Amy Rose skipped school one day to get an autograph from the teenage girl with the pink electric guitar, Selena Gomez. She went with her boyfriend Sonic the Hedgehog and her friends Cream the Rabbit and her pet chao Cheese, Cosmo the Seedrian, Minnie Mouse, Blaze the Cat, Winnie Woodpecker, Princess Peach, Zoey Hansen, Dora Marquez, Boots the Monkey, Princess Daisy, Stitch and Lilo Pelekai to the Station Square to meet Selena Gomez and her band. Selena Gomez and her band played a concert for Amy and her friends. Selena Gomez played her pink electric guitar and sang. The band played. They sounded awesome. They rocked! They sounded really good. After the concert was over, Amy got her autograph from Selena Gomez. Just then, Bugs Bunny, Amy's adoptive father, showed up. Amy got nabbed by Bugs Bunny. The grey hare thought that he was going to let Amy off the hook, but Sparkle, Amy's pet Pikachu, told Bugs Bunny that Amy had lied to him and Amy got in big trouble with her adoptive father. Andy Panda, Amy's adoptive brother, gasped at this. Amy got punished, and she wasn't allowed to go to the movies this weekend; she also was not allowed to use the phone or watch television. Amy was very upset. She said "That's not fair! You can't ground me, Daddy!" Dot went to her adoptive mother, Lola Bunny, and told her that the punishment was unfair. Lola Bunny told Amy that Bugs Bunny was in charge when she was away and that the punishment was no movies or seeing anyone outside her family. Amy became very angry. She packed her stuff and told Bugs Bunny, "You're as evil and mean as Dr. Eggman!" and then she ran away from home.

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