In the WeaponFantasy.toon universe, cartoon characters (カートゥーンキャラクター, Kātūn Kyārakutā), called "toons" (トゥーン, Tūn) for short, are the most common beings on Earth.

History and biology

When a toon is drawn, they come to life. In fact, the very first cartoon character was drawn in the early 1900s. However, when a toon is erased from the piece of paper they were drawn on, their body disappears from existance. This is the equivalent of a human being's eventual death.

Like humans, toons are able to walk on twos. They can pick up tools to use, like colored pencils, and they can talk. They can also wear clothing. They can be either human or animal, depending on the character.

During the progression of time, many known toons, like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, have entertained children and adults of all ages. There have even been cartoon channels broadcast on television.

Even into the year 2050, toons still exist, including the characters Kero and Horu.

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