De Blob 2

Platforms: Nintendo Wii,Nintendo DS,Xbox 360,Playstation 3

Release Date: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Publisher:THQ,Syfy Kids,Syfy Games

Developer:Blue Tongue Entertainment

The Revloution Will Be Colorized!

Story Plot:In A City Robbed Of Color,In a World Where Music Is Forbidden,One Blob Will Stand And Fight For Your Right...To Party! Set Off On A Side-Splitting Adevrnture As Blob Ignites A Creative Revloution And Tranforms Prisma City Into Your Very Own Canvas Of Color.

List Of Episodes

1. *Intro/Opening/Paradise Island/Searching Of Comrade Black

2. *Prisma City/Downtown Investigation/Blancs/Downtown

3. *Blanctown

4. *The Senate/The Liberation Of The Senate/Comrade Black

5. *Comrade Black U/State College/Fun In college States

6. *Blanc Cola Cannery/Rocket Launcher And Spikey Inkies Tests In The Inky Labs/Soda Falls/Colour And Soda

7. *Inktron Collider/The Melt And Flourish/Hydro Station

8. *Blanc TV Factory/T.V And Funpark/House Of Fun

9. *The Big Zoo Acts And Space Facilities/Prison Zoo/Orbital Habitats

10. *Inky Fabricator/Down The Rails And Inky Monster/Railyards

11. *Rocket Range/Reporting For Rocket Duty

12. *Hypno Ray/Travelling Through Space And The Final Boss/Battling Comrade Black In The Hypno Ray (Season Finale)

13. Ending Credits

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