Cassia Summers before being marked

Cassia before being marked.

Cassia Summers is a fledgling of the London House of Night. Her mentor is Luke Knight and he is also her best friend.

name=Cassia Summers


date of birth=June 25

current age = 14

gender =female

family =Elizabeth Summers(mother), Greg(Gregor)Summers(brother),Michael Summers(father)(deceased)

status =alive

eye =amber

hair =gold-red

height =174cm


Cassia has the rare gold-red hair and amber eyes. She is rather tall, and gracefully built. Her features are fine, but strong. Cassia has long legs, and her skin is very pale. 


Cassia's mark is an empty half-moon like the one of any other fledgling, but her mark is black, not sapphire blue, that is why she remains a mystery to the vampyres.


Cassia is very direct, but she is nice and soft. She is very patient and has a calm aura. She doesn't like to be in the spotlight.


Cassia is the one of the main characters in The Summernight.

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