Believing that Cody had betrayed her, Veronica sits on the ground in the park with her arms folded, sobbing her ever-lovin' eyes out. The evil Crimson Commander decides to take advantage of this and orders his men to capture Veronica and Cody! Cody decides to go to the park and apologize to Veronica, telling her that he did not mean to make her upset and that he did not betray her! So Cody goes to the park and finds Veronica crying! Cody says "Hey, Veronica!" Veronica, with tears in her eyes, says "Hi, Cody!" Cody apologizes to Veronica and tells her that he did not mean to make her upset and that he did not betray her! Veronica smiles! She forgives Cody! Cody wipes the tears from Veronica's eyes! Then Cody and Veronica hug! Now Veronica feels much better! Suddenly, the Crimson Commander's men appear! Cody and Veronica battle the Crimson Commander's men! They fight bravely, but the Crimson Commander's men outnumber them! The Crimson Commander's men defeat Veronica and Cody and knock them unconscious! The Crimson Commander's men tie Veronica and Cody in warehouses rigged with explosives!

Commander Dynamo hears of this! He goes to the Crimson Commander's fortress, knocks out some of the Crimson Commander's men, finds the Crimson Commander, and then interrogates the Crimson Commander! The Crimson Commander tells Commander Dynamo that Veronica and Cody have been placed in warehouses rigged with explosives on opposite sides of the city and that they are far enough apart that Commander Dynamo cannot save them both. Commander Dynamo contacts Commander Dora and tells her that they have a hostage situation! Commander Dynamo then leaves to save Veronica, while Commander Dora and her forces head after Cody!

Having been deceived by the Crimson Commander, who gave him reversed addresses, Commander Dynamo arrives at Cody's location in time to save him, but the left side of Cody's face is burned in the resulting explosion. Commander Dora does not arrive in time to save Veronica and she perishes.

In the hospital, Cody is driven to madness over the loss of Veronica.

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