Lisa Simpson Standing At 6"11 And Weighs In At 330 Pounds Better Known As Female Diesel Or Lisa Simpson As Well She Wore An White And Black Tanktop Which Actually Showed Her Yellow Stomach And Boobs Black Leather Pants And Black Boots Black Fingerless Taped Gloves And Black Sunglasses On Top Of Her Head She Had Long Yellow Hair She Is Best Known For Her Time In The World Wrestling Federation (1993-Present) As Lisa Simpson She Had The Jackknife Powerbomb She Was Known As An Confident Young Girl Who's Goal Is The Become The World Wrestling Federation Champion She Was Much Better Than Kevin Nash

Early Life And Childhood

Lisa Was Born August 1, 1994 In Springfield Lisa Attended Springfield Elementary When She Was 14 Then Attended Springfield High School When She Was 16 She Would Later Graduate With A 4.0 GPA

World Championship Wrestling (1992-93)

Lisa Entered WCW In 1992 As "Miss Vegas" An Gimmick That Was Given To Her Her Character "Miss Vegas" Is An Sweet And Kind, Hot, Sexy, Attractive, Intelligent, Loyal, Friendly, Helpful, Caring, Thoughtful And Considerate Girl Who Is Willing To Help Everyone When Need She Is Popular With The Fans, Media And Interviewers And Puts Others Over With Passion She Would Give Those Traits To Lisa Herself Kevin Nash Says She's An Much Better Face Than Heel Ironically What Nash Said Is True Lisa Has Been An Face Throughout Her Career

World Wrestling Federation (1993-Present)

Lisa Joined The World Wrestling Federation On February 1st, 1993 After Signing The Papers To Join The WWF Lisa Made Her Memorable Debut On An Episode Of WWF Raw Squaring Off Against 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman) She Immediately Made Her Presence Felt By Gaining Her First Victory Over 1-2-3 Kid She Showed That She Could Compete With The Males As Well

Title Reigns And Pushes (1994-Present)

Lisa Got An Big Title Push In 1994 As She Defeated Bret Hart At Wrestlemania XI (10) To Notch Her First World Wrestling Federation Title It Was During This Time Jonathan Had Just Won His 6th World Wrestling Federation Title As The Undertaker At Wrestlemania XI Ironically Also At Wrestlemania XI He And Lisa Joined Forces Together To Defeat The Quebecers For Their First World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship They Formed The Exciting Team During Lisa's First 2 Years In The World Wrestling Federation Lisa Became The Most Decorated Female Wrestler Of All Time She Instantly Became An Fan Favorite In The Process

World Wrestling Federation Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game (1995)

Lisa Appeared In The Arcade Game WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game In 1995 As A Playable Character Sporting Her Ring Attire In The Reboot Of The Game Lisa Appeared In The Story Mode As An Sidekick To Jonathan (Who Was Ultimately Replaced By Mark Calaway Known To Others As 1994-97 Undertaker)

Various Storylines And Feuds (1994-1998)

She Had Engaged Into Various Storylines And Feuds In One Storyline Her Sister Maggie Was Brought Into The Storyline To Protect Both Her And The Undertaker Kane Unfortunately Suffered The Wrath Of The Undertaker As He Absolutely Obliterated Kane Which Left Kane Injured Badly On Top Of That Undertaker Did The Unthinkable Which Was Setting Kane On Fire To Paul Bearer's Dismay Undertaker Then Proceeds To Grab Paul Bearer By His Neck And Delivers His Highly Patented Chokeslam To Bearer As Jonathan Cuts His Throat In Victory But An Shocking Development Occurs When The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) And The Undertaker (Jonathan) Came Face To Face With Each Other Mark Calls Jonathan An Fake Undertaker He's Only 5"11 But Jonathan Firmly States That His WWF Bio Card Says He's 6"10 And 328 Pounds Mark Gets Absolutely Leveled By Lisa With Her Jackknife Powerbomb Jonathan However Was Accidentally Powerbombed By Lisa Who Was Ridden With Guilt As It Took Out Jonathan For His Career

Defending The Tag Team Titles (1996)

Both The Undertaker And Lisa Defended Their Tag Team Titles Vigorously As They Beat Goldust/British Bulldog She Became Jonathan's Faithful Girlfriend And Maggie Becomes His Second Girlfriend Jonathan Would Extend His Wrestlemania Streak To 6-0 After Beating Kevin Nash At Wrestlemania 12 (1996) Note: This Was Before Jonathan Became The Lord Of Darkness But An Freak Accident Caused Jonathan's Career To End Prematurely


Lady Diesel: The Story Of Lisa Simpson


She Is The Only One To Hold The WWF Championship 11 Times And World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship 17 Times With Maggie Starting Back In 1993 When She Debuted

It Was In 1996 That Jonathan Got Hurt Badly And Missed The Remainder Of His Career Lisa Sensing That She Needs To Find An Replacement Maggie (Lisa's Faithful Girlfriend/Sister Was Also 6"11 330 Pounds She Also Wore The Same Outfit As Lisa)

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