I don't own any character from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Seires. I only own a few OCs. Enjoy


7:00 pm news

"...Police around the world are still astonished by what had happened hours ago to the infamous Dr. Eggman. he had recently been captured by his own "failure creation": E-123 OMEGA, or Omega for short... Many people are saying that Sonic the Hedgehog had something to do with this, others say it was Shadow the Hedgehog, who had disappeared not long ago... Dr. Ichibei Arishima took possesion of most of Eggman's works and possessions, including Omega. We will be right back in just a few minutes with more news..."

Dæmonium Project chapter 1:

"Hm... very interesting..." Ichibei observed Omega's system-memory, which was a bit more complex than the average robot's.

"Omega, hand me my glasses." He said. The robot carefully reached for the researcher's glasses, and handed them to him. He put them on, and gasped in amazement.

"I'm surprised Dr. Eggman would call you a failure creation! You've absorbed more data than the average robot! Omega, what exactly do you know..?"

"Data Proccessing." Omega stood there, his eyes changing color as he went through his data. They then turned back to the red color they were seconds later.

"Firewall encountered. Multiple viruses found within systems. System being hacked from unknown location!"

"Trace it, Omega! Call the authorites, now!"

The Dr. worked furiously to find who was trying to destroy Omega from the inside. Ichibei then felt a pain go through his body, not being able to scream. He went unconscious...

Omega got rid of the viruses, and the firewall. But, he then noticed the Dr. had fainted completely. The robot checked for vitals. Luckily, Ichibei was still alive, and breathing, but barely...

"Calling for medical assistance."

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