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Chad Crenzler was an official from District sent to CTU Detroit following Mary Baxter's absence in Day 1.

Day 1

Upon seeing that Mary Baxter wasn't in her office, Blair Kelly called District. Chad was brought in. Blair told him he didn't have to do anything and could leave when Mary returned, but Chad simply ignored her and left to set up in Mary's office.

Chad refused to give Mary's position back and even pointed out her faults to the other employees. In return, Mary kicked another agent out of his station and began to work with the other intelligence agents.

Chad called his liaison at District and asked to be given the power to replace the agents on the floor. The liaison replied that only the next-in-command could have that power: Blair Kelly.

Chad invoked Section 108, putting Blair in power. He convinced her to fire Joey Kaplan before Jake Haskell arrived. She did and Joey stormed off. Chad returned to his office and called someone to have someone named Paige Patrick call him back as soon as possible.

Chad welcomed Paige when she arrived and assured her that the rest of the old team would be back by lunch. Later, when Luteni escaped fro custody, Chad led the team that failed to recapture Luteni.


Day 1

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