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Dimitri Maximoff is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption and it's sequel, Dinosaur Liberation Association.


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Dinosaur Liberation Association

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Memorable Quotes

  • Dimitri Maximoff: There was this thing at this place that I had to do. It could have happened to anyone.

  • Dimitri Maximoff: What do you mean, ‘Last time I checked?' And how do you know all this stuff? Why don’t you just give it to her yourself?
  • Scott Green:I thought I could trust you. I can’t now that she thinks I’m insane.
  • Dimitri Maximoff: No offense, but I think you’re insane, too.

  • Dimitri Maximoff: As long as people like my mother decide to take a free ride through the United States government, they’ll be able to waste the people’s money. Instead of using tax money for good use, they’ll be sending it straight to John Hammond’s Cayman Islands account.

  • Dimitri Maximoff: I’m sorry, Paul, but I’ve got to do what I have to do. (Knocks Paul unconscious)

  • Tina Gibson: I don’t get it? Kevin killed you. How are you here?
  • Dimitri Maximoff: Luck is a funny thing.

  • Dimitri Maximoff: Ten minutes, tops. You’ll begin losing consciousness soon, just in case you wanted to know. If you still plan on repenting for you sins, I suggest you do it now.
  • Tina Gibson: What about you? Murder isn’t really on God’s okay list. Aren’t you going to have to repent? Or do you just consider this justified.
  • Dimitri Maximoff: No murder is justified. This isn’t murder. This is just balancing out the universe. Tina Gibson, you serve no purpose other than to die. Repent, and maybe your afterlife will be enjoyable, although I doubt it.

  • Janet Korvoloski: I mean, you’ve never actually attended any of your mother’s speeches. How does it feel now that you’re actually here?
  • Dimitri Maximoff: Uncomfortable.



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Dinosaur Liberation Association

  • 1: Robbery
  • 2: Pick a Number
  • 3: Dalton Furrelle's Ultimatum
  • 4: Goodbye Maryland
  • 5: Rescue Team
  • 6: Governor Benji Madison
  • 7: Piper Norvell's Love Life
  • 8: Benji's Insanity
  • 9: Mr. Green in the Conservatory with the Candlestick (no dialogue)
  • 11: The Price of Being a Gibson


  • Mentions his college major is Paranormal Studies
  • 1 of 4 characters known to be able to computer hack
  • Had never attended any of his mother's speeches prior to the final chapter of Corruption.