Chyna P-401

Joanie Marie Laurer Who Was Better Known As Chyna In The WWF She Has Served As The Undertaker's (Mark Calaway) Personal Bodyguard For Years And Was An Member Of DX Despite Being With DX Chyna Refused To Hurt The Undertaker (Mark) When She Was Asked To By Triple H In 1996 Which Inevitably Led To Chyna Turning On DX Which She Had The Undertaker Attack Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn And Road Dogg Giving Them All Chokeslams And The Undertaker Inexplicably Gave Tori An Tombstone Piledriver Which Chyna Was Satisfied With Her Revenge Ironically On The Same Night Chris Jericho Learned The Hard Way What Happens When You Interrupt The Undertaker As he Delivered An Scary Tombstone Piledriver To Chris Jericho Which Left Jericho In A Coma Ironically the Undertaker Has Had His Share Of Concussions Chyna Apparently Stops Aging At 21 And she and the Undertaker All Stop Aging At 21 As Well

Undertaker's Bodyguard (1991-1996)

An Fairly Young Chyna Who Was Just 17 Years Of Age In 1991 She Debuted As The Undertaker's Personal Bodyguard And Enforcer She Was Eager To Join Undertaker In His First Wrestlemania Appearance Wrestlemania VII (1991) Against Jimmy Snuka She Was Hired By WWF To Give the Undertaker An Female Enforcer His Next Wrestlemania Appearance Was Wrestlemania VIII (1992) Against Jake "The Snake" Roberts Which He Tombstoned Jake To Go 2-0 In Wrestlemania Appearances In Wrestlemania IX (1993) Against Giant Gonzalez (Who Would Leave The Match Early With An Serious Injury And Was Replaced By An Female That the Undertaker Had No Idea She Somehow Got Herself Into This Match It Was An Younger Version Of Maggie Simpson) the Undertaker Then Tombstoned Maggie To Go 3-0 At Wrestlemania After The Match Maggie Asked For His Autograph Undertaker Smiled And Obliged Her Request Becoming One Of The Most Popular WWF Superstars In The Process He Signed Her Autograph Maggie Was Then Brought On As Undertaker's 2nd Bodyguard And Enforcer Maggie Changed Her Look And Appearance To Look Sexier And Attractive Also In 1993 Three New Enforcers Were Introduced (Lisa Simpson, Rachael Simpson And Zia Simpson) They Became His Bodyguards And Enforcers At Wrestlemania XI (1995) Against King Kong Bundy Undertaker KO'd Bundy With His Knockout Punch And Pinned Him To Go 4-0 At Wrestlemania XII (1996) Vs. Diesel He Did The Exact Same Thing Pinning Him To Go 5-0 At Wrestlemania 13 (1997) Vs. Sycho Sid He Gave Sycho Sid An Tombstone Piledriver Pinning Him Giving Undertaker His 2nd WWF Title Overall He Goes 6-0 He Successfully Defeated Bret Hart At Summerslam (1997) To Retain His Title At Wrestlemania XIV (1998) Vs. Kane Chyna And The Female Enforcers Played An Vital Role In The Matchup Maggie Distracted Kane Long Enough For Undertaker To Deliver His Finisher "Tombstone Piledriver" And Pinning Kane To Go 7-0 Wrestlemania XV (1999) Undertaker Now Returning To His Western Mortician Outfit Against The Big Boss Man Undertaker Gave Boss Man An Tombstone Piledriver And Pinned Him To Go 8-0 At Wrestlemania X-Seven (2001) Against Triple H The Undertaker Chokeslammed Hunter To The Ground And Proceeded To Go 9-0 At Wrestlemania XIX (2003) Undertaker Now Sported His Big Evil Gimmick For The First Time As He Took On Both A-Train And Big Show Unfortunately For Them Undertaker Grabbed Their Necks And Chokeslammed Them Both To The Ground And Proceeded To Go 10-0 At Wrestlemania XX Vs. Kane Again Undertaker Destroyed Kane And Goes 11-0 At Wrestlemania 21 (2005) Randy Orton Was The Unfortunate Victim Of Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver As He Goes 12-0 At Wrestlemania 22 (2006) Undertaker Was Given The Distinction Of Being The First Person To Tombstone An 400 Pound Man As He Went 13-0 Overall He Is 21-0 In Wrestlemanias (1991-Present)


Chyna, Maggie Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Rachael Simpson And Zia Simpson The 5 Bodyguards For The Undertaker Each Made Their Debuts In Respective Years (1991 And 1993)

Despite Being 5"8 Chyna Was The First Women To Win Both The WWF Championship And Women's Championship In 1999 Respectively She Would Retain Them Successfully Giving Her 46 Overall Maggie, Lisa, Rachael And Zia Simpson Had 41 Overall She Officially Gained Notority For Using Her Patented Move "Sharpshooter"

Chyna As She Appeared In 1991 Alongside The Undertaker In WWF Magazine (1991) In The Article "Taker's New Bodyguard" Which Details How Chyna Met Undertaker

Chyna Is The Only Female To Actually Compete In The Royal Rumble (1999) But Was Eliminated However Undertaker (Mark Calaway) Has Great Success At These Things As He Won The 1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998 And 1999 Royal Rumbles And Added 2000,2001,2002 And 2003 Royal Rumbles To His List

Maggie Is The Exact Same Height And Weight As Undertaker (Mark Calaway) Maggie Is The Youngest Of The Bodyguards Basically Because She Debuted In WCW In 1984 As Patricia Jacobs She Would Gain Titles (1984,1985,1986,1987,1988,1989,1990,1991 And 1992) Giving Her 10 Overall And Made Her WWF Wrestling Debut In 1993 As Maggie Simpson She Picked Up Her First Victory Against Bull Nakano While Undertaker Destroyed Razor Ramon With His Patented Tombstone Piledriver In WWF Magazine (1993) The Article "Two Great Wrestling Phenoms" Which On The Cover Of That One Had The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) And Maggie Simpson On The Cover

In 2002 Chyna Still With Undertaker (Mark Calaway) During His Big Evil Days (2002-Present) Chyna Had Changed Her Hair Color From Black To Yellow And Changing Her Outfit From Being An Enforcer To Downright Frightning Much Like Undertaker Himself (Mark Calaway) Unlike The Previous Incarnations Of The Undertaker (Ministry, Lord Of Darkness, Western Mortician, Original Deadman, Deadman Whom Undertaker Portrayed 1994-96) The Deadman Was Just Downright Plain Frightening To Look At Everything You See In The Deadman Is Pure Rage, Cold Blooded Animalistic Undertaker Originally He Had Intended To Bring Back Deadman (1994-96) In 2002

In The Monday Night Wars Which Started In 1995 With Undertaker (Mark Calaway) Who Was Now Wearing An Mask To Protect His Injured Eyesocket He Cut An Promo Calling WCW "Piece Of Trash" And It Isn't Good Enough To Compete With The WWF Which Started An War Between The Two Companies

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