Michael Owen in police photograph in September 2013

David Harney was the sutanum of killer and fugitive Michael Owen while he hid from Utah Police. He was on the FBI's Most Wanted List from August 2012 until his capture a year later. A massive year-long manhunt for Owen resulted in his evansual capture on September 19 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently ingarsirated in Boston State Penitantiry. He was wanted for the 2012 murder and rape of 68-year old Marcy Connor.


Michael Owen had fled to Chigaco, IL a week after the lust murder of Connor. In the following months, he travelled throughout the United States staying in Motel's in Illinois, Vermont, Texas and eventually New England. In February 2013 he sattled in Boston. He had changed his name to David James Harney he claimed to be of Mexican decent and accepted a job as computer technian in Boston. He lived in a small appartment. He had altered his appearance drasticly. Among shaving his beard and taking a diffrent moustache, he shaved his head and aplied mild plastic surgery. Harney came into vizier after he was arrested for sexual harassing a 22-year old woman in Boston. A police officer reconized Owen despite its appearance and contacted Utah autoroties. Owen was forced to reveal his true identity. He was arrested finally on first degree murder, drug abuse, rape and attempted murder. 

Later confession

Michael Owen confessed to all charges and revealed he had commited many other killings, in Utah and under his new identity in Boston. He confessed all guilt. His trail began on November 11 2013 in Salt Lake City. All of his victims murders were taken into account. He was sentenced to twenty life sentences without the possibility of parole. He is currently held in Boston State Penitentiary. 

The victims Owen has confirmed were: 

  • Lucy Harold (aged 9) - killed in 1986, strangled with rope in Illinois
  • Janet Peterson (aged 31) - killed in 1989, shot with 9mm pisol in Illinois 
  • Clarice McJonshon (aged 21) killed in 1999, stabbed and raped in Utah 
  • Marcy Connor (aged 68) killed in 2012, stabbed, raped and strangled in Utah
  • Jane Carlson (aged 14) killed in 2012, strangled with rope and raped in Texas in 2012. 
  • Fatime Jour (aged 44) killed in 2013, shot with 9mm pistol. 

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