Main Character's

Mello-The Main Character.

Matt-Mello's partner and best friend

Light Yagami

Near-Dies he is killed in the city riot.


Mick-Light's new partner but Dies when he is stabbed by Michel.

Mafia Character's

Rod Ross-His real name is Dwight Gordon Head of the Mafia Extremely Evil.

Jack Neylond Kal Snyder-Formely a Drug Dealer,Murderur and weapon's Dealer He was never convicted Of these Crimes because Of Evidance being lacked aside from being arested twice for diffrent matters.

Zack Irius-He is seen to converse Sidoh sometimes and is quite the trouble-maker.

Glen Humphrey's-Former Gang Member.

Rashual Bid-Former Gang Member a Crime Syndicate.

Jose-A theif mostly Stole than did anything else is a Good-Guy Deep down.

Skyer-A bomb specialist in the Mafia very destructive person.

Roy-Former Gang Member has a great knowlege on the police especially Souichiro.

Michel-Drug Dealer Dies when he was shot by Kira.

Harper-Dies when he was Shot by Matsuda.

Large Crowd-They are the large Crowd Of Member's. that appear when battling.

Mello Harem

Urumi Kanzaki-From GTO

Nami-Form One Piece.

Mao Jahana-from blood plus


Anko Uedhara-from GTO

Satsuki Kitaouji-From Ichigo 100%

Kirie Kojima

Kosame-From Girls Bravo

Ino Yamanaka


Mello Crew meet Sidoh

Mello-what The Hell are you!

Sidoh-Im a Shinigami.


Kal-that things scary man.

Rod-Get yourself together Jack.

Mello-Shinigami Huh?What do you want The Notebook or something

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