Desiree The Hedgehog

Desiree Jazmine The Hedgehog Is An Dark Navy Blue Female Hedgehog Who Wears An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Dark Navy Blue Stomach With White Chest Fur Black Jeans And Sandals She Has Black/White Ears Her Dark Navy Blue Hair Is In A Ponytail She Has Black Eyelids And Dark Navy Blue Eyes And Grey Nose

Early Adventures

When Desiree Was Very Young (15) She Took Her First Adventures Into Mobius Where She Would Encounter Fellow Hedgehog Jonathan The Hedgehog Who Had Just Discovered The Chaos Emeralds Nearby Asked Desiree The Hedgehog If She Could Help Him Get The Emeralds To Which Desiree Brought Along With It

Fighting For The Freedom Fighters

The New Look Freedom Fighters Fight Their Enemies

TV Series

Sonic Boom (2013)-Episode 6: The Doomsday Cannon

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