This duel takes place in megasean3000's fanfic Xiaolin Showdown/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover 2

Story up to that point

The gang destroy the first Defence Sphere, making nine left. Also the Sphere transported them to the location of the next Mage - in a vast desert. They find the next Mage and Clay is the one edgy for battle.


  • Clay has modified his deck that consists of even stronger monsters than before.

Duel Recap

Start at 4000 lps

Clay picks Power Overlord

Mage picks Zombie King

Mage's turn

  • Activates Desert Heatwave, turning all his monsters into Zombie-Type monsters.
  • Summons Amazon Archer (ATK: 1400)
  • Because of Zombie-King's Deck Master Effect, all Zombie-Type monsters increase by 500 ATK points (AK: 1900)
  • Sets a card

Clay's Turn

  • Summons Familiar Knight (DEF: 1400)

Mage's Turn

  • Activates the Seal of Orichalcos (AA ATK: 2400)
  • Summons Fire Sorcerer (ATK: 1000) > (ATK: 2000)
  • Amazon Archer attacks Familiar Knight
  • Fire Sorcerer attacks directly
  • Familiar Knight's effect activates, so Clay can Special-Summon Rare Metal Dragon (ATK: 2400) from his hand.
  • The attack is reflected (Mage: 3600)
  • Activates Rope of Life, discarding his hand to summon Fire Sorcerer with 800 additional ATK points (ATK: 2800)

Clay's Turn

  • Sets two cards

Mage's Turn

  • Attacks Rare MEtal Dragon with Fire Sorcerer
  • Clay reveals his face-down: Blind Attack, it selects a any card on the field at random and destroys it. It goes for the Desert Heatwave card, reducing the monsters ATK back to normal since they're not Zombies anymore (FS ATK: 2300) (AA ATK: 1900)
  • The attack is reflected again (Mage: 3500)

Clay's Turn

  • Activates face-down Metalmorph, increasing Rare Metal Dragon's ATK by 300 points (ATK: 2700)
  • Attacks Amazon Archer, and due to Metal Morph, Rare Metal Dragon gains half of it's ATK (ATK: 3650) (Mage: 1750)

Mage's Turn

  • Activates Tribute to Desert Lord, sacrificing Feral Imp and Snake Hair from his hand to summon Zombie Lord (ATK: 2900) > (ATK: 3900) (Still gets the Deck Master boost since it's Zombie-Type.)
  • Attacks Rare Metal Dragon (Clay: 2800) (Since Metalmorph only works on monsters declaring attacks.)
  • Zombie Lord's effect activates, so half of Rare Metal Dragon's ATK goes to Clay's life points (Clay: 1450)

Clay's Turn

  • Summons Dark Elf (DEF: 800)

Mage's Turn

  • Attacks Dark Elf (Clay: 450)
  • Activates Underground Serpent, so when he summons a monster, a random Monster Zone slot is selected, if it's the zone the monster was occupying, it's destroyed.

Clay Turn

  • Moves Power Overlord to the field (ATK: 3500)
  • Underground Serpent misses the monster
  • Activates Heroes Will, if one of his monster's been destroyed by a monster higher than 3000 ATK points, Clay can transfer the ATK of the fallen monster and add them to one of his. He picks Rare Metal Dragon on Power Overlord (ATK: 6900)
  • Attacks Zombie Lord (Mage: 0)

Clay wins

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