Scott Green's diskette was a computer diskette that was used as a plot device throught the story Corruption.


Scott Green approached Dimitri Maximoff in the University of Maryland courtyard and told him to give it to his mother, Stephanie Maximoff. Dimitri felt it wasn't worth his time.

After Scott crashed the debate, Dimitri went to Janet Korvoloski's dorm room to give his theories. Just as he was about to tell her about Scott and the diskette, Scott pulled him out of the room and told him not to and to give it to his mother.

Once again, Dimitri ignored Scott and, along with Janet, boarded a charter flight that they planned to bring down to Isla Sorna to rescue a friend named Tina Gibson.

Unbeknownst to them, Scott Green was also on board trying to escape from Henry Gibson Chief of Staff Kevin Davenport, who was masquerading as the air marshal.

Once Kevin was handcuffed to the watchtower and Dimitri and Janet were ready to search, Scott asked Dimitri about the diskette. Dimitri apologized, only now seeing that Scott wasn't crazy. Scott didn't accept his apology, only told him to retrieve Tina, who happened to be his girlfriend.

The diskette was widely ignored until Kevin Davenport shot Dimitri. When Dimitri was thought to have died, he miraculously returned and attacked Tina. He explained that he survived because the diskette slowed the bullet down.

Finally, when the survivor escaped on the plane, Dimitri asked Scott what was on the diskette. Scott said it was a modified version of the viral/antiviral system Benji Madison developed. If Dimitri had given it to his mother, it would have destroyed her campaign information. While it would have given Henry Gibson the win in the election, it would also have also avoided to entire adventure on Isla Sorna.



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