Daniel Hawk

Daniel Eagle Hawk

Daniel is a Cheyenne native American warrior leader and a park officer for Bear Mountain Park. He appeared first in Slayer Advance when Alexis learned of her native American ancestry. He now helps Alexis in later episodes when she learns about the final evils.

Character Stats

  • Name: Daniel Eagle Hawk
  • Age: 46
  • Date of Birth: May 9, 1964
  • Species/Gender: Human (Male)
  • Former Job: N/A
  • Current Job: Parks Department Officer for Bear Mountain Park
  • Nationality: Cheyenne Native American
  • Appears: Season Two

Kill Stats

  • Humans: 1
  • Slayers: 0
  • Vampires: 19
  • Spiritual Demons: 2
  • Biological Demons: 4
  • Gods/gods/Devils: 0
  • Monsters: 3
  • Extraterrestrials: 0

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