The Dracovol species are a fictional dinosaur created by Sora W.T.K. Created in 2006, it was inspired by DarkHououmon's Alimons species.


Dracovols are the first dinosaurs discovered to have an anatomy similar to humans. They are omnivores and great hunters.

They have wings on their backs, similar to dragons. Their feet and humanoid paws are armored with thick scales while the rest of their bodies have thick skin. Unlike most dinosaurs, their noses are on the tip of their snouts and their eyes are similar in size and location like a wolf's.

Their teeth are sharp and large, similar like a Tyrannosaurus Rex's. Dracovols have four large fangs, which the tips protrude from their mouths when adults.

Dracovols have strong limbs. Although it's pure muscle, it is not as thick as a sauropod's. Both arms and legs are very flexible like human's, including their humanoid paws, each of them armed with four talons. Despite having similar humanoid anatomy, Dracovols are perfectly capable of standing on all four like a feral creature with the aid of their tail.

Their skeleton, chest and rib cage are similar to human's, leaving their stomach a dangerous weak point. However their bones are twice more durable and stronger compared to other dinosaurs. A Dracovol's head is similar to a sauropod and they have a squared-off muzzle, similar to an Alimon's. Their tail is thinner than a sauropod's but slightly longer than an Alimon's.

To tell the difference between a male and a female you must pay attention to their feathers from the top of their heads to the back of their necks. Both male and female have feathers but the female feathers are longer than male's. Plus, the female's feathers droop while the male's feathers do not.

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