Clovis Bleach Crossover will be about Clovis from Code Geass.Except he will be a Shinigami in Bleach his Squad will be Introduced in the Fic with Aizen,Arrancar,Bounts and everything.

Your Squad Clovis,Hollow

Commander Yammamoto-Clovis I assign you to Squad 6 under Byakuya Kuckiki and Vice-Captain-Renji Abarai.

Clovis-Yes Sir thank You.

Later at The Squad Meet

Renji-Hey 3rd Seat What's your name.

Clovis-My Name is Clovis LA Britannia.

Byakuya-Hello I heard you are very Skilled I am your Captain Byakuya all you must do is Obey me got that.

Clovis-...Okay I guess.

Renji-So tell us about yourself.

Clovis-Well Im talented in Art and Designing Im also good in Kido.

Renji-Whats your Zanpukto's Name if you don't mind me asking.


Byakuya-Very well lets Eat than Everyone.

The Next day

Renji-Hey there's a friend I,d like you to meet Clovis.Rukia meet My new Friend and Teamate Clovis.

Rukia-Oh Hello.

Clovis-Hi Nice to meet you Rukia.

Renji-Hey what is that a Hollow!


Hollow-Smashes in there Direction.

Clovis-Stupid hollow your in the Soul Society you could be killed in a mere Destructive Spell Number 4 White Lightning a Large Lightning Engulfs and kills The Hollow Quickly.

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