Dani phantom by xjkenny-d3cygak

Danielle "Dani" Phantom/Fenton (Formerly) Washington (Currently) Is Jonathan's Creation She Has Dark Grey Hair Tan Skin Green Eyes With Black Irises She Wears Her Black Sleeve Shirt Showing Her Tan Stomach With Straps On It  Black Underwear Black Pant Legs Dark Grey Shoes And Dark Pink Lips She Is Friendly And Has Ghost Powers Of Her Own Unlike Other Versions She Is Fully Stabilized Meaning She Can't Melt Dani Is A Funny Character Who Loves Making Everyone Laugh

Creation And Birth

Dani Woke Up In A Lab She Instantly Knew That She Was Created For One Purpose That Was To Serve Jonathan She Set Off To Find Him

Journey Through The Forest

As Dani Flew By She Instantly Saw Her Younger Siblings (Jessica, Megan, Amy, Rose, Roselyn, Rachael And Jennifer Phantom/Fenton) They Also Appear In Danny Phantom (TV Series) Which Danny Tells The Viewers That After He Was Killed An New Trio Of Girl Half Human/Half Ghosts Emerge Jazz Of Course Didn't Know That She Was Half Human And A Half Ghost


Dani Phantom: The Creation

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