revives Cell, in the latter’s Super Perfect form, fuses with him (much to the shock of Steven and the others), and transforms into Super 17 (W/Cell Absorbed). Now with a “perfect physical body″ (as coined by his possibly heterosexual creators), Super 17 continues his losing battle against Steven (who is holding back a great deal of his true power in order to further impress his friends spectating the battle between him and Super 17).

And even after furthering his evolution by absorbing the Tuffle Parasite, Baby, to become Super 17 (W/Cell and Baby Absorbed), Super 17 is never a match for Super Saiyan Steven, whom literally rips out the original Android 17 right out from Super 17’s chest, right before, annihilating the latter with the Super Dragon Fist. The projection ends with Beat and many others in the real-world asking a surprised Steven for his autograph and advice, after they had witness him in battle, with the Saiyan God befriending Pan in the same way he had met Moka and also bringing her to live with his family on Mt.Paozu as well, Whis last mentions that Steven is already powerful enough to rival and even surpass a being created through the Metamoran Dance and Potara Earring fusions, as he easily took down enemies that are in league with those said fusions, and is somewhat capable of injuring Bills, himself, whom is much more powerful than anything the Z Fighters had ever faced before.

Before the now greatly impressed God of Destruction had once again turned his menacing eyes toward Steven and the others, before explaining to them that he has come because he has some business with the Super Saiyan God here, and calls out a surprised Steven from his equally-surprised family and friends. And after the young Saiyan did so, Bills challenges Steven to a battle, in which if Steven loses, the Earth will be destroyed, shocking everyone, with the exception of Steven, to whom both Whis and Bills took notice of, before Steven had told Bills and Whis that if Bills had tried, he would stop him. Impressed by the boy’s courage, Bills, then boasts to Steven that even if he were fighting alongside all of his friends and family, he would still be no match for him, with an unmoved Steven simply replying to Bills that he can defeat the God of Destruction on his own, as his love for his family and friends, is what makes him stronger than even the fiercest enemy. Before Whis had told Bills that what Steven had said actually is true, much to Bills’ disbelief. Before Steven’s mother, Chi Chi, had told Bills that her son was still far too young to fight as he is not even 2 years old yet, but Whis responds to her that while that was true about his age, her son, Steven, is already very capable of both fighting powerful opponents such as Bills, as Steven was born with a power level of over a staggering 13,000, before it had rose steadily over the past few years of his life, with his power level as a Super Saiyan now being 8,800,000,000, and is still continuing to grow slowly beyond even that. As Steven took down an opponent (Super 17) not too long ago, who had rivaled even Super Janemba in power, and just like Steven’s future wife, Pan, Steven, also has the incredible potential to perform a Saiyan transformation never seen before in history, which further shocked nearly everyone present.

Changing the subject a bit, Bills says that he heard Goku was the one who had defeated (the real) Frieza. However, he thinks that Goku as he is now would not be capable of defeating Frieza, but apparently he can by powering up into a Super Saiyan, before Steven corrects him by saying that his legendary father, mentor, and role-model, Goku, as well as nearly everyone else here that is present have far surpassed Frieza, even in their base forms, and are just suppressing their strength, just like what both Bills and Whis are doing right now. Before a now slightly embarrassed and annoyed, Bills, had asked Steven if he would like to begin their battle, with Bills also saying that if Steven really is stronger than him, then he will not destroy the Earth, before the latter had agreed, but under the condition of both Bills and Whis not to cause any harm to his family and friends, or else he would stop and kill the duo himself, which had surprised quite a few people, including Bills and Whis, themselves. Right before, the absent-minded Whis had politely asked a surprised Goku, Pan, Inner Moka (due to her possessing a pure heart and a lot of digested Saiyan blood from both the nearly-identical brothers, Goten and Steven), Vegeta, and Future Trunks to give Steven their Super Saiyan and in addition, Human and Shinso Vampire power as well in order for him to awaken his sleeping potential, so that the latter would ascend into the Super Saiyan God form, and that he would explain everything to them as Steven battled Bills. Before the six of them did so, as they gathered together and grabbed hands, with everyone except for Inner Moka, Steven (who instead uses the regular Super Saiyan state, as he had yet not mastered it at will completely, until after the events of the movie), and Pan, powering up into their Full Power Super Saiyan forms, as they give the Human/Saiyan hybrid all of their power to him. And to the surprise of everyone a blue light starts to emit from the group, as a red silhouette of the previous Super Saiyan God is shown, and soon it engulfs Steven, who begins to rise into the air, as a bright blue light begins to erupt from Steven, before bursting into an intense aura that quickly dissipates. And after taking a quick look at himself in his new form, Steven lets loose his vigor by suddenly, flaring his blazing aura across the planet in a dazzling display of power, before he descends back down to the ground with having seemingly achieved in becoming a Super Saiyan God, with his mere presence causing several entire universes to suddenly, become even more peaceful and serene than they already were much to the total bewilderment of everyone.

Before Oolong states that Steven only looks a few inches taller, fairly-tanned, and actually slightly thinner than when compared to how he was a few seconds ago, Bulma also points out that his hair was now maroon along with his irises as well being red, and in addition, Master Roshi says Steven has gotten a sharper look in his eyes too. Krillin then mentions that he can no longer even tell what Steven’s battle power is, right after, it had far surpassed even that of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta! Whis congratulates Steven on successfully becoming even more powerful than the previous Super Saiyan God, Draven (and the Potara Saiyan fusion, Super Vegito, as well by awakening his true form), before Steven thanks his family and friends for their help and also mentions to them that it feels like he had already used this ritual before, with Bills replying to Steven that he will be able to really tell once they start fighting, and by then he will know if he can truly measure up to his family’s heroic legacy or not. And as many people started to back away from both Steven and Bills, Steven fearlessly approaches the God of Destruction, while responding to the latter that he will live up to his family’s legacy and at same time teach Bills why destruction is something no one should take pleasure in, before all of Steven’s friends and family had told Steven to be careful to which he promised them that he will. Before Steven and Bills stand facing each other, staring down one another, as Steven majestically glows, while a fierce fiery red aura surrounds him, before suddenly, Bills rushes at Steven, and throws a massive punch, but Steven easily catches it without any kind of effort on his part, as the sudden blow had caused a huge shockwave to be formed from the impact. Bills is again impressed and asks Steven how it feels being a God. Steven says it has surprised him and Bills feels the same way. The two then take to the air to continue their fight, with Steven nearly overwhelming Bills as they had each exchanged and blocked the other’s attacks. And while the two fought above West City, they had drawn the attention of all of the city’s residents, before a shocked Vegeta, while unable to detect even the slightest movements of the two fighters combating one another, just like everyone else (with the sole exceptions of Whis and Inner Moka, due to the latter being taught on how to fly, use, and sense Ki sources by Steven, who had done so for every other member of her family too, right after, the latter had saved her and her family from being killed and absorbed into Alucard’s being, as well as consuming a large amount of Steven’s own blood since the two had met only just a few days ago, and ever since inheriting even more Shinso blood than even her own mother, Akasha Bloodriver, by their ancient ancestor, Shinso, the very first Super Vampire to have ever existed, both Inner and Outer Moka possess an incredible amount of both potential and ability that rivals even both Pan and Steven’s very own), but still had continued on watching the battle, says that it should be impossible for Steven to be this strong at his age, even if he was his son, already being a Super Saiyan, and a Super Saiyan God, himself.

Right before, Whis tells him and everyone else spectating the battle, that Steven is this powerful for several reasons, including him being the son of a fused Super Saiyan, his body not being affected negatively in the least when using any of the Super Saiyan forms (as a result of sharing none of the few weaknesses of both the Saiyans and the Humans in which Steven is descended from), and most importantly, the next legendary being, himself. Before Goku had asked Whis who was this ‘’Super Saiyan God’’ fellow? Whis then explained that the Super Saiyan God is a God artificially created by the Saiyans, who possesses an immortal soul, and is reincarnated whenever his people are threatened with being rendered extinct by an evil force. An ancient ancestor of both Prince Vegeta and Goku’s bloodlines (which utterly shocked them and everyone else around them as well), this savior, Draven, who was also the very first to become a Super Saiyan, was accidentally created by the 6 righteous Super Saiyans from long ago, Draven, May (who had also ascended once into the Super Saiyan God form as well, as Draven had given her the ability to do so just before his death, but due to not being directly related to her late husband by blood, May could only use the transformation once, though she had kept the realm of power that she received from it too) Alicia, Spike, Andrew, and Emily, in order to oppose the Wicked Legendary Super Saiyan, Chris, whose power and skill was overwhelmingly superior. But with his tremendous power, this savior wiped out the Legendary Super Saiyan, but died from his wounds after finishing the job, and so planet Saiya and the rest of the universe had once again entered a prolonged period of peace and prosperity, as King Vegeta and the others now having just realized who Bills’ assistant was talking about and why Steven is so different from them, before Whis had further explained that when five pure-hearted Saiyans from Steven’s descent infuse their light into another pure-hearted Saiyan, another Super Saiyan God will be born. Having told them the method for producing another Super Saiyan God, Whis also says that Steven is the actual being reborn, as he only now has to fully awaken this power through both the true meaning of love and the fiercest of rages. And also relates to everyone that the Super Saiyan God may have been quite the lover as well, even more so than his very own descendants, as after the Super Saiyan God had married, the number of his family members had increased exponentially during just his adolescence, with Whis then saying that because of this, Steven’s future mate, Pan, will both know and experience the greatest pleasures life has to offer even when not in bed with the Saiyan God (which had caused her to blush heavily at the comment, made by Whis), due to Steven also being the God of Love, but when provoked, becomes the God of Battle as well. Meanwhile, Steven seems to be more of a match for Bills with the latter being quite pleased with how things are going, but notices that Steven seems dissatisfied. Steven says he is, a little bit. Does he not like being a God, Bills wonders? Steven explains that while he never knew about being expected to play such an important role in the very survival of his people like that of his parents had done time and time again and already having most of his dreams coming true, he continues by saying that as the Super Saiyan God, he will do everything at his disposal with his newfound power in order to protect his loved ones from any threat no matter how small, and he is also very excited in fighting such a powerful foe for the first time in his life, but he still admits that being with his family and friends, is a lot better than actually both fighting and eating lots of food several times a day with them at his side. They continue fighting, but Bills finds what Steven said very interesting. Bills then wonders if he could use Steven’s own emotions against him, in order to bring out even more of the young Saiyan’s hidden potential to the surface.

Right before, Bills suddenly, threatens to slaughter everyone on Earth when he wins, but before he could even react he is punched hard in the gut as retaliation for what he had said by Steven, who then sends the God of Destruction flying through West City with a series of ferocious kicks. Bills stops himself in mid-air, but before he can do anything Steven is already there and puts Bills in a breath-taking headlock. Steven then quickly whirls around him, and double hook kicks Bills off into a nearby forest, before giving chase. Not being able to see them anymore, Master Roshi and the others run over to a Capsule ship and fly off after the two, with Inner Moka, Pan, the rest of the Z-Fighters, and Whis following them, before Whis had begun commenting that Steven’s power level was beginning to increase greatly. Steven and Bills continue evenly exchanging blows in the forest, when Steven sends Bills flying with another hard kick to the face, which sends Bills straight through the vast forest of trees surrounding them, before Steven flies off after him, as Bills is still uncontrollably flying into several mountains, completely demolishing them in the process, before now hovering across the surface of a faraway lake. Right before, Steven catches up to Bills and tries to knock the God of Destruction into the lakebed below them with a double-axe handle, but Bills finally manages to recover from Steven’s previous attack and succeeds in evading Steven’s next one, much to the Saiyan’s surprise. Before the two arrive in a desert area with numerous rock formations surrounding them, Steven and Bills now charge at each other and their punches collide, which sends out an Earth-shattering shockwave. They then pull away from each other with Bills asking Steven if he is still feeling dissatisfied with Godhood and Steven says he still is. As the two continue to battle, Bills tells Steven that this sort of worthless love can be a weakness, and it is rare for a Saiyan to get so hung up on such things. As all they want to do is fight and slaughter everyone they see, with even their own families if needed. Before Steven replies that what Bills had said was not true at all, as every Saiyan he has ever known are all very kind, and none of them are evil and ruthless killers in the least, as Bills had described them to be (with the exceptions of both Chris and Broly). While their battle has led them into a remote subterranean cavern, with Bills’ response being that it won’t really matter anymore in just a few minutes, as he destroys them all to an angry Steven. Meanwhile, on a nearby Capsule Ship’s platform, Inner Moka, Pan, and the others are all worried about Steven, before Master Roshi wonders what Steven and Bills are talking about down below them, and above them, Piccolo says that rather than fighting it almost seems as if Steven is receiving training with him and Bills still not fighting seriously at all yet.

Moments before, Bills and Steven suddenly, emerge from the underwater cavern and head straight to outer space, with speeds greatly surpassing even light, right after; Goku had noticed that his youngest son, Steven, looked angry, before Whis had told him that Bills is trying to force Steven into awakening his true power, through the latter’s anger by threatening to harm his loved ones, before Whis goes off to a nearby sushi stand. He has never seen sushi before, and is very interested in this new treat, and after matching several blows with one another while making their way across the Earth’s atmosphere, as they made their way into outer space, where Steven and Bills continue on exchanging blow after blow with each other, until Steven, suddenly, uses Instant Transmission to dodge one of Bill’s kicks, right before, using the technique repeatedly in order to strike the surprised God of Destruction and batter him around, before finishing the Instant Transmission Barrage with a massive Instant Kamehameha Rebirth at the dazed Bills, but the latter survives the attack with some injures and the fight continues in space. Right before, Bills yells “And this is my return!”. To Steven before Bills creates and throws his God of Destruction Super Energy Sphere at Steven, who counters with a Kamehameha Rebirth, with the two titanic attacks canceling each other out. As the battle between Steven and Bills is now taking place on the very Moon,

Bills then admits that he too is dissatisfied, because he is still not fighting with anything close to his full power, which does not amaze Steven, since he, himself, has been fighting close to 20% of his very own. Hearing that his opponent was still holding back a great deal against him as well, really annoys Bills, and he asks Steven if he can keep up with his speed. Before the God of Destruction charges toward Steven and tries to viciously pummel him, while asking if Steven is fighting all-out yet, but the Saiyan God manages to block and counter every attack that the shocked God of Destruction had gave him, before Steven says he is now and is through playing around, but all of a sudden his red aura disappears and he reverts back to his normal Saiyan state, with Steven revealing the true power he was born with at birth to the God of Destruction. And as the two continued their fight, with Bills (and later the others witnessing the fight) begin noticing a sudden change in both Steven’s Ki and fighting style, as they became much more unpredictable and utterly devastating than ever before, as he begins to regain all of his memories and abilities when he was Draven long ago…and as Steven is still able to fight evenly with Bills (even after the latter had vastly increased his speed mere moments ago) by using his father, Goku’s Instant Transmission technique in order to counterattack and evade Bills when necessary. Until Bills unleashes the Necro Volley, a nearly endless barrage of rapid fire Ki attacks, that Steven manages to dodge with only some difficulty. Steven then uses Instant Transmission once more, in order to come around Bills’ blind side and attacks the surprised Bills, with a Vortex Rasengan, which sends Bills spiraling wildly through several miles worth of Moon rock.

Before in his rage, Bills fires off countless Ki blasts in every direction, which completely decimates the entire battlefield, as Steven tries to dodge and get rid of all of them from hitting the Earth, including the mountain-sized boulders being formed during the fierce assault, but after successfully deflecting all but one (that he did so intentionally in order to get rid of a blissfully unaware and unguarded Whis, as while the latter seemed nice, he is actually as evil and by far, much more effeminate than the greatly feared Gods of Destruction) of Bills’ energy blasts he gets caught up by a massive amount of boulders. With Steven now trapped under more than nine hundred quintillion tons of rubble, a smug Bills then raises his left hand towards the young Saiyan as his eerie purple aura surrounded the God of Destruction, while also coldly telling Steven that after destroying him he would do the same to everyone he loves, at the same time charging the intended finishing blast. Until suddenly, a now furious Steven angrily yells at Bills that he would never let Bills hurt anyone of his friends and family, especially his best friend, Pan, right before, Steven had astonishingly transformed into a Super Saiyan, allowing him to free himself and burst out from the debris, as well as also completely obliterating the entire Moon, itself, with his spectacular Super Saiyan power. Moments before, an enraged Steven had expertly maneuvered through the vaporizing remains of the Moon and charged toward the now satisfied God of Destruction, who flew right to Steven, before punching him squarely in the face, with an unaffected Steven returning the favor, and the two furiously exchanged blows, with Steven having the clear edge, as Steven in his Super Saiyan God-Enhanced Super Saiyan form and Bills had now finally became equals with power levels of 17 quintillion each, during their battle, right above the planet Earth, while Piccolo tells everyone there with him that Steven was now no longer in his Super Saiyan God form, and is instead a normal Super Saiyan (which had amazed them even more, as Steven was the youngest of his kind to have ever reached the level of Super Saiyan at his age of just under 2 years old, as well as him not losing any bit of the power he had received upon transforming into a Super Saiyan God, despite the form’s drawback of exhausting its user after the time limit is reached, right before, it had multiplied fifty-fold upon Steven becoming a Super Saiyan, as the previous Super Saiyan God transformation was really Steven’s true power in his base form).

Right until, Bills flies back down to the surface of the Earth, with Steven giving chase, and many of the other otherworldly spectators began noticing that Steven was no longer in his God form; instead Steven is in his Super Saiyan form and is rather noticeably wounding Bills! Regardless, Steven, himself, is the exact opposite as it looks like he hasn’t received any damage yet; despite after all of the blows Bills had dealt him throughout their incredible fight. Krillin then asks if Goku can see the fight, as the battle moves through the Earth’s atmosphere, but neither of them can, right before, an astonished Inner Moka had suddenly, told them and everyone else, that Steven was winning the entire time, as she and everyone else had continued watching the spectacular battle in front of them, all except for Whis, who was accidentally burnt into a crisp by one of Bills’ stray Ki blasts from earlier in the battle, as the former was trying out some sushi dipped in a lot of wasabi, while the others look on in complete disbelief on how unbelievably powerful Steven and Bills are. And as Steven, the Mighty Super Saiyan, and Bills, the Dreaded God of Destruction, once again battle awe-inspiringly in West City, it soon becomes apparent that Steven is slowly gaining the upper hand now, as he is dealing much more damage to Bills than the latter is doing to him (this is due to the surprising fact, that Steven had already grasped onto Bills’ fighting style, despite only fighting the latter for only a few minutes, while at the same time proving himself to be more than even Bills can handle, as Steven breaks the God of Destruction’s nose and several of his bones during their battle, with Bills only being strong enough to barely move his opponent, due to Steven possessing a much higher level of durability than that of the God of Destruction’s very own, as the latter’s anger towards Bills grows throughout their entire battle). Before Steven and Bills head right back to outer space, where the two continue their epic battle, with Bills unleashing his Wrath of the God of Destruction finger beam at full force against Steven, but despite the attack’s immense power, Steven emerges from it completely unscathed, which had greatly shocked both the God of Destruction and the now-deceased Whis even than ever (with Whis still observing the events beforehand from within the Other World’s Check in Station thanks to his Godly Vision of seeing across dimensions), and right after, catching up to and dodging several swift blows from Bills, an extremely angered Steven lands numerous punishing blows to the God of Destruction, before brutally kicking Bills away.

And as the latter tried to recover, Steven lifts up both of his hands into the air, before drawing them to his right side, as he prepares an extremely powerful True Kamehameha, but charges both his own intense Super Saiyan and Godly spiritual energy into it, making it even brighter and far more powerful than it had already been, with its outstanding power now even surpassing that of the very event that gave birth to all the 12 universes of the Dragon Ball Franchise, the Cosmic Big Bang, itself. Finally, Steven fiercely shouts ‘’Kamehameha!’’ and unleashes a gigantic Soul Kamehameha at the speechless God of Destruction, which is so powerful even Bills, himself, is completely overtaken and seriously injured by the incredible attack, after only barely being able to block it, before being harmed even further as the attack suddenly, and entirely envelopes Bills in an immense blue explosion, which then proceeded to cover the entire battlefield, that stretched from the Sun to the very surface of the planet Earth, while also completely annihilating everything in-between them, besides the two warriors themselves! But even after taking all of that head-on, Bills prepares to end the fight with an enormous attack of his own, a massive energy ball, even bigger than the Sun, itself, the Necro Nova (a far more powerful and advanced version of his own God of Destruction Super Energy Sphere technique that he had used earlier against Steven, and the God of Destruction’s true ultimate attack in order to take down Steven, as the latter threatened Bills’ nearly complete superiority over all of creation within the multiverse, itself, though, even this was not nearly enough to harm the God of the Saiyans in the least). Which Bills throws at Steven, while at the same time yelling to the Super Saiyan to witness his end and feel true destruction, right before, Steven boldly declares to the God of Destruction, that he will never let Bills win, as he is the son of, Goku, the mightiest hero, the universe has ever known and the future husband of the most beautiful and cutest girl of all time. Before catching Bills’ Necro Sphere, and using all of his strength, Steven manages to hold it back, and as the Super Saiyan valiantly struggles against Bills’ Necro Nova, Bills tells him he should just give up and be happy about being destroyed along with the Earth.

But Bills’ energy ball threatens to not only destroy the Earth, but the entire multiverse as well! And as his friends and family cheer him on; Steven hears them and is then able to hold back the Necro Nova for several minutes, before even starting to push it back, until Bills adds more of his Ki into the attack, which causes it to begin pushing Steven back. Before the massive energy sphere is stopped once again by Steven, impressing Bills, though, he still arrogantly tells the young Saiyan that he was a great warm-up but now it was time to end it, right before, Bills unleashes another Necro Nova into the original, causing it to grow immensely in size as it had finally managed to overwhelm Steven and completely engulf him into itself, before he is consumed by the Necro Nova’s intense searing flames, until suddenly, the screen blacks out as Steven’s family and friends appear in his mind. Then! The massive energy sphere is suddenly, repelled by Steven, who in order to do so, had reawakened a Super Saiyan form that is far beyond even Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, but, right after, assuming the form, Steven begins transforming into a Crimson Great Ape, and even further before finally completing his ascension into a Super Saiyan 4 (as Steven’s intense rage over Bills continuously threatening to murder his loved ones had finally equaled his love for the latter, which had ultimately allowed him to reach this invincible form), which shocked absolutely everyone, even the God of Destruction, himself, as Steven nullified and then absorbed the entire energy sphere into his very body, during his historic ascension!

Right before, the tide of the battle had changed completely, as Steven was now much more powerful than the now heavily fatigued and frightened Bills during the final conclusion of their battle, but just a mere moment later, that still does not stop the two from rushing at one another, with a furious Super Saiyan 4 Steven ruthlessly kicking the God of Destruction in the jaw which gives the latter a pair of bloody and busted lips and coupled with also losing some of his teeth, as he is sent flying wildly. Steven then delivers a severe beating to Bills starting with an uppercut through Bills’ gut, which is followed by a punch to the face, and finally, vertically kicking Bills’ torso which severs him in half, right before, unforgivingly ending Bills’ life by completely annihilating him right down to his very soul by firing the Merciless Blow (Steven’s much more deadlier and effective version of the Kiai technique, with this variation being given its name due to it giving its unfortunate victim’s own pain receptors and nerves on overdrive long after they are killed, as they are completely obliterated at the same time), with the attack being more than enough in leaving not a single trace of the God of Destruction to be seen even on the microscopic-level. And with Whis accidentally being killed by Bills during the fight, the people of Earth and the rest of the universe have now been saved from their destruction. And having been watching these events being transpired from their respective planets, the Kais and their superior brethren the, Supreme Kais, cannot believe it, Steven had actually defeated the God of Destruction, Bills, and (indirectly) Whis, the two most feared beings in all the known universes. They are then left completely speechless on how much the young Saiyan had accomplished at such a young age.

While back on Earth, Bulma’s birthday party recommences, with everyone thanking Steven in saving them from the God of Destruction, and many of the girls present began complimenting him on how cute and powerful he is too, causing Steven to blush (which is noticed by the entire crowd), and he surprisingly reveals to his shocked family and friends that he had overheard everything they had spoken, as he had fought the God of Destruction, before he also thanks them again and tells them he couldn’t have won without their support. Before a surprised Pan is given a small bouquet of red roses by Steven, who then tells her, that he found and picked them, himself, on his way back here and had decided to give it to her as a gift, so that she would have something to smell while being with their family and friends, which is met with applause by everyone around them. As Steven, himself, admits to everyone that he feels unusually close to Pan who he considers to be very extraordinary, as his heartbeats a little faster than normal whenever the two are together and even when he just thinks about her, with him sensing that she feels the exact same way too (despite Pan only being a few days old, herself, but physically appearing to be Steven’s age, with the latter’s Super Saiyan 4 transformation, giving him an adult body when he is assuming the form for him to use just in case if Pan were to mature faster than him), which greatly surprises everyone else. Right before, Steven is suddenly, embraced by Pan, right before, the former showed them how much he loves Pan by kissing her so passionately she was completely overwhelmed with intense emotion (at the same time both of Pan’s shoes flew right off her feet, but Steve had caught them while continuing to show his best friend how much she means to him) while gently holding her in a long and tender hug, as Pan thanked Steven, for saving her again and for making her life perfect while at the same time shedding tears of joy. Steven then gives back Pan her shoes while also telling everyone that from now on he will train as hard as he possibility can with all of them in order to ensure that they will fare better against the next threat they might come across in the future, and much more importantly, to make sure that they will always be capable in protecting the ones they love against the forces of darkness. The movie ends with Steven also apologizing to everyone for almost destroying the entire Solar System earlier, during his battle against Bills, but Dende tells him that he can bring everything back to normal without the power of the Dragon Balls, and Steven also comically asks one of his fathers, Goku, on how to change back to normal, as he never learned how to, as he was too busy hanging out with Pan in order to learn how to.

Movie Credits (Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and, Flow, for their incredibly badass Hero song)


And after being told on how to do so by Goku, Steven reverts back into his normal state, with a proud Vegeta commending his half-son, Steven, that he is more than worthy in inheriting the Saiyan thrown, for a great job in preventing the Earth’s destruction, and living up to both of his family’s names by becoming a Super Saiyan God, but before also saying that next time he will be the one who gets to be the Super Saiyan God, and Steven better cooperate. But, Goku while defending Steven (and eating at the same time) says that the latter does not have to, as he reminds Vegeta that only intense anger and love is needed to become an incredible Super Saiyan, like Steven. So Goku jokes about that when next time that Vegeta is up against a nasty opponent, he should just have their enemy hit on his wife, Bulma, to which Bulma slaps Goku. An embarrassed Vegeta then tells Bulma (while blushing) to slap Goku again, which she agrees to do with pleasure, at the same time Goku starts crawling away from her, as Bulma winds up…meanwhile back at Bills’ palace, a now hungry Oracle Fish (while in her aquarium on top of a scepter) regrets not having asked Bills to have gotten her some lunch, as her stomach continues to rumble. And as Steven and the others happily celebrate Bulma’s 45th birthday together with her, a sinister-looking figure watches over them from right above the Earth, with not even Steven being able to detect the former’s presence, as he sits alongside with Pan on a palm tree nearby Capsule Corporation Headquarters watching the starry night sky together, right before, the two share one last kiss, as the credits begin to roll...

Original Japanese Draft: kei17 / Final English Draft: Steve Cazares Jr.

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