Digimon Ultimate is a Live-Action film that premiered July 12, 2019 
Digimon live action pacific rim by erreses-d63qg45



Tai: Tai is a orphan who is a teen with a Brash and brave personality, he is the leader of the group.

Matt: Matt is the loner of the digidestined and the older brother of Tk.

Izzy: Izzy is a very smart boy with a curiosity that will often get himself into trouble.

Sora: Sora is a very responsible in personality, she seems to have a crush on both Tai and Matt. She has a divorced mother.

Davis: As the little brother of Tai, Davis can be very naive and stubborn.

Tk: Tk is the little brother of Matt, he can be very friendly and brash at times.

Joe: Joe is the oldest of the group who is really reliable and afraid at many times.

Mimi: Mimi is the Girly girl of the group that seems to have a passion for fashion.

Kari: Kari is a kid with a divorced dad and a quite personality. 


This is the first film in the digimon live action film series.

Davis is the little brother of Tai unlike Davis's previous incarnation.

Digimon Ultimate's tagline is 'Digital Monsters will Rise'.


9 teen/kids at summer camp suddenly find themselves in a world of digital life forms and each teen kid gets a crest and their own digital life form.

Critical Reception 

The movie recieved positive reviews from critics earning a 90 percent at Rotten Potatoes and earning a 70 out of 100 at Megacritic.

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