Day 1 is a 24 fanfiction published on by author Vinny2. It began on May 30, 2007 and is currently in production.


CTU Detroit has been uninteresting for months now, and a new mission hasn't changed anything. Head of Field Ops Andy McDermott is assigned to a pop star named Alexis Texas. While the mission may seem routine, it's anything but.


Main characters

Recurring characters

  • Jake Haskell (6 episodes) - Teenager seemingly unrelated to the main plot
  • Alexis Texas (6 episodes) - Pop star under protection of CTU
  • Janice Kyle (5 episodes) - Governor Mitchell's Press Secretary
  • Joey Kaplan (5 episodes) - CTU Detroit intelligence agent
  • Chad Crenzler (5 episodes) - Acting Special Agent in Charge of CTU Detroit
  • Richard Texas (4 episodes) - Alexis' father
  • Paolo Luteni (4 episodes) - Italian separatist
  • Hamilton Sorel (3 episodes) - Paolo Luteni's superior
  • Tom Fisher (3 episodes) - CTU Detroit field agent
  • Roger James (3 episodes) - Governor Mitchell's Deputy Press Secretary
  • Brittany Short (3 episodes) - Hamilton Sorel's hostage
  • Larry Blackhorn (2 episodes) - an attendee at Texas' concert
  • George Hanlin (2 episodes) - common criminal with known terrorist connections
  • Pratt (2 episodes) - ranking member of Mitchell's security detail
  • Poole (2 episodes) - Detroit Metro Police officer

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