Elf warrior by apetruk-d5eqfd8

Cassie Andrews Who Is An Elf Warrior And Champion Of The Knights Of The Roundtable She Has An Rather Youthful Appearance Which Includes Light Brown Hair She Wears An Bonnet On Top Of Her Head She Has Elf Ears She Has Green Eyes Wears An Light Green Tanktop Which Shows Her White Belly It Also Has An Light Green Cape She Has Light Green Wristbands She Has An Brown Belt With An Silver Logo And Design On It Light Green Pants And Sandals She Is An Expert At Wielding The Excaliburn Sword She Is An Great Leader And Motivator And Great At Giving Speeches

Reuniting With The Knight

Jonathan (Who Is Presumably The Knight In Armor) Seeked Out Carrie's Help Carrie Instantly Called For The Lady Of The Lake (Amy Rose) Who Had Special Powers That Can Help Out

The Gathering Of The Villagers Of Knothole Village

Cassie Who Brought Along The New Hero Jonathan Who Defeated Sallactor With His Powerful Sword The J-Excalibur V3 And Gave An Speech About How He Will Revolutionize The World And Become An Legendary Hero An Young Pink Female Echidna Stepped Forward Appropriately Named Maid Julie-Su The Echidna And 6 Legendary Heroic Female Echidnas And Hedgehogs One Legendary Female Wolf (Rachael-Su The Echidna, Bessie-Su The Echidna, Erika-Ca The Echidna, Maggie-Su The Echidna, Ashley-Su The Echidna, Kirsten The Hedgehog, Michelle The Hedgehog, Tanya The Hedgehog, Melissa The Hedgehog, Bethany The Hedgehog And Lisa The Hedgehog Among Those Present Was Ashley The Wolf Who Was Geared In Her Attractive Knight Armor

The Return Of The Dark Queen (Merlina)

The Dark Queen Returned And Has Reclaimed The Throne At The Kingdom Of Acorns To Herself She Was Immediately Tossed From The Throne By Jonathan And Brutally Beaten Down

Appearances In Movies

The Knights Of The Roundtable

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