Shadow and Female Sonic kiss by princessshannon07

Danica The Hedgehog Is Jonathan's Pet Hedgehog She Is Dark Blue Her Hair Is Longer She Wears An Dark Green T-Shirt Which Showed Her Boobs And Dark Blue Stomach Light Blue Jeans And Black Shoes She Wore White Gloves She Has Green Eyes With Black Irises Danica Has An Sister Named Jessica And 3 More In Melody And Katie And Midlight She And Jessica, Melody And Katie Are Sega's 5 Official Female Mascots Since 1991

Early Life As An Teenager

When Danica And Jessica Were 15 And 16 Respectively They Lived With Melody And Katie The Hedgehog (17 And 18 Respectively) In Their Household On South Island They Were Great Friends At The Time They Had One Common Goal: Eliminate Robotnik And His Forces All Of Them Were Powerful, Faster And Stronger And Were Physically Tougher Than Before

Working For Sega (1991-Present)

In 1991 Danica, Jessica, Melody And Katie The Hedgehog And Midlight The Hedgehog Entered Sega's Building During This Time Mario Was Winning The Video Game Wars But Sega Introduced The 5 Girls Which Overwhelmed Nintendo Which Caused Them To Pull Out Of The Race Completely

Saving The Planet Of Mobius From Robotnik And His Forces

The 5 Girls Set Off On A Journey Together To Save Mobius From The Evil Dictator's Rule With Midlight The Hedgehog Leading The Way This Group Of Girls Had Their Minds Set On Ending Robotnik's Takeover Of Mobius


Danica Is Shy And Timid But Is Friendly With Everyone And Will Help At Anytime She Loves Saving Mobius Because It Brings A Smile To Danica's Face Once It Happens Danica Is Opposed To Injustice And Inhumanity Danica Is For Justice And Safety Of Others


Danica Is Precisely 15 Years Old She Was Born June 23,1991 On Christmas Island

Hobbies And Interests

Danica Loves Video Games Very Much She Grew Up Playing On The Sega Genesis Whereas Jonathan Grew Up Playing His Beloved PS1 Which In 1996 Danica Actually Liked The PS1 She And Jonathan Would Play 2 Players Nowadays On His PS1 Jonathan Laughs When He Gets Beat By An Girl

Personal Life

Danica Has 5 Sisters (Jessica, Melody, Katie, Herself And Midlight The Hedgehog) She Is The Youngest Of Them All

Appearances In Movies

Danica The Hedgehog: Beginnings


The Girls Form The Group The Resistance Which Is Led By Midlight The Hedgehog And Danica Is Their Main Power Girl Member

Mlidlight Is Actually Based Off Of Becky Making Her An Becky Recolor

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