Jocelyn Armand busily packs her bags for a class trip. She rushes to her dresser to find another pair of denim shorts, when she passes the window of the fifth floor apartment she shares with her friends Rachel and Tamara. Her doe-colored eyes observe the world below her in fascination. Langstrum Alps is one of the biggest cities in America, complete with innumerable malls, movie theatres, dance clubs, restaurants, universities, and millions of inhabitants. But, Langstrum Alps isn't a typical big city. It is by far the cleanest, safest city in the US. Well, safe from crime, anyway, but there is the occasional alien invasion. Jocelyn climbs out the window and stands on the fire escape for a better view. Her golden brown hair blows in the wind sweeping in from the mountain range to the east, the Langstrum Alps. They're not really large mountains, but they are substantially high, and the wind coming from the mountains keeps the city below cool, even though the California sun could be brutal. Those majestic mountains are the site of Jocelyn's excursion. The Introductory Ecology class is going to spend the weekend hiking and camping, getting to know the splendor of nature. Jocelyn's gaze moves from the mountains to below her, where she sees a short red-head in a green tee-shirt pace in front of the apartment building. She then sees a new red Porsche park on the curb beside the building, and a tall, well-built blonde with a California tan get out.

"Uh, oh," said Jocelyn out loud, snapping back to reality, "Matt looks mad, and Keith is ready to pick us up! I'd better get moving!"

Jocelyn climbs back into her room and haphazardly threw the rest of her clothes into her two bags. She stopped by the mirror and quickly tied her hair in a ponytail. She then put a stunning ring on her right ring finger. The band was sterling silver, with a complicated pattern etched gracefully along the whole band. In the front lay a beautiful marquise-cut orange gemstone. This ring was no ordinary ring, and the gem was even more extraordinary. In fact, there are only five other gems like the one Jocelyn wore. It glitters in a magical way. It is the Orange Spectrum Stone, which enables Jocelyn to draw power from the rainbow and become the Orange Spectrum Enforcer, capable of flight at light speed, projection of orange light beams, and creation of orange force fields. Jocelyn sighed as her mind once again slipped from reality, this time travelling to the past. Last September, Jocelyn first arrived in Langstrum Alps. She was only sixteen, but because she was utterly brilliant, especially in the physical and computer sciences, she graduated high school at fifteen. So, that fall, Jocelyn first came to UCLA, one of the most prestigious universities on the west coast. She could have gone to MIT if she wanted to, but she lived all her life in a small Langstrum Alps suburb, and she didn't want to be too far from home. Of course, life is difficult for a sixteen year old college freshman. Everyone made fun of her. Fortunately, she enrolled in the school's "Big Brother/Big Sister" program, which pairs an incoming freshman with an older and wiser junior or senior, to show them around and get them used to college. Jocelyn's Big Sister turned out to become her best friend- Rachel Castaneda. Rachel introduced Jocelyn to her friends for years, Keith, Tamara, and Craig. Jocelyn became such good friends with Tamara and Rachel that she even moved in with them in the second semester of her freshman year. Eventually, another timid freshman, Matt, joined the little clique, and now the six of them are the best of friends.

Jocelyn continues to reflect on the past, this time to a month ago, when she was watching Matt practice his gymnastics routine. She remembers Rachel solemnly telling her about some kind of alien invasion. Rachel gave Jocelyn the Orange Spectrum Stone, already set on the silver band, and Matt got the green one. Once Craig, Tamara, and Keith were found, they all entered a magical portal, and on the other end of it was a majestic golden castle, sitting on a cloud hovering high over Langstrum Alps. There, a woman with snow-white skin and flowing pink hair greeted them. She explained that Phaedra, Empress of the Denebian Empire, has decided to conquer Earth and drain in of its vibrant energy. The Denebians were a race of black magicians, and only life-energy can power their evil encantations. Earth was Phaedra's next target, and Spectra, the chosen protectress of this solar system, had to find six humans worthy of wielding the power of light to battle the forces of darkness. Rachel was chosen for her passion to fight the good fight. Keith was chosen for his fighting prowess. Craig was chosen for his strength of mind and body. Tamara was chosen for her kindness. Matt was chosen for his courage. And Jocelyn was chosen for her intelligence. Together, the Spectrum Force stands as Earth's only means of victory against an undeniable evil...

"Jocelyn!" cried a voice, banging on Jocelyn's bedroom door, "JOCE!"

"Oh, coming!" called Jocelyn, once again being forced back into reality. She grabbed her bags and left her room. She then saw her friend Tamara standing by the door, her brown eyes staring at Jocelyn in disapproval.

"Joce, I've been banging at the door for ten minutes," she said, running her hands through her long, ebony hair, "Matt is all packed and ready, and Keith is ready to drive you to the gym. The bus is leaving in ten minutes."

"I'm sorry," mumbled Jocelyn.

Tamara sighed and grabbed one of Jocelyn's bags. The two girls ran to the elevator, and once they reached the first floor, they both sprinted down the hall. Jocelyn couldn't keep up with Tamara, however, because she carried the heavier bag, and her legs are shorter. Panting, she got out the door, and her eyes met Matt's emerald eyes, nearly glowing in anger.

"Jocelyn," said Matt, "I hope you realize the bus leaves in like five minutes."

"Hey, I'm SORRY!" said Jocelyn feigning anger. She threw her bag at Matt, who caught it with his fast reflexes.

"Okay, kids, let's go," said Keith, getting out the driver's seat. He walked over to Tamara and took Jocelyn's other bag from her. His ocean blue eyes met her chocolate eyes, and she blushed a little.

"Achem," said Matt, already sitting in the car, "could we please LEAVE?"

Just then, Craig and Rachel, the other two members of the circle of friends, exited the apartment building. Craig is a hugely muscled, 6'4" African American, and Rachel is a tall, exotic looking Cuban with dark eyes and curly, shoulder-length dark hair.

"Wow, you didn't leave yet?" said Rachel, smiling.

"No, Jocelyn just got here," mumbled Matt, "and now we're gonna miss our bus, and we're not gonna go hiking up the mountain!"

Rachel gave Jocelyn a quick hug and waved to Matt in the car. "Have fun, you two!" she called.

"Oh, did you guys remember your rings?" asked Craig, "Just in case something happens up there." Craig is the most protective member of the team.

"How could we forget!" said Matt, finally cracking a smile, "Can we get going now?"

"We're off," said Keith, slicking back his long blonde hair and putting on his Police sunglasses. Jocelyn buckled up, and the car sped away well past the speed limit.

"Keith is such a speed-demon," grumbled Craig, shaking his head.

"I like to think of him as adventurous," said Tamara with a small grin, "That's why I love him so much!"

The three friends went back to their respective apartments, Tamara and Rachel on the fifth floor, and Craig to the room he shares with Matt and Keith on the seventh floor.

Now, let us go to outer space. Orbiting Earth is a mighty space ship, nearly the size of China. However, no one on Earth, with the exception of the Spectrum Force, knows of its existence. The ship has a magical cloak around it, making it completely undetectable by any kind of Earth technology. Within the ship is a fleet of Denebian warriors, magical monsters, magicians, technicions, and finally, in a spacious and luxurious throne room, sits the Empress Phaedra. She is the physical opposite of Spectra. While Spectra has snow white skin and gentle eyes, Phaedra has grey skin and red eyes glowing with hatred and anger. Spectra is dressed in the classical robes similar to those of ancient Greece, where knowledge and wisdom prevailed. Phaedra is adorned with golden and purple battle armor, with a golden helmet atop her green hair rather than a crown. Phaedra looks through translucent glass towards the Sun. "Curse the Sun!" she says aloud, "If only Earth wasn't protected by a bright and young star! We Denebians cannot live in the incandescent light of a yellow sun. I could deploy all my forces and crush Earth's puny defenses, but so long as the sun shines, I cannot. Even if I attack at night, I must return my forces to the safety of the ship before the sun rises. Once I destroy Spectra and those children, then I can send down individual monsters to collect enough life energy from Earth to fuel a massive magical spell, which will completely block the Sun's nourishing rays. Once I destroy the Spectrum Force..."

"Your Majesty?" interrupted a soldier, entering the throne room and bowing humbly before his Empress.

"What," asks Phaedra, not even looking at him.

"Princess Celea's war ship has arrived. Shall I sent her in?"

"Yes. Have her come to me at once!"

The soldier hurried out of the throne room, and Phaedra took a seat in her throne. She clasped her hands together and rested her chin on them. A devilish smile spread across her face. Just then, a young woman entered, with similar features as Phaedra, except her forest green hair was in a short ponytail held by a golden clasp, and she wore a black leotard with golden boots, golden arm bands, and a golden belt. She also had a small tiara resting upoin her brow, and she held a long bow.

"You sent for me?" she asked, kneeling before the throne.

"Stand, up, Child, and tell me of your battles in the Aldebaran Star System," said Phaedra.

"My forces continue to attack only at night, and destroy as much of the Aldebaran's defenses as possible. The star itself is still a problem, but we managed to colonize the eleventh planet from the star. It is far enough away to protect us from the star's rays."

"Excellent. You are truly making progress. I am proud, my Daughter." "Thank you Mother," said Celea, bowing once again, "So why did you send for me?"

"You are one of the greatest warriors of Deneb. You are also an excellent tactition. I want you to destroy the Spectrum Force."

"I would be honored to, Mother."

"Good. The best tactic has always been to divide and conquer. At this moment, two of the Spectrum Enforcers are hiking in the Langstrum Alps. You should be able to defeat them easily. But, don't kill them. If we have hostages, we have a better chance of defeating the other four."

"As you wish, Mother. It is nearly dusk. Once the Sun sets, I shall go to Earth's surface."

Meanwhile, on the moon circling the Earth of a different reality, another evil tyrant, the vicious Lord Zed, plans the destruction of his enemies, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He sits upon his throne, listening intently to a mercenary who is willing to capture the Power Rangers for Zed, for a price. "So, Magi," said Zed, "How is it that you, and old man, plan to defeat the Power Rangers, the best fighting team in this galaxy? After all, my best warriors always fail miserably."

"Simple, Lord Zed," said the Magi, I don't intend to fight them at all. My tactic is to cast a magical spell."

"Oh, like I haven't tried THAT before," mumbled Zed, obviously getting impatient with the Magi.

"Well, your magic is, oh, how can I put this, not mine."

"Excuse me?" said Zed, standing from his throne and grasping his staff, "You dare insult me in my palace?!"

"I merely state the fact. My magic is truly evil magic. You cast spells making good people temporarily bad, or spells that turn ordinary objects into half-witted monsters. My magic is the black magic of the Denebian Empire!"

"Who?" asked Zed, "There is no Denebian Empire! The Denebian star system in uninhabited."

"Perhaps in this reality, Lord Zed, but not in my home reality. You see, I was a magician in an alternate reality. My planet was conquered by the Denebian armada. They truly know how to wreak havoc. I decided to dedicate my life to master their evil magical art, and I did. Unfortunatly, I miscast a vital spell, and wound up in this reality centuries ago. Now, I have made a life for myself here. I have travelled the entire universe, Zed, and I can tell you this-- no species of aliens that I have encountered possesses the sheer evil and magical might of the Denebians."

"So, Mister Wizard, what magical spell do you have in mind?"

"I shall create a one-way door, that will pull the Power Rangers into the Limbo of Lucifer, a hellish environment where their very life essences will be slowly drained from them. This pit is used by the Denebians to punish the most dangerous of their enemies. Since this is a gateway between dimensions, Zordon of Eltar will not be able to save them."

"So, how much will this little trick cost me?" asked Zed.

"Fifty tons of erlemite per Power Ranger, and not a gram less."

"Outrageous! How can I even be sure you're not full of it, Magi?"

"I'll make you a deal, Lord Zed. I shall capture one Power Ranger for free. Then, once you see what kind of opportunity I am offering you, you can pay me for the destruction of the other six."

"Very well, then, its a deal," said Zed, shaking the Magi's hand, "You may capture the Power Ranger of your choice."

"Agreed," said the Magi, disappearing.

At the beach near Angel Grove, the seven teenaged Power Rangers enjoy the beautiful spring afternoon. Kimberly and Trini are soaking up the sun by the ocean, and Tommy, Zack, Billy, Alexis, and Jason are roller blading along the boardwalk adjacent to the beach. "Jason!" called Alexis, "maybe we should slow down! I can't even see Tommy and Zack anymore!"

"Did they really fall that far behind?" asked Jason, coming to a stop.

"Apparently so," said Billy, "at the velocity Zack and Tommy were moving when we last saw them, taking into account our mean velocity during that period, we should be nearly .8 miles ahead."

"Wow," said Jason, making his way to a bench and sitting down, "I guess we'll wait for them. Tommy said he could teach Zack how to blade like a pro. If he's as good a skating coach as he is a martial arts sensei, they should be catching up any minute now."

"We'll see," said Alexis, also taking a seat.

Just then, the ground shook violently, and a squad of Lord Zed's Putty Patrolers materialized.

"Uh oh," said Alexis, "Putties!"

"Quick," said Jason, "take off your skates Lex! We'll fight better without them! Billy, get to the source of that quake. We'll handle this!"

As Jason and Alexis battle the Putty Patrol, Billy makes his way to the shore.

"If my calculations are correct, the earthquake originated at the shore."

At the beach, Kimberly and Trini, who were about to go for a swim, were shaken by the quake.

What was that?" said Kim, looking around.

"Kim, look!" cried Trini, pointing towards the water, "there's a big hole in the sand!"

Kim put her denim shorts back on over her pink bikini, and cautiously walked towards the hole. Suddenly, a squad of Putties appear.

"Split up!" yelled Kim, and the two girls went in opposite directions. Kim moved back towards their beach towel, and Trini moved closer to the ocean. They both immediately began the counter attack, but all the Putties circle Trini and ignore Kimberly.

"They're after you!" yelled Kim.

"This must be part of Zed's plan. Quick, get our Power Coins while I hold off these Putties. There are too many here to defeat without morphin'!"

Kimberly runs to her bookbag and attaches her morpher to the belt of her shorts. She searches in Trini's bag for the Sabre-toothed Tiger coin as the hole near the shore moves across the sand. A hand reaches out from the hole and grabs Kimberly's ankle.

"Aiieee!" cried Kim, trying to anchor herself and prevent the hand from pulling her into the hole.

"Kim!" cries Trini, trying to get to her best friend. But, the Putties have her completely surrounded, and she can't get past them. Just then, Billy skates onto the scene. He watches in shock as Kim is pulled into the hole. Without thinking, he runs towards the hole.

"Hang on, Kimberly," he yells, but by the time he reaches the hole she's gone. Without hesitating, Billy jumps into the hole after her. The hole started to close up. Jason and Alexis hurry to the shore. They saw Billy jump into the hole. They both frantically run towards the hole, but it closes before they could reach it. As soon as the hole completely closed, the Putty Patrolers fighting Trini also disappeared. Trini orients herself and runs to the spot where the hole had been.

"Billy and Kimberly are both gone!?" she cried.

On the slope of the smallest of the Langstrum Alps, Matthew and Jocelyn stop and rest on a large rock. The hike has been grueling, and they were falling behind the group. "Get up, Joce!" said Matt, looking in the direction where the rest of the Ecology class went, "We're gonna be left behind!"

"I don't care!" grunted Jocelyn, resting her chin in her hand, "I can't walk another step! I have mosquito bites all over my body, and my leg muscles feel like they've been pureed!"

"What did you expect?" asked Matt, sitting down beside her, "This is supposed to be a 'get back to nature' trip. You KNEW there'd be bugs!"

"I should have brought my mosquito repellent, but I didn't even think about it. Sheesh, this trip bites," she complained, vigorously scratching her arm, "literally!"

"Get up!" he said, pulling her to her feet, "Enjoy the fresh air!"

"I can enjoy the fresh air sitting down!"

"But we'll get lost! The sun is setting..."

"Come now, children," said a voice from the shadows, "you're not afraid of the dark, are you?"

"Who's there!" yelled Matt, jumping back in surprise.

The woman emerged from the shadows with a long bow in her hand. "I am Celea, Princess of the Denebian Empire. I have been sent to end your pathetic lives."

Celea shoots the glowing arrow above Jocelyn and Matt's heads.

"HA!" laughed Matt, "You missed!"

"Uh, Matt," said Jocelyn, tugging on his sleeve and looking above them, "I don't think she missed!"

Matt looked up and saw the arrow hovering above them. It suddenly became a magical portal.

"Run!" cried Matt, pushing Jocelyn away. They both tried to put some space between them and the portal, but they couldn't fight the vacuum sucking them in.

"Goodbye, Children!" said Celea, "I hope you enjoy rotting in the Limbo of Lucifer for a century of two! Oh, and don't be lonely, your friends will be joining you soon enough!"

On one of the lush mountains of the Langstrum Alps, two unconscious teenagers lie in the green grass: Kimberly Hart and Billy Mitchell. The whistle of the mountain wind stirs Kimberly out of her sleep. Her doe eyes flutter and as she opens them, she is taken aback by her surrounds.

"Wha? What happened?" she whispered weakly, sitting up, "What happened to the beach?"

She touched her throbbing temple, and looked around at the beautiful landscape. Her eyes widen as she remembers her encounter with the magical hole at the beach.

"Why would Lord Zed send me to a beautiful mountain slope?" she wondered out loud, rising to her feet and brushing the dirt from her clothing and hair. She looks a little down the slope, and sees Billy lying still.

"Billy!" she cried, quickly approaching him, "He must have jumped into the hole after me! Billy, get up!"

Kimberly shook Billy violently, terrified that he may not have survived their ordeal. Billy's eyes flutter as he regained consciousness.

"Are you okay?" asked Kim, helping him sit up.

"Affirmative," said Billy, straightening his glasses and peering at his surroundings. He then rose to his feet and climbed up a boulder.

"What are you doing?!" cried Kim, climbing up after him.

"I'm only trying to get a better view of our whereabouts," he answered, standing atop the boulder and gazing down the slope. From his vantage point, he could see a large city in the distance. Kimberly reached the top and looked down on the city as well.

"One thing's for sure," said Kim, "That is NOT Angel Grove! It almost looks like Los Angeles!"

"Except for the fact that there isn't a large cloud of smog floating above the city," observed Billy.

"Well, where can we be?" asked Kimberly, starting to get very uneasy.

"Perhaps we should contact Zordon. He may know the answer."

"Right," said Kimberly, activating her communicator. All she could hear was static.

"Do you think the mountain range mucked up the communicator?" Kim asked, looking at Billy. He scratched his head in thought.

"It's possible. Perhaps we should try to teleport. The teleportation signal is harder to interrupt than verbal communications."

"Let's go!" said Kim, pressing a sequence of buttons on the communicator. A beam of pink light and one of blue light engulfed the Rangers, and carried them straight up into the clouds. When they materialized, Kimberly and Billy found themselves on a cloud high above the mountain they were just standing on.

"Whoa!" cried Kimberly, looking down at the Earth below them, "This is NOT the Command Center!"

She turned to Billy, who wore an expression of panic.

"Billy, what's wrong?"

"Clouds are just condensed water vapor," he said, "We should not be able to stand on one! We are in the stratosphere of the Earth's atmosphere as well. We shouldn't be able to breathe at this altitude!"

"Maybe this isn't your typical cloud," said Kim, once again looking down, "Uh, Billy, how high are we, exactly?"

"Well, the stratosphere starts at about eleven miles above sea level."

"That's a long way to fall," said Kimberly, turning her head upwards. Her chin dropped.

"Uh, Billy," she mumbled, "do the laws of gravity apply to the stratosphere?"

"Of course, Kimberly. Gravity exists everywhere in the universe. Why?"

"Because there is a gold castle floating above our heads!" she cried, pointing above them.

"Remarkable!" said Billy, staring at the castle in awe, "Obviously, beings of incredible power are at work. We are NOT on a normal cloud, and that is NOT a typical castle. Our teleportation signal must have locked into the power emmanating from that castle."

Suddenly, Billy and Kimberly see the gate of the castle open, revealing a blinding white light. A rainbow appeared from the door, creating a narrow bridge to the cloud on which Billy and Kimberly stood.

"It's tangible, Kim," said Billy bending down and cautiously touching the rainbow with his hand, "Just like the cloud we're standing on."

"Look's like someone's inviting us in," said Kim, approaching the rainbow, "So let's go inside."

"Is that the wisest course of action?"

"Probably not, but what choice do we have?"

Kimberly skillfully walked along the rainbow, keeping her balance perfectly. To her, it was just like walking along the balance beam at the Gym and Juice Bar. Billy, on the other hand, isn't quite as graceful as Kim. Kim looked back and saw him shaking a bit.

"Billy, what ever you do, don't look down!" ordered Kim, seeing his discomfort.

Billy set his eyes on the bridge ahead, trying to avoid looking at the clouds and mountains below. He laboriously reached Kim, who was halfway to the end. She had stopped to wait for Billy, and offered him her hand.

"No thank you," said Billy meekly, "After all, if I do lose my footing, you will not be able to hold me up."

"Good point," smiled Kim, continuing forward, "Do you want to walk ahead of me?"

"No, continue. We're almost to our goal." After a few more cautious steps, the two teenagers reach the gate. Billy let's out a sigh of relief and they both enter the castle. They find themselves in a glorious throne room, with walls and floors of gold, curtains of white, and a golden throne resting on a small platform about four feet above the floor. The throne was adorned by gemstones of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. On that throne sat a woman dressed in a white toga, with a purple cape and flowing pink hair. A golden crown rested on her brow, and a welcoming smile was etched on her pale face.

"Greetings, children," she said sweetly, "I am Spectra, and this is my Cloud Castle. I am most curious as to how you reached my castle, and how you even saw it. Only those with the capacity for great power can see my castle. Who are you, and why did you come?"

Meanwhile, at the beach in Angel Grove, the five remaining Power Rangers remain at the spot where the hole that engulfed Kimberly and Billy had been. Trini is scanning the sand with a special device Zordon had teleported to them. Alexis and Jason were keeping watch for any more Putty Patrollers or curious beachcombers. Zack and Tommy, who had only just reached the shore, were being informed of the day's events by Trini.

"So," said Tommy, still not quite believing what he's hearing, "Kim was pulled down some kind of hole, and Billy jumped in after?"

"Exactly," said Trini, "I think Zed's plan was to capture Kimberly. Actually, this is the best of Zed's plans by far! He actually figured out exactly when to strike and how. We were ready to go swimming, so we didn't have our coins with us. Also, the five of you were on the boardwalk. There was no way you could have reached us in time to help!"

"Wow," said Zack, "Zed really thought this one through. We usually manage to ruin his plans before something really bad happens."

"The question is, what does Zed want with Kimberly?" asked Tommy, rubbing his chin, "And, what will happen to Billy? After all, he probably wasn't part of Zed's original plan. Trini, do you read anything?"

"No," she said in frustration, "there's nothing here! No energy signature, no alien matter particles, not even a DNA trace of Billy or Kim! It's like nothing happened at all here!"

"Easy Trini," said Zack, patting her shoulder, "We'll find them."

Suddenly, Trini's scanner began glowing.

"What's going on?" asked Tommy and Zack at once.

"The scanner is picking up a power signature!" answered Trini in excitement, "I'm picking up a warp signature, from some kind of teleportation, and two bio-signatures, too!"

"Is it Kim and Billy?" asked Jason, as he and Alexis ran back to the others.

"I can't tell just yet. Once they materialize, I can scan their DNA..."

Then, a flash of light struck, and girl with golden brown hair materialized on the very spot where the hole had been.

"Kimberly!" said Zack, while Tommy checked her pulse.

"She's alive, and she's waking up!" said Tommy, obviously relieved.

"Wait a minute," said Trini, taking a better look at the girl, "Kim was wearing a pink swimsuit and denim shorts! This girl has on orange...Lemme scan her."

Tommy held Kim's head off the sand while Trini started a DNA scan. The girl's eyes opened slowly and she saw the machine in her face.

" I?" she moaned, "What's that!"

The girl pushed Trini's scanner away in panic. Tommy quickly hugged her to keep her calm.

"It's okay, Kim," he assured her, "you're safe. Where's Billy?"

"Billy?" she repeated, "Who's Billy...Who're YOU?"

She quickly pushed Tommy away and rose to her feet. The sudden movement made her dizzy, and she fell to her knees. She saw a group of five teenagers watching in concern.

"Kim?" asked Tommy, surprised, "it's me--Tommy."

"I'm not Kim!" said the girl, slowly rising to her feet, "I'm Jocelyn... where's Matthew?"

The Power Rangers shrugged in confusion. Trini, who had finally finished processing the girl's DNA, jumped up in surprise.

"I was right!" she cried, "This isn't Kimberly! Her DNA is completely different, and her energy signature"

"Energy signature?" asked Alexis, staring at "Kim" and Trini.

"Yes. Everyone with a power coin has an energy signature. It's emitted by the coin. I'm yellow, for example, and Kimberly would register as pink. This girl has some kind of superhuman power associated with the color orange."

"So, is she a Power Ranger?" asked Jason.

"All I know is that she has superhuman abilities," answered Trini, looking from the scanner to the girl, "Wait, I'm also reading traces of a green signature--"

Before Trini could finish her thought, another person appeared in a flash of light. He had red hair, and was wearing a green tee shirt.

"Matt!" cried Jocelyn, running to him, "Are you okay?"

Matt was partially conscious, and managed to open his eyes.

"Where are we, Joce?" he asked, looking around at the beach, "Where is the mountain? WHERE'S CELEA?!"

Jocelyn helped Matt to his feet. He turned and saw five unfamiliar teenagers staring at him in shock.

"Who are they?" he asked, turning to Jocelyn. She was supporting him on her shoulder. Jocelyn shrugged.

"I'm Tommy," said Tommy, approaching the two confused teens and offering his hand in friendship, "and these are my friends Jason, Alexis, Trini, and Zack."

As Tommy politely introduced the others, they each smiled and said hello.

"Hi, I'm Jocelyn," she answered with a small smile, "and this is my friend Matt."

"Uh, do you guys mind telling us where we are?" asked Matt, finally strong enough to stand without help, "I mean, this certainly doesn't look like the Limbo of Lucifer to me."

"This is Angel Grove Beach," said Jason, "What's the Limbo of Lucifer?"

"We don't know for sure," explained Jocelyn, "but that is where Celea said she was banishing us--to suffer forever."

"Excuse me?" said Zack, obviously not following. Jocelyn looked at Matthew questioningly.

"Should we tell them?" she whispered to him.

"I don't see what choice we have. I don't know what Angel Grove is, but it sure isn't anywhere near Langstrum Alps."

"Should we try to contact Spectra first?"

"I'll give it a try," said Matt, raising his ring in the air. The ring glowed brilliantly, but nothing else happened. The Power Rangers just stared at Matthew in awe.

"There's no answer!" said Matt, bringing his arm down and staring at the ring, "but our rings are still sending the signal."

"Then we must be VERY far from home," said Jocelyn, looking towards the teenagers. Her eyes met Tommy's and she giggled slightly at his confusion. She then noticed how all five of the teens stared at them.

"Uh, I guess we have some explaining to do, huh?" said Jocelyn, taking a deep breath, "Well, where should I begin?"

In the throne room of Cloud Castle, Spectra listens intently to Billy and Kimberly's explanation.

"...and then we used of teleporters to reach the Command Center, but we ended up on that cloud," concluded Kimberly.

"Very interesting. Somehow you travelled from your home dimension to mine, through a hole in the sand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," said Billy.

"And you believe you can locate your home dimension?"

"Yes. Via our communicators, I should be able to make contact. It will take some complicated adjustments to the wrist system, as well as a much stronger power source than the battery it runs on, but I believe it is feasible. If I can only manage to contact Zordon, then he can teleport us home."

"The problem is not the teleportation," said Spectra, standing up and floating to the floor, "I can easily provide an interdimensional doorway. My race are known to be travelers as well as magicians."

"Great!" said Kimberly, who only could pick up parts of the conversation, "So, when do we leave?"

"I'm afraid it isn't so simple, Kimberly," said Spectra, walking to the window, "You know how on a clear evening, one can see infinite stars in the sky?"

"Yes," answered both Kimberly and Billy.

"Well, there are even more alternate dimensions than there are stars in this universe. There is a multitude cross-time dimensions, where we all exist in the same year, as well as travel along one particular time-line."

"I'm certain we are from a cross-time," said Billy, "but just to make sure, the year we left Angel Grove was 1996."

"Excellent, that really decreases the number of possibilities. However, without the exact coordinates of your world, I will not be able to find it. There are simply too many possibilities, and I am not too familiar with the dimension you came from."

"So, we're stuck here?" asked Kim, her hope diminishing.

"If I can increase the strength of this communicator, I can pinpoint the Command Center. In order to do that, I need some equipment."

"Such as?" asked Spectra.

"A computer with a substantial amount of astromonical information. Some tools, a satellite dish, a large supply of energy..."

"Perhaps the Spectrum Force can help you. I shall summon them."

Kimberly and Billy watched as Spectra sat on her throne. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Within minutes, a portal of purple light appeared near the gate, and two people walked through.

"Amazing," said Billy, "telepatic communication between the Spectrum Force and Spectra. Indeed more convenient than a communicator..."

"Is that the whole team?" asked Kimberly, obviously not as impressed as Billy.

"No," answered Spectra, "This is Rachel and Craig. I summoned them because they should be able to assist you best. They are knowledgeable in computers and engineering. Although, I also tried to communicate with Jocelyn. Rachel, do you know where she is?"

Rachel arched her eyebrow and stared at Kimberly.

"She's right there, isn't she? And who is the guy with the glasses?"

"This is Kimberly Hart and William Mitchell. They are from an alternate dimension. They need technological assistance to communicate with their allies."

Craig walked closer to Kimberly and scrutinized her from head to toe. She cringed under his gaze.

"The resemblance is uncanny," said Craig, "Spooky."

"Well, Jocelyn and Matt are in the Alps," said Rachel, returning to Spectra's previous question.

"No they are not. I cannot reach their minds, so they are not anywhere on Earth."

"Excuse me?" asked Craig, "Are you sure?"

"Completely," said Spectra.

"Could Phaedra be behind all this?" asked Rachel.

"If she is, she has placed Matthew and Jocelyn out of my telepathic reach. They can only be in another dimension. There isn't even a residual trace of them, nor their Spectrum Stones. It is as if they simply ceased to exist."

"If they are in another dimension, then our situation seems to be very peculiar," said Billy, "Is it possible that your friends traded places with us?"

"Yes, that would explain why I didn't feel the loss of their powers," said Spectra, "The balance of power did not change, which can only mean that you arrived at the same time that Jocelyn and Matthew disappeared. Since your Power Coins seem to emit an energy signature much like the Spectrum Stones, I was unaware of their disappearance until I specifically searched for orange and green signatures."

"So, what can we do about it?" asked Rachel.

"Well, it's still only a hypothesis," said Billy, rubbing his chin, "so we shouldn't jump to any conclusions. The only course of action I can think of undertaking is to augment the power of the communicator. Once I can get the range of the communicator to a substantial enough level, we can send a beacon through the multiverse. Hopefully, it will reach Zordon."

"How are you going to send a message through the Mulitverse?" asked Kimberly.

"I shall create a portal throughout the crosstime," said Spectra, "But, let me remind you, there is no way to know how long it will take for you message to reach the Command Center. If it ever does."

"You're correct," said Billy, "as a matter of fact, the chances of our beacon reaching Zordon within our lifetime is very slim. If there are infinite dimensions, the radio signal could take forever."

"So, then we ARE stuck in this dimension!" said Kimberly, getting frustrated.

"For now, this is all we can do," said Billy, giving Kimberly a reassuring hug, "But remember, Zordon and Alpha are most likely searching for us as well. The equipment in the Command Center is by far more advanced than anything I can throw together. Most likely, they will find our beacon, rather than our beacon finding them."

"Let's get to work," said Rachel, "We can go to my apartment. Jocelyn probably has all the equipment you'll need. She's a real computer whiz."

"I have plenty of tools in my room," said Craig, "Nothing too high tech, just yer basic screw-drivers, hammers, nails..."

"I'm certain they will be of use," said Billy, "And thank you for your assistance."

"No problem," said Rachel, creating another portal with her Spectrum Stone, "After all, we superheroes have to look out for each other!"

Rachel, Billy, Kimberly, and Craig stepped into the portal and materialized in Rachel, Tamara, and Jocelyn's apartment.

"Where's Tammy?" asked Craig.

"She and Keith went for a drive. If things get really complicated, I'll contact them."

"So, how do you communicate with each other?" asked Billy, "Spectra appeared to telepathically summon you."

"Yes. We are all telepathically linked," answered Rachel, "We can't read other people's minds or anything, but we can call for each other telepathically, so long as we have our rings on."

"Truly amazing," said Billy, "It appears as if the fundamental difference between the Power Rangers and the Spectrum Force is the basis of our abilities. Apparently, our energy signatures are the same, except our coins were forged by advanced technology, whereas the Spectrum Stones appear to be magical. Do you by any chance pilot large battle machines?"

"Huh?" asked Craig, "No. We don't use machines in our line of work."

"Speaking of work," said Kimberly, "don't we have a communicator to build?"

"Right," said Rachel, leading Billy to Jocelyn's bedroom. She turned on Jocelyn's computer.

"Here you go," said Rachel, stepping away from the desk, "Have a seat. You can make all your calculations here."

"Thanks." said Billy, sitting down and immediately getting started, "I'll need those tools and a satellite dish, though."

"The tools are in my apartment," said Craig, "I'll go get them." "I'll give you a hand," said Rachel, "If your hungry, help yourselves to something to eat in the kitchen. We'll be right back!"

Rachel and Craig left, and Billy returned his attention to the computer. Kimberly sat down on Jocelyn's bed, watching Billy with frustration. She wishes there was something she could do to help, but she doesn't know anything about computers or communicators.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked Billy.

"Not until I start piecing together the communicator. At this point, I'm merely figuring out the blueprints. Let me see, a satellite disk of appoximately .5 meter diameter will be sufficient to direct the communication beam through the multiverse portal..."

"Listen," said Kimberly, getting up, "I'm gonna get a soda. Want anything?"

"No thank you," said Billy, not looking up from the computer screen. Kimberly sighed and went to the kitchen. No matter how much Billy assured her that they'd get back to Angel Grove, she couldn't shake the feeling that something horrible was about to happen. She'd never see her house again. She'd never see her family, or friends. Or Tommy. A feeling of hopelessness enveloped her as she searched the refrigerador for a Diet Coke.

When Kimberly left, Billy continued his calculations, unaware of the figure that had just appeared behind him. The form grabbed Billy by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up from his chair with superhuman ease.

"Scream, Human, and I shall snap your neck like a twig!" she threatened, holding him nearly a foot above the ground.

"Who are you?" Billy choked.

"I am Celea, Princess of the Denebian Empire, and you and your companion ruined my Limbo of Lucifer transportation spell!"

"Spell?" asked Billy, hoping to learn a vital clue about what happened.

"Yes. I cast the spell upon two Spectrum Enforcers earlier this evening. They were sucked into the vortex, and were supposed to materlialize in the Limbo of Lucifer, to be tormented forever! I checked the dimension, but they weren't there. The keeper of the Limbo swore to me that no one had entered the dimension, although two portals were opened. I found it very interesting that two portals were opened, but no one passed through. Now, I NEVER miscast a spell, and a Power Ranger arriving on this planet is indeed a curious event!"

"What do you want?" mumbled Billy.

"Well, ultimately, I want those two Spectrum Enforcers! My guess is that if you are in Langstrum Alps, then they are in Angel Grove."

"How do you know so much about us?" asked Billy.

"I guess you can say I did my homework on your dimension. I like to be prepared for a confrontation."

"Billy," said Kimberly, opening the bedroom door, "I know you didn't want anything, but I brought you a soda--what?"

Kimberly stopped when she saw Billy being held by his shirt collar by a grey-skinned warrior.

"I only need one hostage!" said Celea, using her free hand to fire an energy beam at Kimberly. Kim ducked out of the way and threw one of the two soda cans she was holding at Celea's face and the other at Celea's hand. Celea lost her balance and dropped Billy.

"Now, you're in trouble, girl!" sais Celea, standing up.

"Billy RUN!" ordered Kimberly, reaching for her morpher. Before she could grasp it, Celea cast an immobility spell on Kim.

"I...can't...move..." she whispered, struggling against the spell. Billy stood up and held up his morpher.


The coin in the morpher glowed a bright blue, and Billy was enveloped in the bright light. When the light dissapated, the Blue Ranger stood ready for action. Unfortunatly, Celea and Kimberly were gone.

"I never realized how long it takes to morph!" said Billy looking around the room for any clues. He finds Kim's morpher and picks it up.

"She dropped her morpher, which means now she has to face whatever Celea has in store for her--powerless."

Billy heard a knock on the front door. He quickly de-morphed and opened it. Craig walked in with his arms full of tools, and Rachel came with a small satellite dish.

"I hope these tools will do," said Craig, dropping them on the coffee table.

"Here's a satellite dish," said Rachel, carefully placing it on the coffee table, "but we'd better hurry with it. I doubt the other residents of the building are gonna be happy about the satellite cable not working. Billy, what's wrong?"

Rachel looked up and saw the concern etched on Billy's face.

"It's Kimberly. A woman who calls herself Celea has captured her. I couldn't help her! Now, Kimberly's in big trouble, and without her Power Coin!"

Within a horrifying palace located on the dark side of the Moon, Lord Zed yells in anger.

"Where is that Magi?! I'm certainly glad I didn't pay him in advance!"

"What is wrong, my lord?" asked Goldar.

"That lying Magi hood-winked me! ME!! The lord of all evil! He shall regret this, I assure you!"

Zed marched angrily to the balcony of the throne room, and peered towards the Earth.

"This is odd," said Lord Zed, "I'm reading two unfamiliar power signatures coming from Angel Grove. One is green and the other"

"There has never been an Orange Power Ranger," said Goldar. "Don't you think I know that! Something is going on down there--BLAST!!"

"What happened, my lord?"

"The Power Rangers must have teleported to the Command Center! I can no longer monitor them, at least until they leave. The strange thing is, there wasn't a pink or blue energy signature."

"Perhaps the Blue and Pink Rangers are already in the Command Center," suggested Goldar.

"If only I knew what was transpiring on Earth!" hollered Zed, angrily sitting on his throne, "Go down to Earth with a full squad of Putties, Goldar! I want you to draw the Rangers from the Command Center. I WILL know what is going on."

Suddenly, a black hole appeared in the center of the throne room, and Celea lept out gracefully. She was pulling Kimberly by a chain that was attached to manacles, holding Kimberly's hands.

"Perhaps I can shed some light on the subject," said Celea with a devilish smirk, "The occurences of today are not the fault of your hired magician, and if you and I can strike a deal, both of us shall benefit. As you see, I hold this girl as my captive."

"Who are YOU?" roared Lord Zed, "How did you manage to enter my castle without my knowledge? How did you capture the Pink Ranger?"

"One question at a time, Lord Zed. I am Celea, princess of the Denebian Empire. I entered your castle by way of a cross-time portal. I must admit, it wasn't easy finding this reality! And as for the Pink Ranger, her capture is the doing of the Magi."

"So he didn't double-cross me after all," said Zed, calming down, "And you are one of the Denebians he spoke of? I do not understand how you got Kimberly. Magi said he would send the Power Rangers to the Limbo of Lucifer for an eternity of torment. He obviously failed."

"This is my theory," said Celea, "First of all, let me explain a little about Denebian magic. Each spell must be carefully cast, because our spells are so potent and complicated, bizzarre things occur when the magic isn't properly wielded. I believe that your Magi cast the Limbo of Lucifer spell at the exact moment I cast that spell on two members of the Spectrum Force. The Limbo of Lucifer is a dimension between dimensions, so it can be reached through any reality. However, there is only one entrance, and of course no exit. If both vortexes were opened at the exact time, they probably disrupted each other, and instead of all four children going to the Limbo, they bounced back to the locations of the vortexes. The Spectrum Force arrived at the vortex opened for the Power Rangers and vice-versa. If my theory is correct, there should be two anomalies in Angel Grove: and Orange and a Green Spectrum Enforcer."

"That would explain the strange power signatures I scanned with the Power Rangers. Your targets are indeed here, but they have teamed up with the remaining Power Rangers. They shall not be as easy to capture."

"That is why I have come here," said Celea, "I seek your help. Under normal circumstances I would fight the Spectrum Force with an army of Denebian soldiers. However, I couldn't bring an army through the portal. I exchange Kimberly, the Pink Power Ranger for any aid you can give me."

On hearing her name, Kimberly perked up. She struggled free of Celea's grasp and kicked Celea in the face.

"Oh, no you don't!" she cried, "I'm nobody's bargaining chip!"

"Goldar, seize her!" said Zed, standing up. Goldar immediately picked Kimberly off the ground and carried her on his shoulder, kicking and screaming.

"What shall I do with her, Lord Zed?" asked Goldar, turning to his master.

"First, give me her Power Coin and communicator."

"Uh, my lord, she doesn't appear to have either!" said Goldar. "I suppose it doesn't matter. I have big plans for you, my dear. So long as I have the precious Pink Ranger, the other Power Rangers will be impotent! Goldar, throw her in the pit with Dracola!"

"Dracola?" asked Kimberly quietly.

"Yes. He was one of Finster's less intelligent monsters. However, he is indeed a mighty creature. He is a twenty-story tall half man-half dragon. Perhaps he can assist you in your conquest, Celea."

"That may work, Zed," said Celea, smiling, "But for now, tell me everything you know about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I like to know what I'm up against."

In the Command Center, the Power Rangers, minus Kimberly and Billy, tell Zordon what's been happening. Matthew waits impatiently, leaning on a consol, and Jocelyn looks around the Command Center with great interest. "Wow, this place is really amazing!" said Jocelyn, "I can't even tell what half of these computers do. It's so 'Star Trek'!"

"Who cares," mumbled Matt, "I just wanna go home, and incidentally, I don't trust these 'Power Rangers' further than I can throw 'em. Celea sent us here for a reason, and I wanna know why."

"Maybe it was an accident," whispered Jocelyn.

"Or maybe this is some kind of trap!" snapped Matthew.

The Power Rangers finish talking to Zordon and turn their attention to their guests. A little robot busily types on one of the many computer consols.

"Alpha," said Zordon, "can you locate either Billy or Kimberly?"

"Aie yi yi! They're not registering on any of my scans!"

"What does that mean, Zordon?" asked Zack.

"It means that either Zed is blocking my scans, or they aren't within range of our systems."

"What about Jocelyn and Matthew?" asked Trini, "How do they fit into this puzzle?"

"If they truly are from another dimension, that suggests that Kimberly and Billy may also have been strewn across the Multiverse, and may now be in an alternate reality."

"If they are, can we locate them?" asked Tommy.

"It may take some time, but we can," said Zordon, "The only problem is that there is an infinite number of alternate realities. Since there is no way to know which reality Kimberly and Billy may be in, we will have to search them one by one."

"How long will that take?" asked Zack.

"There is no way of knowing," said Alpha, immediately starting the Multiverse Scanning System, "but if we can home in on the radio emissions of the communicators, we can find them."

"But, the communicator's have only a limited range!" said Trini.

"True, emissions will be very weak, unless Kimberly and Billy manage to send us a beacon. If so, we will have a much better chance of finding them soon."

"So, what do we do in the meantime?" asked Tommy.

"Well," said Jocelyn, deciding to join in on the conversation, "we could try to figure our just how Matt and I got here. That just might help you find your friends."

"If you ask me," muttered Jason, "they're just some kind of trick of Zed's to throw us off track! How can we TRUST them?"

"That's it!" said Matt, losing his temper, "I've HAD IT with this 'Dragnet' rerun! We're the good guys here! If we wanted to, we could Spectrum Sync and kick your sorry--"

"Matt!" scolded Jocelyn, "Calm down. Threats aren't gonna help anyone. Our only chance of getting home is to trust them. Zordon," she said, looking towards the floating green head, "We'll cooperate to the best of our ability."

Suddenly, the alarm sounds.

"Power Rangers, two unidentified monsters have appeared at the rock quarry!"

"Let's go, Rangers," said Tommy, reaching for his morpher, "It's MORPHIN TIME! TIGERZORD!!"





The Power Rangers teleported to the rock quarry, leaving Matt and Jocelyn in the Command Center.

"Wow," said Matt, "Nice costumes."

"Zordon," said Jocelyn, "what can we do?"

"The Power Rangers should be able to handle this threat. Alpha, please scan our guests thoroughly. I would like to know as much as possible about the nature of their super powers."

The Power Rangers arrive in the rock quarry, ready to combat Lord Zed's latest creation. They are surprised to see the quarry empty.

"Zordon said the rock quarry, right?" said Zack.

"Yes," said Trini, "but this place seems completely deserted!"

"Could Zordon have been wrong about the monsters?" asked Alexis. Since she is the newest Power Ranger, she doesn't have the infallible confidence in Zordon that the others have.

"No," said Jason sternly, "Zordon is never wrong. If he says something's wrong here, then--"

Jason was interrupted by an unearthly growl.

"What was that?!" said Trini.

As if in answer, the Power Rangers see a huge green lizard-like beast approaching them. It's eyes glowed blood-red, and its enormous yellow fangs dripped with saliva.

"What in God's name is that?" whispered Alexis.

"One thing's for sure," answered Tommy, "God certainly had nothing to do with it."

"This isn't one of Zed's typical retarded monsters," said Zack, "This is a cross between Godzilla and Aliens!"

The monster came nearer, and stopped next to a cliff. The Power Rangers looked up at it. Since the monster was much closer, the Rangers could see it more clearly. "Okay, guys," said Jason, "We need the Thunderzords!"

"Wait!" said Tommy, peering at the monster, "That--thing's got something in its hand--er, claw. And there's someone on his right shoulder!"

"I can't tell!" said Zack, following Tommy's gaze.

"Then, let's get a better look!" said Alexis, the eagle-wings on her boots starting to flap. She quickly sailed into the air, and the other Power Rangers lept to the cliff above them. They all got a better look at the person on the monster's shoulder.

"Who's that?" asked Trini, landing on the cliff.

"I'll take an even closer look," said Alexis, flying past the cliff and approaching the figure on the shoulder.

"Greetings, Power Rangers," said the person, "I am Celea, and I have a proposition for you."

"You've gotta be kidding me!" said Alexis, hovering a few yards below Celea, "There's no WAY we'll strike a deal with low-life scum like you!"

"Well, if you don't want to hear me out, get out of my face!" yelled Celea, leaping off Dracola's shoulder at the Purple Ranger. She kicked Alexis mightily, and used the push-off momentum to leap gracefully to the cliff where the other Power Rangers waited.

"LEX!" cried Jason, "Zordon," he said into his communicator, "do something!"

Alexis plummeted to the ground, but right before impact, she vanished in a flash of purple light.

"Thank goodness Zordon and Alpha were watching!" said Trini in relief.

"Now, Power Rangers," said Celea, "are you ready to hear what I have to say?"

"Let's take her!" ordered Tommy, unsheathing his trusty sabre Saba.

"MOVE AND ME CRUSH PINK GIRL!" growled the hideous monster above them. The Power Rangers halt in mid attack, and stare in disbelief as Dracola opened his claw, revealing Kimberly within.

"Kim..." whispered Tommy, turning towards Celea, "What do you want, Celea?"

"I want Jocelyn Armand and Matthew O'Conner," demanded Celea, "Now, I know two lives usually outweigh one life, but Kimmy is a close friend of yours, while the others are total strangers to you. Also, if I don't get those Spectrum Enforcers, Dracola and I shall take your fair city apart brick by brick!"

"Our only chance against Dracola is the Megazord," whispered Jason to Tommy.

"Yeah, but without Kim and Billy, we can't form the Megazord. Also, without Lex, we don't have back-up from the Eaglezord. And to top it off, if we attack Dracola, we'll be putting Kim's life in jeopardy. We need a plan, and fast. We're running out of time."

Meanwhile, at the Command Center, Matthew and Alpha tend to Alexis, who is stretched out on an emergency cot. Jocelyn watched the battle through the Viewing Globe. "She has a severe head injury," said Matt, taking off Alexis' helmet, "and these cuts have to be treated." Matt brushes her short red hair off her face and looks around, "Don't you guys have any alcohol or hydrogen peroxide?"

"How do you know so much about medicine?" asked Alpha, getting the emergency medical kit.

"I'm a pre-med student," answered Matt, gently opening Alexis' green eyes with his fingers, "She's showing pupilatory response, so she's not in a coma. I guess Celea is super strong! That was some kick!"

"She is super strong," said Jocelyn, turning to Matt, "but she also had gravity on her side. She jumped down at Alexis, so she was in free-fall. Her acceleration was -9.8 meters per second, so on contact, a severe amount of force hit Alexis..."

"Whatever," said Matt, bandaging the last of Alexis' wounds, "What's important is, she ought to be fine. In fact, she should be waking up any minute now."

"What about the other Power Rangers?" asked Jocelyn, "They've reached a stand-still! That monster has a hostage, and...she looks exactly like ME!"

"That is Kimberly Hart," said Alpha, "the Pink Ranger."

"So, she's one of the missing Rangers?" asked Matt, "So, where's the other one?"

"I still haven't located him, nor have we found the communicator signal through the Multiverse."

"Well, that's Celea right there, and she can take us home! After all, she brought us here! Let's go, Jocelyn!"

Matthew and Jocelyn stood side by side, and in unison, they raised their right hands to the sky. Their Spectrum Stones twinkled slightly. Zordon and Alpha 5 watched their guests in curiosity.

"Spectrum Sync... ORANGE!" cried Jocelyn. "Spectrum Sync... GREEN!" yelled Matthew.

When they called upon their individual sources of power, rings of light in their respective colors formed from the gemstone, and bathed the Spectrum Enforcer with blinding light. When the light faded, the Orange and Green Spectrum Enforcers stood ready for action. Jocelyn's costume was an orange bodysuit, resembling biker shorts and a sleeveless top. She also had black leggings and arm's length black sleeves, with white boots and gloves. She had a face mask of orange, leaving her nose and mouth exposed, with a blue visor covering her eyes. Her golden-brown hair framed her face, and a golden belt reflected the light in the Command Center. A white "V" decorated her chest. The Green Spectrum Enforcer's costume was generally the same, except in green rather than orange. His mask covered his whole head but for the mouth area and the very top, and his curly red hair hung freely.

"Zordon," said Jocelyn, "please teleport us about a half a mile from the battle. We'll fly in and surprise everyone!"

Alpha pushed a few buttons, and the Spectrum Enforcers vanished in beams of green and orange light.

At the rock quarry, the Black, White, Yellow, and Red Rangers stand helpless on the cliff as Celea and Dracola await their answer. Dracola still clutched Kimberly in his claw, who started to regain consciousness.

" I?" she asked, as her eyes opened. The first this she saw was the gruesome face of Dracola.

"EWW!" she cried, "Oh, I remember you!"

"Kim!" called Tommy from the cliff, "Relax, we'll get you out of this!"

"So, Rangers," said Celea, "will you turn over the Spectrum Enforcers to insure the well-being of you pink ally?"

"Spectrum Enforcers!" said Kim, "They're here? TOMMY! Don't listen to her! Whatever you do, don't give them up!"

"SHUT UP!" yelled Celea angrily.

"What do we do?" asked Jason.

"We buy ourselves some time," said Tommy, turning to Celea, "What happened to Billy? We want BOTH our friends back, or no deal!"

"He's still in the other reality," said Celea, "but I do know where that is. You'll get the coordinates of the other dimension once you give up Jocelyn and Matthew."

Suddenly, a green shield of light completely encircled Dracola's claw with Kimberly in it. Dracola's claw is forced open, and Kimberly falls towards the ground.

"KIM!!" cried the Power Rangers, when a shield of orange light engulfed Kimberly, and softly transported her to the cliff with the other Power Rangers.

"Are you okay, Kim?" asked Tommy, giving her a hug.

"Oh, Tommy," she wailed, "I thought I wasn't ever gonna see you again! What happened?"

"We happened," said the Orange and Green Spectrum Enforcers in unison. They hovered a few feet above the cliff.

"Wow," said Jason, "nice costumes."

"R'lax, Power Rangers," said Jocelyn, landing on the cliff, "Reinforcements are here!"

"You bet!" said Matt, landing beside Jocelyn, "And we have a score to settle with Tree-Top up there!"

"Jason," said Tommy, "call on you Zords and keep Dracola from doing any harm to Angel Grove! I'll join you in a minute."

"You're the boss," said Jason, "We need Thunderzord Power!"

"Mastodon-Lion Thunderzord Power!" yelled Zack.

"Sabre-toother Tiger-Griffin Thunderzord Power!" cried Trini. "Tyrannosaurus-Red Dragon Thunderzord Power!" bellowed Jason.

The three Power Rangers boarded their Thunderzords and immediately started their offensive against the Dracola. Tommy turned his attention back to Kimberly.

"Kimberly," ordered Tommy, "Morph up and join us in the zords!"

"I..I don't have my coin!" said Kim, "I left it in Jocelyn's room!"

"You were in my room?" asked Jocelyn, "Why?"

"That's not important now," said Tommy, activating his communicator, "Zordon, this is Tommy. We got Kimberly safe and sound. Could you teleport her to the COmmand Center?"

"Certainly" said Zordon, and Kimberly disappeared in a flash of pink light.

"Zordon, how's Alexis?" Tommy continued.

"She is still asleep, but other than that she is safe."

"Well, when she's ready, send her here. We need the Thunderzords, but without Kim and Billy, we can't use the Mega Thunderzord! We need the Eaglezord."

Tommy broke communications and turned to Jocelyn and Matthew.

"Do you two think you can take Celea?" "Absolutely!" said Jocelyn, clenching her fist.

"She'll be seeing stars!" said Matt, and with that, they both flew to Celea at blinding speed, who was waiting for them at the bottom of the cliff.

"Tigerzord, Power UP!" commanded Tommy, holding Saba high in the air.

Meanwhile, in Cloud Castle, Billy, Tamara, Craig, Keith, and Rachel stand before Spectra after bringing Tamara and Keith up to date. "Billy," said Spectra, "did you manage to contact your home planet yet?"

"No," said Billy, "I couldn't get the enhancing device to work."

"So, what's that mean?" asked Tamara.

"It means that I cannot return Billy to his homeworld."

"I wouldn't go home without finding Kimberly first." said Billy sternly, "After all, I can't just leave her here."

"You claim that Celea, Phaedra's daughter, teleported with Kimberly from Jocelyn's bedroom?"

"That is indeed what transpired. Once I morphed, they were both gone."

"I may not be able to send you home, Billy, nor can I locate Jocelyn and Matthew, but I think I can help you find your missing friend."

"Really?" asked Billy, perking up a bit.

"Yes. I can trace the teleportation disk used by Celea to leave Earth. Since her magic is the blackest of black magic, it is relatively easy for me to sense. Once I home in on the residual energy from Celea's spell, I should be able to create a portal leading to the dimension where she is now."

"Then let's get going!" said Rachel.

Spectra teleported the entire group to Jocelyn's bedroom, were she knelt and touched the carpet where Celea had stood.

"Yes, I can still feel her residual presence here. She went to an alternate dimension, far away. I also sense a great evil. I cannot say exactly where she went, but I do know that it is a dark, evil place."

"I have no choice," said Billy, "I have to find Kimberly."

"You mean 'we', don't you Pal?" said Keith, patting Billy on the back.

"You are coming too?" asked Billy in surprise.

"Of course!" said Craig, "You didn't think we would let you face God-knows-what all by yourself, did ya?"

"Besides," added Rachel, "Celea is our enemy as well. She kidnapped two of our best friends. We need to find her to find them."

"If you all go through this portal," said Spectra, "I recommend you Sync first. And Billy, you should Morph. As I said before, I may be sending you to a very evil place."

"You got it," said Rachel, raising her ring to the air, "Let's do it, guys!"

"Spectrum Sync...RED!" yelled Keith.

"Spectrum Sync...YELLOW!" cried Tamara.

"Spectrum Sync...BLUE!" hollered Craig

"Spectrum Sync...PURPLE!" called Rachel.

"It's Morphin Time!" cried Billy, "TRICERATOPS!!"

The Spectrum Force and the Blue Ranger stood ready for action, and Spectra opened the portal. The group lept through the portal without hesitation.

"Good luck, children," whispered Spectra, returning to Cloud Castle.

Lord Zed stands on his balcony, watching the continuing fight. If it could, his crome face would be smiling at this moment.

"Ha, ha, ha!" he roared, "I am finally going to destroy those Power Rangers! It couldn't have worked out more perfectly! My Dracola monster is the most fearsome creature the Power Rangers have ever faced, and it seems to be impervious to the Power Rangers Thunderzords. Curious... FINSTER! Get in here!"

Finster, Lord Zed's only minion with any intelligence whatsoever, hurried into the throne room.

"Yes, Lord Zed?"

"Finster, what did you do to that monster?He certainly wasn't this powerful when you first showed him to me a week ago. If he was, I would have sent him to Earth immediately."

"I didn't do anything, Sir. Celea is the one who cast some kind of spell upon him."

"Spell?" asked Lord Zed, "What kind of spell?"

"All she said was it was a shield spell. It made him invulnerable to technology."

"Amazing," said Zed, returning his attention to Angel Grove, "That explains why the Thunderzords aren't affecting Dracola. So, Celea has made my monster indestructible!"

"No, Lord Zed," corrected Finster, "He can only withstand technological attacks. The zords are useless, but--"

"But nothing!" yelled Zed, "If they can't destroy my monster with the zords, they'll try the Power Cannon, which is also technology. Everything the Power Rangers use to fight evil is simply advanced technology. Victory is MINE! Remind me to get that encantation from Celea before she returns to her own dimension."

"I don't think you understand, my lord," continued Finster, starting to get irritated, "The Power Coins themselves have magical properties. The Rangers zords and weapons are machines, as well as the morphers that harness the coins' powers, but the coins themselves are magical, and Dracola is still vulnerable to magic. If the Power Rangers learn this, they might be able to prevail."

"First of all, they aren't that smart," said Zed, "and secondly, they don't have enough time to figure out a way to harness the power of the coins without using a mechanical medium, such as the zords, the morphers, or the Power Cannon. Now, stop ruining my celebration!"

Suddenly, another black hole appeared in front of Zed's throne.

"What is this?" asked Zed, approaching the hole. Before he could reach it, the Purple, Red, Yellow and Blue members of the Spectrum Force flew out in streaks of colored light. The Blue Ranger climbed out behind them.

"Flight is certainly a useful ability," mumbled Billy to himself. The first thing that caught his eye was Lord Zed himself, glowing in a crimson rage.

"ZED!!" yelled Billy, overcome with shock, "What're YOU doing here?"

"This is MY castle, Power Ranger!" roared Zed, "How DARE you come here!"

"Billy," asked Tamara, touching the ground, "do you recognize this place?"

"We're on the moon orbitting my Earth!" said Billy excitedly, "That means Celea came here with Kim! I'm home!"

"My Putty Patrolers will embitter your homecoming!" yelled Zed, raising his staff. He created three dozen Putties. "Goldar! Get in here NOW!"

Goldar soon joined the fray, and the dozens of evil creatures surrounded the Spectrum Force and the Blue Ranger.

"Billy," said Rachel, not taking her eyes off the circling creatures, "what are these...things?"

"They're Putties," said Billy, summoning his Power Lance, "Just piles of animated clay! Just kick them in the "Z" plate to destroy them!"

"Piece of cake!" said Craig, standing in a boxing position, "You boys are gonna get a major beating!"

Craig delivered a massive punch to each Puttie who dared come into his reach. Keith battled the Putties using the karate techniques he has been mastering since early childhood. Rachel fought using her expert kickboxing moves, while Tamara, who wasn't a very skilled fighter, created javelins out of yellow energy, and aimed them carefully at the chest plates of the attacking Putties. Billy used his Power Lance to first beat up the Putties and then destroy them, in the classic Power Ranger tradition. In but a few minutes, all the Putties lay in piles of crumbled, dried-up clay. Goldar, who was busy attempting to blind-side Billy, found himself trapped in a force field of purple light.

"Not so fast, Tin Man," said Rachel, turning to Goldar, who now sat helpless within the field, "If you don't fight fair, you don't fight at all!"

The Spectrum Force then turned to Lord Zed, who was waiting for them with his "Z" staff at the ready.

"Now, Children, you face a real challenge!" he yelled, throwing various lightning bolts at the group of young heroes. They each dodged the bolts, leaping and flipping in various directions. Keith automatically created a red shield around his body to protect him from the bolt, but the bolt managed to penetrate the shield.

"OW!" he moaned, clutching his chest. Craig lept and pushed Keith out of the way before Zed could strike him again.

"You okay, Buddy?" asked Craig, staying low to avoid the flying energy bolts.

"I will be," said Keith with a small grin, "I didn't expect those bolts to be powerful enough to penetrate the Spectrum Shield. We have to be careful here."

Billy, who found shelter behind a pile of Puttie remains, called to the Spectrum Force.

"Guys! We have to find out where Celea is, and what she did with Kimberly!"

"Celea went to the planet surface," growled Goldar, "and she took Kimberly with her. She also took one of Finster's monsters, and they are no doubt wreaking havoc throughout the countryside of Angel Grove!"

"Why would Celea want to destroy Angel Grove?" asked Billy.

"She wants two beings from another dimension," moaned Goldar, "Now, please let me out of here! I can't stand tight places!"

"Spectrum Force!" cried Billy, "We have to get to Earth now!"

"There's no way you can contact Zordon to teleport you home, Billy!," laughed Lord Zed triumphantly, "You are trapped on the Moon, forever!"

"Is he kidding?" asked Craig, flying at super-speed to where Billy is, "Why can't we just fly down to Earth through the balcony?"

"I suppose he isn't aware that the Spectrum Force is capable of interplanetary flight!"

"Well, he's about to learn!" said Craig, grabbing Billy's hand. He constructed a blue force field around them both to protect them from the vaccuum of space, and they made his way to the balcony.

"Time to go!" he called, taking flight.

"Right behind you!" yelled Rachel, following his lead.

"See ya next time!" Tamara called to Zed before leaping off the balcony.

"It's been real!" said Keith, following his friends. Zed angrily ran to the balcony and continued to throw lightning bolts at the Spectrum Force. However, they moved so quickly that all he could see was the trails of colored light they left behind. Zed angrily moved to his throne and took a seat. Once the Spectrum Force was out of range, the field encasing Goldar disappeared, dropping him to the ground below. He rose to his feet, sighed in relief, and stood beside Lord Zed's throne.

"What is you plan, my lord?" he asked humbly.

"Nothing," mumbled Zed, "They are are Celea's enemies, so they're Celea's problems. She asked me to tell her about the Power Rangers, but she forgot to inform me about the Spectrum Force. Since I don't know they're capabilities, I can do nothing to attack them. However, the combined might of Dracola and Celea ought to keep both teams of heroes busy, especially considering Kimberly and Alexis are out of the fight. Victory may still be mine!"

In the Command Center, Kimberly paces impatiently across the room, stopping on occasion to glance at the fight through the viewing globe, and also to see if Alexis had waken up.

"Stupid, stupid Kim!" she yelled at herself, "How could I have lost my Power Coin! Now, its in some alternate dimension, and I'll never see it again! I feel so useless..."

"Stop blaming yourself, Kimberly," said Alpha, still monitoring the Mulitverse for the radio signal, "After all, if you had brought your coin with you through the portal, Lord Zed would have taken it from you anyway. You said yourself he asked Goldar to take it from you."

"I guess your right," she moaned, kneeling beside Alexis and touching her forehead, "What about Lex? Is she gonna be alright?"

"She is already alright," answered Zordon, "but I'd rather not awaken her, in case there is more damage done than can be discerned at the moment."

Suddenly, Alexis moaned quietly, her head turning from side to side. Kimberly kneeled beside her friend and waited for her to open her eyes.

"Oooh," she groaned, her hand reaching for her head, "Did anyone get the license plate number of the truck that hit me?" "Are you okay, Lex?" asked Kimberly, smiling.

"Kim!" cried Alexis in excitement, giving her friend a warm hug, "Are YOU okay? What happened? Did the Power Rangers save the day? How long was I out?"

"Easy Lex, you need to relax. I'm fine, Matt and Jocelyn saved me."

"Where is everyone else?" asked Alexis, sitting up on the cot.

"They are still in battle against the Dracola and Celea," said Zordon, "The two Spectrum Enforcers are managing to keep Celea from doing any harm, but they appear to be at a stand-still. The Power Rangers, on the other hand, are unable to even damage Dracola. The Thunderzords are just barely keeping Dracola from crushing Angel Grove."

"Well," said Alexis, snapping on her helmet, "I guess I'd better get going."

"Are you sure?" asked Kimberly, helping Alexis to her feet.

"Absolutely! I'm a Power Ranger, aren't I? Besides, its about time I got a chance to try out my Eaglezord in a battle situation."

"Be careful!" warned Kim, "you may have flown the Eaglezord in a few test runs, but this is the real deal!"

"Stop worrying so much, girl!" said Alexis, "You're beginning to sound like Tommy, always concerned about the rookie on the squad. I can handle it! Purple Ranger, Back To Action!"

With that, Alexis disappeared in a flash of purple light.

"Zordon!" screeched Alpha, "I'm picking up four energy traces approaching Earth! They're coming from the Moon!"

"Zed must be sending reinforcements!" cried Kimberly, "Where are they headed, Alpha?"

"They're headed...straight for the Command Center!"

At the rock quarry, the four active Thunderzords--the White Tigerzord, Red Dragon, Griffin, and Lion--continue to battle Dracola. Dracola continues to move towards downtown Angel Grove, with the Thunderzords following him, firing all weapons.

"This isn't working!" yelled Jason, "The Red Dragon's Flame-throwers are out of juice, and they didn't even phase Dracola!"

"My lasers are having the same effect," said Trini through the communicators, "which is none at all!"

"We need the Megazord!" moaned Zack, "Or at least Eaglezord!"

"No," said Tommy, "What we really need is a new plan of attack. I'm going to cut him off and take the battle right to his face. You guys, cover me!"

Tommy steered the Tigerzord up one of the cliffs boardering the rock quarry. The mighty claws of the Tigerzord dug into the hard rock and mud, and soon the Tigerzord stood atop the cliff, watching as Dracola passed below him.

"Now!" yelled Tommy, diving down the cliff. The Tigerzord's fearsome claws tried to penetrate Dracola's scaly skin on impact, but instead, they scraped against an invisible shield. The Tigerzord managed to push Dracola back a few gigantic steps, but Tigerzord bounced off the shield on impact. It crashed back into the cliff, starting an avalanche. Dracola chuckled and continued its march towards the city.

The Purple Ranger materialized on the same cliff the Tigerzord crashed into just seconds before the avalanche started.

"Whoa," she said, flying off the cliff as the rocks beneath her began to tumble, "I think its safer up here!"

She looked down and saw the right posterior claw of the Tigerzord. The rest of the zord was covered in rocks from the cliff. The other three zords quickly began digging it out of the rocks.

"Well, now that the other Rangers are tending to our fearless leader, someone oughtta keep Dracola busy," she mused, "and that someone appears to be me! Purple Eaglezord...Activate!" Alexis, who was still hovering in the air, raised her hand towards the setting Sun. Immediately, a cry could be heard, and a massive mechanical Eagle descended from the heavens. Alexis flew directly at the shimmering silver beak of the bald eagle.

"Open hangar door!" she cried aloud, and the beak of the zord opened for her entrance. She sat in a pilot seat within the beak, and buckled up. once the seat belt was fastened, she pressed a button on the right arm of the chair, which caused the seat to elevate from the beak area to behind the right eye of the zord, where the control center was.

"Time to rock and roll!" she cried, cracking her knuckles. She activated main thrusters, causing the majestic purple and silver battle machine to propel towards Dracola. She activated the zord to zord communications relay.

"Power Rangers!" she called into the communicator, "This is the Eaglezord, and I'm hot on Dracola's tracks! Is Tommy okay?"

"I'm fine," answered Tommy, "but I'm still under several tons of rock!"

"It'll take us an hour to dig Tommy out!" said Zack, using the Lion's massive paws to crush boulders one by one into a fine powder.

"I wish Billy was here," said Trini, "The Unicorn's antigravity ray would really come in handy right about now!"

"Or Kimberly's Firebird," added Jason, "The windstorm could also lift these rocks off Tommy in seconds."

"Well, you guys hurry up and meet me at the outskirts of Angel Grove," continued Alexis, "My scanners read that Dracola is less than a mile from the city limits!"

"Be careful, Lex," warned Tommy, "You've never flown the Eaglezord in a real battle situation before, and you'll be by yourself!"

"I can handle it!" said Alexis angrily, "I'm outtie!"

The Purple Ranger turned off the communicator and set her sights on Dracola, who was quickly approaching Angel Grove.

"Time to fry the scales off his back! Activate Ultraviolet Eyebeams!"

The Eaglezord's golden eyes fired two beams of invisible ultraviolet energy, potent enough to give an entire city skin cancer. Dracola completely ignored the beams, and continued unhindered towards the business district.

"Uh, oh," said Alexis, "my volly didn't even phase him! Now I'm WAAAY too close to the city to risk releasing dangerous radiation. Time to put the pedal to the metal!"

Alexis flew the Eaglezord at top speed, right over Dracola's head. She hovered right above the boarder of Angel Grove, waiting for Dracola to come up over the horizon. While waiting, she patched into the outside speakers.

"Citizens of Angel Grove!" she said calmly into the microphone, "This is the Purple Power Ranger, piloting the Eaglezord above your heads. If you are within earshot, please evacuate the city. A vicious alien threat is quickly approaching Angel Grove from the north, and he shall be here momentarily. Please, get underground! Stay off the streets and evacuate the high rises. We are in a state of emergency!"

Alexis breathed a little easier as she saw the people heed her message without delay. She then looked over the horizon, and saw the pointed head of Dracola.

"Okay, tough guy," she said pressing a red control knob, "Eat Eaglezord Feathers!"

The top row of feathers on the wings of the Eaglezord launched at the Dracola at frightening speed. Each feather is about twenty feet long, and comes to a sharp point at both ends, sharp enough to slice through a mountain. However, the feathers bounced off Dracola. Alexis was so overcome with shock that she failed to move the zord in time to avoid a stream of fire spewing from Dracola's gruesome mouth. The fire didn't do too much damage, and soon Alexis composed herself.

"Okay, Lex, don't panic," she said to herself, her mind racing, "I've only got thousands of lives resting depending on pressure."

She glanced at the computer scans of Dracola. One screen had a image of Dracola in visual light, another in X-rays. An idea finally struck her.

"According to my sensors, my ultraviolet rays had no effect on Dracola. He...absorbed them. Usually, UV will pass through an object if it doesn't cause any harm. He absorbed the glass...that's it!! Eaglezord, show image of Dracola in visual light on main screen."

Alexis sees Dracola on her screen, who is starting to knock over buildings in Angel Grove. A pang of guilt struck her heart as she saw businesses crushed into dust. She shook it off and continued to think.

"Now, show me the same image in ultraviolet light."

Now on the screen was the relatively the same picture as she saw before, but instead of seeing a vicious monster, she saw a huge dome.

"Aha!" she cried, "He has a force field surrounding his body! No wonder none of our attacks manage to penetrate! It seems to block everything our zords can throw at it. So, now what do I do? Maybe I can somehow lead Dracola away from Angel Grove. That should buy the others enough time to get over here! Time to see how well I can maneuvre this puppy!"

Alexis brought the Eaglezord to Dracola, and circled his head as quickly as she could without losing control. She heard the Dracola roar with rage, and it seemed to slightly lose balance.

"YES!" she exclaimed, "He's dizzy, and seriously ticked!"

True enough, the Dracola lost interest in chewing automoblies with his horrible yellow fangs, and swung at the Eaglzord in rage.

"Time to kick into high gear!" said Alexis, breaking away from Dracola and flying towards the rock quarry. Sure enough, Dracola ran after her, spitting fireballs and roaring.

"Guys," Alexis said into her communicator, "did you get Tommy out yet?"

"Just about," said Jason, "Where are you?"

"About three miles from your position, and gaining fast! Dracola's on my tail, so get ready to rumble! Oh, and by the way, he has some kind of force field surrounding his body."

"What makes you think that?" asked Zack. "Because he absorbs my UV rays, and my UV scanners pick up a large dome around him. Look, someone has to come up with a plan, 'cuz I have no idea how we're gonna penetrate this shield!"

Not too far away, the Orange and Green members of the Spectrum Force continue to face off against Celea. Even though Jocelyn and Matthew are powerful heroes, their few month's experience pales in comparison to Celea's centuries of battles and conquests. Celea is quite possibly the greatest warrior in the galaxy, and her magical as well as physical mighty makes victory over her near impossible. Jocelyn and Matt are starting to show signs of exhaustion. They are both lying barely conscious on the cold ground, next to a huge cliff.

"Had enough?" laughed Celea, stroking her long bow, "Now that I've humbled you, perhaps I should send you to the Limbo of Lucifer. I wouldn't want to rob you of your opportunity to see it in person!"

Jocelyn painstakingly rises to her feet. She faces Celea, an expression of anger etched on her usually friendly face.

"You're not going to beat us," she whispered, raising her arm to the air, "Matt, get up!"

Matthew devoted all his strength to rising to his feet. He stood tall beside Jocelyn. The two of them raised their arms to the sky.

"We summon the Elemental Armory!" they cried in unison. In a flash of colored light, Jocelyn was holding the Ice Bow, which creates arrows of ice, and Matthew wielded the Wind Nunchucks, which creates cyclones of varying strengths depending on how fast the nunchunks are twirled.

"Do you think your puny weapons are a match for me?" asked Celea, firing one of the Limbo of Lucifer teleportation arrows. Jocelyn pulled back on the drawstring, and an Ice Arrow formed from the condensation of the water molecules in the air. She fired the arrow, and it collided with the other one, destroying both.

"That was my LAST Limbo of Lucifer arrow, you little nuisance," said Celea, gritting her teeth, "No more mercy, children! My mother wanted me to capture the two of you, but it looks like capture is no longer an option. I shall kill you both."

Celea created a long sabre with her magic, and charged at the Spectrum Force. The trio fought it out in the shadow of the high cliff.

Several miles above Angel Grove, the Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Red members of the Spectrum Force, accompanied by the Blue Ranger, continue to descend.

"Amazing," said Billy, "we traversed the entire distance from the Moon to Earth in just a little more time than it would take to teleport."

"Well, that makes sense, if you think about it," said Rachel, "At best, we can fly at light speed."

"But, it isn't possible for matter to move at such a velocity," said Billy, "and besides, we aren't moving at light speed."

"In order to move at the speed of light, we have to convert our bodies into beams of light," explained Keith, "and we can't do that when we carry passengers."

"Perhaps you should have gone ahead, then," said Billy.

"That's nonsense!" said Tamara, "Besides, we don't even know where this 'Command Center' is!"

The group flew across the countryside, and Billy caught a glance of a Thunderzord battle against a grotesque lizard-like creature.

"What is that?" asked Craig, looking in the direction Billy was facing.

"I do not know what the green monster is," answered the Blue Ranger, "but those five animal-shaped machines are my friends' Thunderzords."

"Wow," said Tamara, "the Power Rangers actually PILOT those things? Wicked cool!"

"Let's get down there," said Rachel, "from here, it looks like the Thunderzords are losing the battle!"

"No, wait," said Billy, taking a closer look, "we should go to the Command Center first. Zordon may have a plan. There, continue towards the mountains!"

The Spectrum Force continue flying across the desert, with Billy and Craig leading the way. Soon, they arrive at the mountain range which conceals the Command Center.

"Everyone, land right there, next to that large dome!" said Billy. The five heroes land on the ledge beside the Command Center.

"This looks nothing at all like Cloud Castle," said Rachel, "How do the Power Rangers keep it hidden from the citizens of Angel Grove? There is no cloak or anything."

"We never had to protect it before," shrugged Billy, "Besides, there is only one way to get in."

"And that is--?" asked Keith.

"Stand close to me," ordered Billy. When the Spectrum Force stood close enough to him, he pressed a button on his morpher, causing all five heroes to disappear in streaks of colored light. In an eyeblink, the Spectrum Force found themselves in the Command Center. All eyes fell immediately on the floating green head in front of them. Everyone's chins dropped.

"Greetings, Spectrum Force," said the head, "I am Zordon. Billy, welcome back."

"Billy!" squealed Kim, giving her friend a big hug, "I wasn't sure what had happened to you!"

"I was the one who should have been worried," said Billy, returning her hug. When they parted, he removed his helmet and smiled at her.

"And incidentally, thanks for saving me from Celea."

"What are friends for?" asked Kim with a big smile. She then turned to the Spectrum Force, whose mouths still hung open. Rachel even took off her visor, revealing her dark eyes, to get a better look at her surroundings.

"Billy," she said, "When you told us about your mentor Zordon, you failed to mention the fact that he has no...uh...body."

"Well, I didn't think it mattered," said Billy with a shrug.

The rest of the Spectrum Force took off their face masks, and looked around at all the equipment in the Command Center.

"Absolutely amazing," said Rachel, "Jocelyn would LOVE this place."

"Actually," said Alpha, coming into view from behind another consol, "Jocelyn was extremely impressed by our equipment."

"You mean Jocie's here!" said Craig, excitedly, "And Matt too?"

"Yes. At this moment, they are battling Celea. You can see the fight from the Viewing Globe."

"What?" asked Tamara.

"Follow me," said Kimberly, leading the Spectrum Force to the globe. There, they saw the two other Spectrum Enforcers hold their own against Celea, while the Power Rangers still seem to only irritate the monstrous Dracola.

"What's wrong with the Ranger's zords?" asked Billy, watching the zords move sluggishly to combat the Dracola, "They haven't even scraped that thing!"

"Indeed," said Zordon, "Alexis informed me that the Eaglezord sensors have picked up a protective shield surrounding Dracola. The Power Rangers still have not found a weapon that can penetrate the shield. The Thunderzords have taken a massive beating, and without the Unicorn or Firebird zords, the Megazord cannot be formed."

The Spectrum Force listened to Zordon with knowing expressions on their faces. Rachel turned to Zordon.

"Umm, what exactly is the Megazord?" she asked.

"The Griffin, Unicorn, Red Dragon, Lion, and Firebird zords combine to form the Megazord. It is substantially more powerful than the individual zords. It is their only chance."

"Then, let's get going," said Billy, putting on his helmet. He also threw something at Kimberly. She caught it, and her face lit up.

"Billy, you found my coin!" she cried in excitement.

"Affirmative. Now, to destroy Dracola." "Don't waste your time," grumbled Keith, leaning against a consol. The other Spectrum Enforcers also wore similar expressions of deadly seriousness. Kimberly looked at them, puzzled.

"What do you mean?" she asked Keith.

"You see, that shield is a magical protection against technology," answered Keith, running his fingers through his shoulder-length blonde hair, "You zords are technology, so whatever they do will not affect the monster. Its one of the Denebian Empire's favorite little magic tricks."

"Elaborate," said Zordon.

"Back home, the Denebians use that magic trick to proctect their spaceship from the Earth governments," said Tamara, "No Earth scanners or satellites can pick up th existence of the ship, and no bullet or bomb can affect Phaedra's armies. That's why we're Earth's only hope."

"What's strange is the fact that your machines had any luck at all," said Craig, "I mean, your scanners shouldn't even register Dracola's existence."

"That may be because the energies of the Power Rangers' devices are all supplied by the power coins," said Zordon, "and the coins themselves, even though they were forged with advanced technology, contain magical energies."

"Be that as it may," said Rachel, "the zords can't stop Dracola. You should pull your Power Rangers out of the fight, before serious damage is done to the zords or the Rangers themselves."

"But, we can't just stand here and do nothing!" protested Kimberly, "The Power Rangers are the only obstacle keeping Dracola from destroying Angel Grove! He already crushed half a dozen sky-scrapers!"

"Don't worry," assured Craig with a smile, "The Spectrum Force will stop Dracola. Or at least, keep him from doing any more damage while you guys come up with a way to destroy him. He's several times bigger than any monster we've ever faced, and I don't think our usual attacks will finish this thing off for good."

The Spectrum Force put their masks back on, and prepared for departure. They looked around in confusion, then Craig turned to Billy.

"Ah, Billy," he asked sheepishly, "how do we get outta here?"

"I'll take care of it," said Billy, holding back his laughter. He made his way to the teleportation system and teleported the Spectrum Force to the rock quarry.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Kimberly.

"I need to know everything the Spectrum Force has told you two about the nature of their abilities and their enemies'," said Zordon, "Our only chance may lie within them."

The Red, White, Black, Yellow, and Purple Power Rangers teleport to the Command Center at Zordon's instruction. They remove their colorful helmets, revealing expressions of concern, anger, and frustration.

"Zordon, our Thunderzords aren't doing a THING against Dracola!" complained Jason, "That shield is protecting it from energy beams, missiles, and even punches and kicks!"

Trini turns away from Zordon and sees a familiar blue-clad man busily running a variety of tests.

"Billy!" she cried, giving her long-time friend a warm hug, "When did you get back?"

"The Spectrum Force and I arrived about fifteen minutes ago from the Moon. Of course, how we got there is another matter entirely."

"So, where is the Spectrum Force now?" asked Zack, looking around the Command Center.

"They went to occupy the Dracola beast the moment I returned you here," said Zordon, "They should be able to keep it busy until you are able to rejoin the battle."

"How?" asked Alexis, "I mean, do they have zords? And don't forget, two of them are still fighting Celea." "You can see the ongoing battle in the viewing globe," said Alpha.

The team turns towards the globe, and to their collective surprise, the Spectrum Force appear to be inflicting pain on Dracola.

"I don't get it!" said Zack, "How come their energy blasts penetrate the barrier? They can't be stronger than the firepower in the Thunderzords!"

"The shield around Dracola is a protection from technological weapons," explained Kimberly, who was busy helping Billy organize the computer printouts describing the findings of his extensive analysis, "No attack from a machine can affect the shield."

"Well, if that's the case," said Tommy, walking over to Billy and Kimberly, "Then the Power Cannon won't work either. What do we do then?"

"Billy's working on it," said Kimberly, not looking up from her work. Trini approached them, offering her assistance. "So, what do we do in the meantime?" asked Jason, "I mean, could we at least help Matt and Jocelyn fight Celea?"

"It is best for you all to remain in the Command Center until Billy finishes his analysis," said Zordon, "Until we can find a means for you to wield your powers without a mechanical medium, you cannot be very effective against Celea's magic."

So, the Power Rangers wait impatiently for Billy to come up with something. Kim and Trini continue organizing the data, while Billy, who seems completely oblivious to everything but the work he is focussed on, continues to manipulate data in the computer and frown. Jason and Tommy don't take their eyes off the viewing globe, watching as the four Spectrum Enforcers desperately try to keep Dracola from doing any more harm to the area. Occasionally, the scene on the globe switches to the smaller battle between Matt and Jocelyn and Celea, which takes place beneath the shadow of a large cliff. Matt and Jocelyn seem to be weakening, and Tommy anxiously begins to pace around the room. Zack and Alexis sit quietly, waiting for Billy to find the answer to their problems, like he always does.

"Eureeka!" cried Billy, waving a single page of computer printout in the air, "I have the answer!"

"Well, don't keep us in suspense!" said Zack, hopping off his seat, "What did you come up with?"

"I analyzed the basic power of the power coins, and I have come up with the only way to successfully wield our powers. The Power Cannon is a complex machine, but the old Power Weapons focus the magic in the coins, and since they aren't really advanced technology, I don't see why they shouldn't serve."

"But, is the Power Blaster strong enough to stop Dracola?" asked Trini, "It's not even strong enough to destroy a good deal of Zed's regular monsters!"

"Actually," said Billy, "only the individual weapons will work. Once the Power Blaster is formed, we cross the fine line between magic and technology. But there is also another possibility, which may serve even better, especially against the Dracola. Alexis, your Bomb Attack is the focussed totality of the mystical energies of the coins. Since the energy flows directly into your coin, and from there into your body, the majority of that power skips the medium of the morpher. That beam of energy should also affect Dracola."

"Great," said Tommy, putting his helmet back on, "Let's go then!"

"Wait Tommy," said Billy, "I haven't told you the greatest discovery of all."

"Well, spill it already!" said Jason, starting to get impatient, "We're running out of time!"

"Well, Spectra, the mentor of the Spectrum Force, once told me that the power signature of the Power Coins is nearly identical to that of the Spectrum Stones, which is why she didn't sense a shift in the balance of power when Jocelyn and Matt disappeared. Apparently, Kim and I arrived at that same moment, and so the total signature energy didn't change. Well, I analyzed the scan data Trini collected when Jocelyn and Matt arrived at the beach, and I ran a correlation scan. The basic energies of the Spectrum Stones aren't merely identical to those of the coins, but they are also compatible."

"What are you getting at, Billy?" asked Kimberly.

"Don't you see? Alexis channels the energies of the coins in her Bomb Attack, right? So, why can't she also channel the energies of the Spectrum Stones?"

"Can I handle that much raw power, Billy?" asked Alexis, "I mean, just the usual Bomb Attack leaves me completely exhausted. The Spectrum Stones will have the same amount of energy as the coins, so we're talking about containing twice the raw power!" "It'll be risky," said Billy, "The amount of energy we're talking about is very intense, and could possibly overload your brain, leaving you in a perpetual coma. The chances are pretty good that you'll sustain minimal physical or mental damage, but they aren't quite one hundred percent."

"The choice is yours, Purple Ranger," said Zordon, "I cannot order you to take this risk."

"What choice do I have?" said Alexis sternly, "After all, I am a Power Ranger, right? Besides, this is our only chance to beat Dracola, so let's do it!"

Meanwhile, Jocelyn and Matt continue to fight Celea. While the Spectrum Enforcers continue to get weaker, Celea seems to get only stronger. It takes nearly all the willpower Spectrum Enforcers have to keep from giving in to exhaustion. Suddenly, for a brief instant, Matthew's costume reverts back into his street clothes. It then quickly returns to the costume.

"Joce!" he yelled, "I think my stone is running out of power!"

"That's because we've been fighting for so long without a solar re-charge!" said Jocelyn, not taking her eyes off Celea. She continues to block Celea's sword thrusts with her bow.

"Wait," said Matt, looking up at the sky, "That's it! Joce, follow me!"

Matt begins to run away from the huge cliff above them. Jocelyn dodges one last swing from Celea, and follows Matt.

"Where are we going?" she panted.

"Into the sunlight!"

Before she could ask what Matt was taking about, she felt the warmth of the morning Sun on her exposed face. But the Sun did much more than warm her, it also revitalized her. She looked back, and saw Celea cross the line between the sunlight and the shadow of the cliff. The evil smirk on Celea's face immediately fell, and she lost her footing and fell on her face. She mumbled to herself and slowly stood up.

"Of course!" said Jocelyn, smacking her forehead, "We were fighting in the shadows, and so our Spectrum Stones depended on the reserve energy store! I guess it was running out, and without direct sunlight, we would have been totally powerless! Now Celea, on the other hand, it powered by darkness, so much so that sunlight is lethal! No wonder she made us fight in the shadows! Now you're through, Celea!"

"I'm not through yet!" said Celea, waving her arms. She suddenly was enveloped in a black cloud, and when the blackness disappeared, Matthew and Jocelyn saw Celea, dressed in full, shimmering black armor.

"The Darkheart Armor will protect me from the Sun's rays!" she said, picking up the sword from the ground, "Now, where were we?"

Celea chased the Spectrum Enforcers into the light. Even though the armor protected her from the Sun, it also limited her mobility. She could no longer dodge the Spectrum Enforcers newly-energized attacks. Now the tables were more even, much to Celea's dislike. Celea soon notices the battle ensuing not too far away.

"Curses!" she mumbled, "The entire Spectrum Force is here! My protection spell was only to keep technological weapons from hurting Dracola, but the Spectrum Stones are impervious to my dark magic. I'd better help him."

Celea turns and runs towards the battle. The Orange and Green Spectrum Enforcers immediately follow her.

Just a quarter of a mile away, and twenty stories above the ground, the other members of the Spectrum Force keep tryng to get an advantage over Dracola. However, because Dracola was so huge, their attacks didn't amount to very much.

"What should we do now?" asked Craig, flying over to Rachel.

"I'm thinking..." she muttered, continuing to dodge Dracola's swinging arms. Tamara was busy flying around Dracola's head, occasionally hitting it with a light beam, and Keith stood on the ground, holding Dracola's feet planted with his red energy field.

"He's just not feeling it!" said Tamara, slowing down her flight. Dracola seized this opportunity, since his moving target was now a little easier to hit. He lifted his arm to swing it.

"Whoa!" said Tamara, dodging the fist. She moved a little closer to Dracola's mouth. Dracola proceeded to take a deep breath, and blew the Yellow Spectrum Enforcer out of the sky. She flew clear across the horizon, unable to gain control of her descent.

"Tammy!" yelled Keith, momentarily weakening his hold on Dracola's feet. Dracola (who apparently is more intelligent than he appeared to be) lifted his right leg and brought it down on the Red Spectrum Enforcer. Keith immediately created a shield around himself, but the weight of the enormous creature was crushing the field.

"I... I can't keep his foot off me!" he yelled falling to his knees in concentration. His head pounded from the immense effort he put into the field, as well as the mental pressure of holding it up against a weight of several hundred tons.

"Hold on!" cried Craig, adding his blue shield to Keith's red one. Rachel also descended, and helped her teammates hold up the clawed foot of the beast. Soon, Tamara returned to the scene.

"That scaly creep!" she yelled, adding her yellow energy to the beam protecting Keith.

"He's putting his whole weight into it!" cried Rachel, "We can't get him off!"

Suddenly, Rachel is hit by a black energy arrow. She immediately reverts out of costume and plummets to the ground. Craig catches sight of his leader's dilemma, and rushes to catch her, leaving Keith and Tamara to hold up Dracola.

"Uh, guys?" he asked, feeling th field around him weakening, "Help?"

"Keith!" cried Tamara, slowly descending to the ground, "I can't keep this up much longer!"

In answer, a huge gust of wind knocks Dracola off balance. Dracola falls to the ground, causing the entire area to shake. Then, the seven Power Rangers teleport onto the scene.

"Wow," said Craig, landing beside the Power Rangers with Rachel, "The cavalry has arrived!"

"No kidding!" said Jocelyn, and she and Matt flew over to where the others were standing. Soon, Keith and Tamara joined them.

"What happened to you?" asked Kimberly, refering to Rachel.

"Celea's arrow momentarily disrupted my connection to the spectrum," explained Rachel, raising her right arm, "The effect should have died out by now. Spectrum Sync...PURPLE!!"

Rachel once again becomes the Purple Spectrum Enforcer, and she turns to Matt and Jocelyn, smiling.

"Boy, did we miss you guys!" she said, giving them both a warm hug. The whole Spectrum Force joined in the group hug. Celea frowns at them, while Dracola continues to try to get to his feet.

"You are so USELESS!!" she cried to the monster. She then turned her attention to the two superhero teams, who were still not paying attention to the fight. Dracola finally stood up.

"Get to Angel Grove as quickly as you can," she ordered, making her way to the teams, "Destroy everything in your path!"

Zack looked over and saw the monster's retreating form.

"Guys!" he cried, "Dracola's making a break for it!"

"We'll handle Dracola," said Rachel, rising to the air, "Tommy, you and the other Rangers try to stop Celea." "Just bring Dracola back to the quarry," said Tommy, "Billy figured out a way to stop Dracola for good."

As the Spectrum Force flew away, the Power Rangers summoned their Power Weapons-- the Power Lance, Power Bow, Power Daggers, Power Axe, and Power Sword. The White Ranger held his trusted friend and partner Saba, and the Purple Ranger wielded the Laser Whip. They stood in line, holding their weapons high, and facing their enemy--Celea.

"Okay guys," said Tommy, "Let's do it!"

"Do you think you Power Rangers scare me?" laughed Celea, "You may be more agile than the Spectrum Force, and maybe even more physically strong, but you only have technological weapons to aid you. You can't stop me!"

"We'll see how cocky you are when you're unconscious!" yelled Alexis, snapping her Laser Whip. The length of the whip crackled with purple energy.

"We'll see," said Celea, diving at Tommy, who stood in the foreground. She moved so quickly that Tommy was unable to dodge her, and the other Power Rangers could do nothing to help. In seconds, the White Ranger and the Denebian Princess were engaged in a ferocious duel of swords. Even though Tommy is an expert swordsman, he fights fair, whereas Celea isn't barred by a moral code. When Tommy blocked her thrust with his sword, she kicked him in the gut, making him sprawl to the ground. The other Rangers lept into action as Celea picked up the fallen White Ranger by the collar of his shield.

"Get away from him!" cried Kimberly in rage, poised to fire an arrow right through Celea's forehead, "I never miss a shot."

"Somehow, I doubt you'll risk running your leader through, Kimberly," said Celea, with an evil smile. She leaned closer to Tommy and kissed the mouthpiece of his helmet. She let him go and lept into the air. Tommy fell back to the ground, covered in a thin coat of ice.

"Tommy!" cried Kim, touching his chest with her gloved hand. She pulled her hand back in pain.

"Yaah! He's freezing!" she sobbed.

"He's been turned into solid ice!" said Jason, activating his communicator, "Zordon, teleport Tommy to the Command Center."

"I cannot," answered Zordon, "A magical spell is blocking his communicator signal. I cannot get a fix on him to teleport."

"We have to get him off the battleground," said Zack, trying to lift him, "I'd hate to think what would happen if he were to break."

Zack heaved with all his might, but the ice statue wouldn't move. Suddenly, a barage of black arrows began falling from the sky, and Celea once again touched down on the ground.

"Did you miss me?" she asked, pointing her bow at the Power Rangers.

"You guys, attack Celea," ordered Jason softly, "I'll hang back and deflect any arrows that approach Tommy with my sword, okay?"

"You got it, Bro," said Zack, stepping forward, "Let's show Tree-Top that no one messes with the Power Rangers!"

Meanwhile, not too far away, the Spectrum Force force Dracola away from Angel Grove. They all create a barrier blocking Dracola from the city.

"Now all we need to do is move him back to the quarry," said Keith, "and we'd better do it quick! How long can we hold up this shield?"

"I'll get his attention," said Rachel, breaking away from the group, "You guys follow behind us, to make sure Dracola doesn't turn back!"

Rachel flew up until she was eye level with Dracola. He paid no attention to her, still trying to break the rainbow wall barring his advance.

"I summon the Elemental Armory!" she cried, raising her hand to the sky, "Lightning Sabre, heed my call!"

A bright bolt of lightning struck Rachel's hand. She caught it, and it reformed into the shape of a shimmering silver sword with a purple hilt. She pointed the sword at Dracola, and a stream of electricity rushed from the point of the sword into Dracola's eye. He roared in pain, covering his injured eye with his claw. His other eye glowed in rage, and he spat a stream of fireballs at Rachel.

"Whoa!" she said, dodging the fire, "That was a little too close for comfort!"

Rachel slipped between Dracola's massive legs and flew back towards the quarry. Dracola followed her in rage, but she moved fast enough to stay out of harm's way, while at the same time not going too fast for Dracola to lose sight of her. She sailed through the air, weaving her way around the cliffs spotting the quarry. She eyes caught the Power Rangers battling Celea.

  • Keith* she called telepathically, *where are you guys?*
  • Right behind Dracola* he responded.
  • Quick, jump to light speed and get the Power Rangers out of the way* she thought, *I'll lead Dracola around in circles a few times to buy you time. Put them on a cliff somewhere. Off the ground!*
  • You got it, Boss!* he responded, and Rachel soon saw five beams of light streak past her. Instantly, the five beams of light came to a halt above the Power Rangers and Celea.

"C'mon, guys," ordered Keith, "Let's get the Power Rangers out of the way!"

The Spectrum Force swooped down, each member grabbing a Power Ranger on the descent. The Purple Ranger activated her golden wings and followed.

"What about Tommy!" she cried, looking back.

"Oh, crap!" yelled Keith, putting Jason on the cliff, "That block of ice was the White Ranger?"

Keith focussed and called to Rachel, who was just appearing from behind another cliff.

  • Ray, we have a problem!* called Keith, *the White Ranger has been turned into an ice statue, and he's on the ground right in front of you!*
  • I'm on it!* she answered, diving towards the ground. The flew a few feet above the ground, and she saw Celea preparing to fire a glowing red arrow at the White Ranger.

"I so don't not need this right now!" she mumbled, moving faster. She slowed to pick the White Ranger off the ground, but he wouldn't budge.

"Time to finish two leaders with one arrow!" yelled Celea, firing her arrow. Rachel instinctively created a purple shield around herself and Tommy, deflecting the arrow upwards. The arrow pierced the Dracola monster in the same eye that was hit earlier by Rachel's lightning bolt. He roared again in pain, and his other eye focussed on the source of the arrow--Celea.

"WHY HURT DRACOLA?" roared the monster in confusion, picking up Celea roughly.

"Let me go you nitwit!" Celea gasped, "The Purple Enforcer tricked you into getting in my way! The Power Rangers and the Spectrum Force are the enemies! How dense ARE you?!"

"ME NO DENSE!" roared Dracola as his grip tightened.

"Well," said Rachel with a smile, "That wasn't exactly my plan, but hey, I'm not complaining!"

Celea channeled her evil magic power into her hands and into Dracola's claw, giving him a powerful jolt. He winced in pain and released her.

"Moron!" she cried, landing gracefully on the ground nearly twenty stories beneath her. She flashed an angry look and Rachel and Tommy and created a magic black hole.

"I have better things to do than bother with you, Dracola! And as for you Rachel, I promise you we'll meet again!"

With that, Celea lept through the portal. Once she disappeared, her magic spell faded, freeing Tommy from his icy prison. He fell to his knees, shivering. Rachel helped him to his feet, and together they flew to the cliff, where the other Power Rangers and Spectrum Enforcers waited.

"Tommy!" cried Kimberly, throwing her arms around him. She could feel him shake violently. "Are you okay?"

"I'm FREEZING!" he mumbled, his teeth chattering, "what happened?"

"Well, Celea bugged out," said Craig, "so now, all we have to do is finish off Dracola!"

"But how?" asked Jocelyn, rubbing her chin.

"Well," said Alexis quietly, "we can try that double Bomb Attack."

"Wait," said Jason, "Maybe we don't have to! If Celea's magic fades without her, the shield protecting Dracola from technology should be gone too! Let's call out the Thunderzords!"

"Impossible," said Billy, "The Tigerzord is severely damaged, and the Lion, Griffin, and Red Dragon are completely depleted of missiles and primary power. The Eaglezord is flightworthy, but barely."

"We only have one option," said Alexis, her wings starting to flap, "So let's get it over with."

Matthew watched her rise to the air. He could hear the fear and uncertainty in her voice.

"What is she talking about?" he asked the Blue Ranger.

"In order to defeat the Dracola, Alexis will have to execute the Bomb Attack, in which she absorbs the energies of our Power Coins into her body and re-channels the combined might of all seven coins into one powerful beam. It is arguably our most powerful single attack."

"So, what's the problem?" asked Tamara.

"Well, the chances are slim that the power of the coins will be enough to finish off Dracola," said Trini, "so Billy ran a few more scans. As it turns out, the Spectrum Stones' energies are compatible with that of the Power Coins, so--"

"Wait a minute!" interrupted Jocelyn, who caught on to the plan, "You want us to channel our powers through her too? Can she handle it?"

"She should be able to," said Jason quietly, "but it's not a guarantee."

"We can't put her life in danger like that!" said Keith, "Do you have any other plans?"

"It's our only hope!" yelled Alexis from above, "Don't worry about me, I'm like a rock! Now, hurry up and charge my bomb, before Dracola gets out of control! He's already crushing everything in his path in a blind rage!"

"Okay, Power Rangers," commanded Tommy, removing his Power Coin, "get ready for the Bomb Attack! I infuse you with the power of the WHITE TIGER!!" he called, pointing his coin towards Alexis.

"I infuse you with the power of the MASTADON!"

"I infuse you with the power of the PTERODACTYL!!"

"I infuse you with the power of the TRICERATOPS!!"

"I infuse you with the power of the SABRE-TOOTHED TIGER!!"

"I infuse you with the power of the TYRANNOSAURUS!!"

The six beams of light flew towards Alexis, who absorbed them through her coin.

"Now or never, Rachel!" cried Alexis.

"Okay Spectrum Force," ordered Rachel, "Let's give it a try!" The Spectrum Force removed their gloves, revealing the glittering Spectrum Stones embedded on the silver rings.

"Red Spectrum Power!" yelled Keith, pointing his stone at Alexis.

"Orange Spectrum Power!" cried Jocelyn.

"Yellow Spectrum Power!" cried Tamara.

"Green Spectrum Power!" yelled Matthew.

"Blue Spectrum Power!" bellowed Craig.

"Purple Spectrum Power!" yelled Rachel.

The six beams of light joined together, forming a single beam of pure white light. That white light entered the Purple Power Coin, and Alexis began glowing with a golden light.

"I don't have much time!" muttered Alexis, fighting to stay focussed. She could feel herself being drowned in the awesome power that flowed through her body. She flew at Dracola, who was blinded by the gold light.

"Arrgh!" he roared, covering his eyes, "LIGHT HURT!!"

"You're gonna hurt alot more after I'm through with ya!" threatened Alexis, charging her fist, "Time to taste the Supreme Bomb Attack!"

Alexis pointed her glowing fist at Dracola's face. The energy beam is so strong that it knocks her out of the sky at the same time it incinerates the beast. She is about to smash into a cliff, when Craig catches her and flies her to the cliff where the others wait. He gingerly lays her on the dirt.

"Is she okay?" askes Kimberly as Matthew takes off his mask. He removes Alexis' helmet and checks her pulse on her neck.

"Well, she's not dead," he muttered, leaning over her face. He feels her breath on his cheek. "And she's breathing, weak but steady. She ought to be alright, just let her rest."

The Spectrum Force and the Power Rangers stand together, with Jason carrying Alexis. Tommy activated his wrist communicator.

"Bring us home, Zordon," he said, "Mission accomplished."

Both teams of victorious heroes vanished in thirteen beams of colored light.

"Congratulations Power Rangers and Spectrum Force," said Zordon in his booming voice, "The threat of Celea and Dracola has been eliminated."

"So," asked Keith, pulling down his face mask, "how do we get back to Langstrum Alps?"

"Simple," said Alpha, pressing a few buttons to reveal a magic portal, "just step through."

"How did you--?" asked Craig.

"While you were engaged in battle," explained Zordon, "Alpha and I continued to scan for the communicator signal."

"That's impossible," said Billy, "Although it is true that I left Kimberly's communicator in Langstrum Alps, I hadn't perfected the enhancer. Why is there a signal?"

"Are you sure it lead to Langstrum Alps?" asked Jocelyn

"Yes," said Zordon, "it leads to the whereabouts of Kimberly's communicator. If you left it in Langstrum Alps, then it is in Langstrum Alps."

"So," asked Rachel, "all we have to do is step through?"

"Exactly," said Alpha, "you can leave whenever you wish."

"We'd better be getting back," said Matthew, "The rest of the Ecology class is probably wondering where we've been all evening!"

"Take care everyone," said Rachel, shaking the Power Rangers' hands.

"Yeah, we'll probably see ya again!" said Craig, following Rachel's lead.

"It's been a real blast!" said Tamara.

"Nice working with ya!" said Keith.

"And thanks for everything," said Jocelyn, smiling at the Power Rangers, Zordon, and Alpha 5.

With that, the Spectrum Force disappeared through the portal. The Power Rangers turned their attention to Alexis, who was slowly regaining consciousness.

"You okay?" asked Tommy, smiling down at her.

"I'll live," she mumbled, sitting up, "Sheesh, how many times do I have to wake up on this stupid cot in one day?!"

"You did good, Lex," said Jason, "You pulled through twice, with the Eaglezord and then with the Bomb Attack."

"Aw, shucks," Alexis said, "you're gonna make me blush!"

The Power Rangers all laughed together, knowing that they once again saved the day.

The Spectrum Force materialize in Spectra's Cloud Castle, where Billy's communicator enhancer sat on the floor, emitting a visible beacon throughout the Multiverse.

"Welcome home, Spectrum Force," greeted Spectra from her throne. "Uh, Spectra," asked Keith, staring at the device, "how did that thing get built? Billy didn't get a chance to finish it before we chased after Celea."

"I decided to piece it together while I waited for you to return," answered Spectra with a smile, "After all, I thought I would need to send Billy home."

"I didn't know you knew how to build fancy machines," said Craig.

"The fact that I choose not to use technology doesn't mean that I don't know how to use technology. Besides, one would think that during the thousands of years of my lifetime I would be able to master Earth technology."

"Matt, we'd better go back to the mountain," said Jocelyn, raising her ring to the air. Her uniform disappeared, revealing her street clothes.

"You hated that trip!" laughed Matt, "Why are you so anxious to get back?"

"Well, I'm not, but someone may be looking for us."

"They can wait a bit," said Matt, "Before we go back, I want to stop at a store and buy some insect repellent."

"Good idea," laughed Jocelyn.

A few hours later, the Power Rangers, excluding Alexis and Billy, enjoy a lazy picnic in the park.

"It's too bad Lex couldn't make it," said Kimberly, distributing tuna sandwiches and chips, "But with that all-night fight and the Bomb Attack, she was totally spent!"

"So, where's Billy anyway?" asked Tommy, helping Kim serve lunch.

"I don't know," said Trini, "He said he had some things to take care of in the Command Center.

"So guys, what did you think of the Spectrum Force?" asked Zack, lying down and staring up at the clouds.

"Why do you ask?" asked Jason, looking down at his daydreaming friend. Jason recognized that starry look in his eyes.

"Alright, Bro," he said, looking Zack in the eye, "who is she?"

"Who's who?" asked Zack innocently.

"Who's the girl that peaked Zachary Taylor's interest? Rachel, Tamara, or Jocelyn?"

"It was just a question!" said Zack defensively, "I just wanted to know how you felt about the Force. Sheesh!"

"Zack, we know you a bit better than that," said Trini, trying not to laugh.

"Okay, I give up!" moaned Zack, throwing up his hands, "I thought the yellow one was a goddess! Those dark eyes, that silky black hair--"

"What about her tall, muscular blonde boyfriend?" asked Kimberly, smiling at Zack.

"Aw, man!" he grunted, "It always happens! Every girl I like is seeing someone else. Even Angela is dating that baseball player Shawn!"

"You'll find the perfect girl someday," said Trini, putting her arm on his shoulder, "Just stop looking so hard."

Just then, Billy strolled over to the picnic blanket and took a seat between Kimberly and Trini.

"Have a sandwich, Billy," said Kim, offering Billy a plate.

"You know how I feel about fish, Kim."

"Relax, Billy, I brought you a PB and J, just for you."

"Thanks," said Billy, accepting the sandwich, "and I have something made especially for you."

Billy handed her a little pink box. She opened it hastily.

"A new communicator!" squealed Kim, straping it onto her wrist, "Thanks, Billy."

"Well, it is my fault we left your other communicator in Langstrum Alps. I felt it top priority to replace it."

"Back to what Zack brought up," said Jason, "I'm glad we met the Spectrum Force. I admit, at first, I didn't believe Matt and Jocelyn's story. But, it feels good to meet another team of heroes."

"Definitely," said Tommy, "and now that Zordon has found their dimension, we can contact them in case of emergency, and they can contact us."

"Allies are certainly something appreciate," said Billy.

"Call me crazy guys," said Kimberly, "but I think we made six life-long friends today."

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