Main Characters

Classic Jonathan The Hedgehog/Nega Kirsten The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform As He Is Referred To As Has Found An New Ally In Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog Who Would Serve As His True Ally Nega Kirsten The Hedgehog Has Shown That She Can Be An Great Pilot He's Also Been Called J-Extreme By Sonia The Hedgehog More Than Once Because Of His Super Speed And Extreme Sports Skills As He Would Later Debut In Jonathan's Odssey In 1993

Classic Shadow The Hedgehog

Classic Anne The Hedgehog-She Pretty Much Looks Like Anne Except Her Eyes Are Black And She Is Shorter But She Still Packs An Punch

Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog-The Leader Of Her Newly Formed Mercenary Group The Battlestar Galactica Resistance Which Is Airship Based It's Members Included Nega Kayla The Hedgehog, Nega Kayla The Hedgehog Jr, Nega Natasha The Hedgehog, Nega Nicole The Hedgehog, Nega Amy Rose, Nega Katie The Hedgehog, Nega Anne The Hedgehog And Nega Anne The Hedgehog Jr She Wore An Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Dark Blue Stomach, Black Jeans And Black Sandals

Classic Rouge The Bat

Classic Amy Rose

Classic Knuckles The Echidna

Dr. Robotnik


Nega Kayla The Hedgehog

Nega Kayla The Hedgehog Jr

Nega Natasha The Hedgehog

Nega Nicole The Hedgehog

Nega Amy Rose

Nega Katie The Hedgehog

Nega Anne The Hedgehog

Nega Anne The Hedgehog Jr

Nega Darcy The Hedgehog

Classic Miles "Tails" Prower

Classic Sonic The Hedgehog

Classic Danielle The Hedgehog

Classic Lilly The Hedgehog

Scene 1: Attacking Robotnik

  • On Earth*

Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hello I Must Speak To Nega Kirsten The Hedgehog

  • Poof*

Nega Kirsten The Hedgehog: So What's The Plan?

Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog: Well Apparently Robotnik Has Been Destroying Mobius Again

Nega Kirsten The Hedgehog: We Must Find A Way To Stop Him

Nega Annabeth The Hedgehog: Which Is Why

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