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Sora has a meltdon in class. Its because of him. She wants to see him again, but will she do?

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It was in the year 2003. There was a female named Sora. She was about seventeen years old now. A junior student attending High School, in the country of Japan. She was living alone.

While at school she, went to her locker. Then she saw her picture of him again. Then she saw her picture of him once again. A tall and fair skinned man was in the picture. He was also dark haired, and wearing a pair of glasses. He was a few years older than her. WAS. Until his life was taken away by the all powerful force that chooses the fates of everything in this world. He was the one person she ever had any feelings for. So she decided to take her picture out of the locker, and make conversation with it. 

"Hows it going today? Did you sleep well?" Sora asked, and waited for a brief moment. 

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