Cosmos Cyrus is a character made by Ryuu the Ancient Keyblade Master that is a transformed version of Cyrus from the Pearl/Diamond versions of Pokemon that appear in the Naruto Shippuden/Pokemon crossover Chronicles of Palkia.


Cyrus was enfused with the celestial energy of the legendary pokemon Palkia that turned him into the chaotic being known as Cosmos Cyrus.

Cosmos Cyrus is the final Team Galactic member that Choji and friends fight against in the ruins of the Pokemon League castle. He seems to have asborbed more celestial energy from Palkia then his commanders due to the fact he 'evolved' into a new form during the battle with Choji and the others. He died when he was frozen by a ice beam from Dawn's Empoleon then was crushed to death by Choji when he used Chou Baika no Jutsu.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity/Nationality: White/Sinnoh
  • Sexual Orientation: Unknown
  • Handedness: Right
  • Skin: red and silver
  • Birthplace: Sunyshore City
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Blood Type: Unknown
  • Fighting Style: Unknown Mixture Style of Pokemon moves
  • Family:
    • Unknown


Pre-Evolved Form

  • Sacred Fire
  • Dark Pulse
  • Earthquake
  • Meteor Mash

Evolved Form

  • Aeroblast

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