Dirty Rat
Season 1, Episode 4
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Dirty Rat is the fourth episode of the Sonic Underground Mini Show.


During the night, when Sonic, Brody and Manic are asleep in their hammocks, Manic wakes Sonic and tells him he hears something suspicious. They hear the voice of Sonia, who is awake, and a second, unfamiliar male voice. Curious and paranoid as to who it is, they assume someone's held her hostage and manipulated her into being friends or lovers with him. They get out their instrument weapons and plan to attack the unknown man, when they stop and notice it's only their old friend Knuckles.  Once they catch up on each others' events, it is shown that Robotnik is hoarding a Chaos Emerald in an underground mine.

The gang goes and explores the mine, but leaves Manic and Brody to stand watch outside. As Sonic, Sonia and Knuckles go in, unbeknownst to them, Robotnik is watching and unleashing traps on them. At one point they get stuck, and while trying to find a way out, Sonia gets injured.

When Sonic sees Sonia and Knuckles holding hands, he suspects they might be hiding something from him concerning their relationship status.

Concerned for the others' safety, Knuckles and Sonia offer to be the one to stay by to look after the other. Sonic says then he'd sacrifice himself to the rat robots Robotnik unleashed on them, saying it's "for the good of their [Knuckles and Sonia's] children. To which the hedgehog girl and echidna respond by letting go of each others' hands. Manic calls for Cyrus to help and the three are saved.

Sonic later seems upset with Knuckles, and the echidna doesn't understand why. Knuckles tells Renee of the perdicament and Renee tries to help clear things up. Knuckles decides that since Sonic is his friend, it's best for him to ask the hedgehog about how he's been behaving towards him. The group goes into the mine once again and druing another mishap, Sonia thinks that Knuckles was trying to make a move after a remark from Sonic. She stays silent and upset for the rest of the mission and goes back on her own.



Sonic: Ah, so that's why you wanted me to go ahead of you. Tryin' to make a move on my sister, huh, Knux?
Knuckles: This is not what it looks like.
Sonia: Is that what you're trying to do?

Knuckles: I'm the only thing that [censor beep] in' piece of [censor beep] 's got!
Renee: What??
Knuckles: Nothing, never mind...



  • The rat robots from the Sonic Satam episode "Warp Sonic" appear, making the title quite a pun.
  • Some lines of dialogue were as follows:
  • Knuckles: I guess I'm all that [beep]ing piece of [beep]'s got!

Renee: What was that? Knuckles: Nothing... never mind...

Though if one reads Knuckles' lips, he is clearly saying the words "stupid" and "spikeball".



Dirty Rat (transcript)

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